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6,000 mile wide massive cyclone in the upper atmosphere  at the South Pole, perhaps in response to the presence of something?

What's Lurking in the Future / Re: A Look Into Our Future
« Last post by R.R. Book on Today at 03:53:06 PM »
Adapt 2030 interview by Crypto101 discussed disturbing global cooling-related crop price predictions today that we need to be bracing for:

*Food prices are expected to rise by 40% by the end of 2018.

*Food prices are projected to double in 2019.

*Food prices are anticipated to increase 500% by 2021.

*Food quality will consistently decline with each coming season

*Lack of nutrients in food will translate to a decline in health

*The public will shift its spending habits toward paying for food

*The average person will have no room for discretionary spending

*International shipments of food will need to be safeguarded, eliminating the old-fashioned letter of credit system

*New corporations will emerge just to deal with ensuring that food transactions proceed smoothly (e.g. Blockchain)

*There will be a return to the days of Robin Hood: stealing food from the rich to give to the poor

*China is quietly starting a basket of currencies called the SDR-A (Special Drawing Rights-A)

*Agricultural transactions are now beginning to be completed on Wheat-Chat

*Transactions will become quantum satellite-based under China's control, supposedly removing concerns about grid-down scenarios.

*China will control 50% of the food market, as well as a large part of the fuel market conducted in gold-backed Yuan cashed in and out of crypto-currencies

*Use of Cryptocurrencies will keep food transactions private as well, removing tax liabilities and possibly other risks

*People, not just corporations, may universally be required to use cryptocurrencies in the near future to buy food

*There's no room for error with crypto's - if a mistake is made the transaction may not be reversable
All Seed Topics Here / Re: SEEDS...
« Last post by R.R. Book on Today at 01:22:38 PM »
Thanks Ilinda - pickling sounds like it might be a good choice for the bitterness.

Quote from: R.R. Book on April 27, 2018, 06:55:20 PM

    Your own little valley sounds like paradise Ilinda!  Would love more pics!

From Ilinda:
Will try to get a few pics that can show something other than tire tracks, goat sheds, vehicles, fence posts, bales of old hay, etc. ....

Farms are definitely not 100% picturesque - there is an industrial aspect to each of them, isn't there?  :)
All Seed Topics Here / Re: SEEDS...
« Last post by ilinda on Today at 01:20:53 PM »
I accidentally grew black radish correctly.

LOL!  Isn't that how a lot of gardening turns out?  :)

Thanks for the advice on timing.  How do the pods taste?  Do you cook them or eat them raw?  Have you tried pickling them?

Much curiosity here...
Although they weren't "Rattail Radish", I did taste the seed pods when still greenish, but should have tasted them when smaller and less tough.  However, radish seed pods are a definite possibility in the list of things to eat.  I would never rule them out.

They had a somewhat sharp and pungent taste (tasted raw while standing in the garden) which is not at all unpleasant (although as a child it would have been rejected).  Now we know that the more bitter foods are probably more packed with phytonutrients.  If cooked, they would probably lose a bit of their bite.  Three cheers for plants!
All Seed Topics Here / Re: SEEDS...
« Last post by R.R. Book on Today at 01:02:36 PM »
Posting a photo of several different hardy perennial sprouting broccoli seedlings coming up, sown from seed obtained by mail from the U.K., where the breeding work has been concentrated.  This was discussed earlier on this thread.

There are 8 different kinds coming up in different pots to separate them.  Each type will produce in a different month of the year, with some overlap.  It took 60 days from the time I sowed the seeds for the first sprouts to emerge, so they are very slow to germinate.

To prevent the fungal disease called "damp off," in which roots rot beneath the soil line, I only water by misting them until they are large enough to be moved outdoors.  I mist them twice a day or whenever I walk past them and notice dry soil.  This also prevents poured water from washing the tiny seeds down to the bottom of the pots.  Pots are kept sheltered in a sunny window where they receive diffused sunlight, rather than direct overhead sun which can be too intense for seedlings, causing them to wilt. 

Our cats perch next to the pots to look out this window, but have never been tempted to attack the plants  :)
Some highlights:

The heaviest disinformation is on the coastline.
~Marshall Masters

Good prophecies - valuable prophecies -  always come with a harbinger event, a non-violent event.  And it is something profound enough that you know you are on the timeline of the prophetic event.
~Marshall Masters

The Ancients had better calendars than we do today.  Our calendars are a political mish-mash...They tracked the stars; they looked up at night.
~Marshall Masters

A magnetic pole shift, which is not the same thing as a crustal or axial pole shift, always begins in the Southern Atlantic...There are zones where the polarity starts flipping in the Southern Atlantic.  This actually caused a couple of airliners that were on flyby wire technology to crash.  And this period of flipping in the South Atlantic was so substantial that the Russian Air Force blocked all flights in the area, for Russians.  Period.
~Marshall Masters

When they do the chemtrails, they like to chemtrail over Yellowstone, because it has an ionic swirl coming up, so if they spray over Yellowstone it will take it way up high into the ionosphere, and it spreads out from there for 1,000 miles. 
~Marshall Masters

The people who are committing the most atrocious conspiracies imaginable have everyone else believing there's no such thing as a conspiracy unless you're wearing a tinfoil hat.
~Marshall Masters

Re: a Mad-Max world:
Are you dinner, or are you going to dinner?
~Marshall Masters
Latest headlines since the previous lists in this topic, most recent first from each source.

*  Posted on May 21, 2018  Part 2: When Portals Open Up With the Deaths of Pets

*  New phreatic eruption at Merapi volcano, Indonesia
*  Very rare TC [Tropical Cyclone]  Sagar hits Somalia, 19 people killed in flash floods and thousands affected
[ATTACHMENT May21-2018_flood_Somalia_May19-2018.JPG]

*  Dead humpback whale found at Ocean Shores, Washington [USA]
*  Flash flood strikes again in Ankara, Turkey - 2nd such event in 2 weeks
*  Lightning strikes have killed at least 50 people and 52 cattle across Cambodia so far in 2018
*  3 monk seals found dead off Oahu, Hawaii
*  Ice Age Farmer Report: Kilauea's explosive eruption, biblical hail kills people, crops

Nothing new in:
EARTH CHANGES / Re: Earthquakes General - 2018
« Last post by Jimfarmer on Today at 09:40:34 AM »
USGS and EMSC do not agree. Reporting data from both.
Earthquake totals in last 24 hours according to:
54 'quakes of magnitude >2.4 ⋅ Total mags = 179.8 ⋅ Avg mag = 3.33 (*)
91 'quakes of magnitude >2.4 ⋅ Total mags = 319.0 ⋅ Avg mag = 3.50

(*) magnitude >2.4 in USA, and >4.4 elsewhere. (>2.4 worldwide not available)

Three strongest 'quakes from either site:
*  Mag. 5.5  off the west coast north of Madagascar (both sites).
*  Mag. 5.2  in south mid-west Mexico (both sites).
*  Mag. 5.1  in mid-south mid-west Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia (USGS.  EMSC: 5.0).

Largest groups of multiple 'quakes from either site:
*  27  in Hawaii's largest island; on and off the south-east coast (USGS.  EMSC: 24).
*  9  in Chile; north, mid-north, and nearby in Argentina (EMSC.  USGS: 2).
*  8  in Mexico; offshore and inland of west coast south, and south mid-west (EMSC.  USGS: 1).
*  6  around Puerto Rico; S, W, and NE (USGS.  EMSC: 5).
*  6  in Alaska; on and off the south coast central and mid-east, central mid-south, and upper and middle peninsula (USGS.  EMSC: 1).
*  4  in Turkey; west, and east (EMSC.  USGS: 0).
*  4  in Greece; west coast mid-south, central mid-west, and Crete (EMSC.  USGS: 0).
*  4  in Italy; central mid-east, and north central (EMSC.  USGS: 0).
*  4  in Costa Rica; off west coast, mid-north east, and on Panama border (EMSC.  USGS: 0).

*  3  in and/or around each of: ⋅ Tunisia ⋅ (at least one source site each).

From USGS:

*  Little shakers (mag. 1.0 ~ 2.4) in Alaska (42 Qs), Hawaii (29 Qs), Washington, western Montana, California and nearby in Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and Oklahoma (USA);  and in Puerto Rico (4 Qs).

  24 little shakers in California, Nevada, and nearby in Mexico;  plus MANY smaller ones. (All-magnitude clusters in California: SE of Los Angeles and nearby, mid-north west, and minor cluster central east.)

*  No 'quakes of any magnitude in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming and Montana, but 2 nearby west and south (max mag. = 1.1).

95 'quakes of all magnitudes in California, Nevada, and nearby in Mexico (max mag. = 2.6) [updated values]
*  58 'quakes of all magnitudes in Hawaii (max mag. = 4.9) [updated values]
*  54 'quakes of all magnitudes in Alaska region (max mag. = 4.1) [updated values]

*  Stronger 'quakes (mag. > 2.4) in California, New Mexico, and Texas (USA);  and in Alaska region (6 Qs), Hawaii (27 Qs), and Puerto Rico region (6 Qs).

Notes: Quarry blasts and explosions are excluded from above lists and totals, except where otherwise indicated.
USGS lists some sites near borders as near locations across the border.
Earthquake counts less than 3 are not reported except where otherwise indicated.

45 earthquakes of magnitude >1.9 in last 24 hours in Euro-Med region, according to (13 approx. in Turkey).
All Seed Topics Here / Re: SEEDS...
« Last post by R.R. Book on Today at 07:40:20 AM »
I accidentally grew black radish correctly.

LOL!  Isn't that how a lot of gardening turns out?  :)

Thanks for the advice on timing.  How do the pods taste?  Do you cook them or eat them raw?  Have you tried pickling them?

Much curiosity here...
I second that prayer request.  Am still trying to wrap my head around the extent of it. 

The Zetas seem silent on this issue right now.  Previous Zeta discussion focused more upon getting to higher ground to avoid a deluge of water.  No one counted on the island cracking open and lava by-passing the volcano craters like this.

With the southeastern geothermal / chemical plant predicted to possibly explode when cornered by the lava streak, my question remains: is the rest of the island safe, or do they need to evacuate as well?  There is too much seismic activity in and around the bigger volcanoes there to make me feel credible with a prayer that anticipates this blowing over quickly so that everyone can get on with business as usual.  My gut is telling me that this isn't over yet, and that non-evacuees may need to get out of there, but some in the alternative press are suggesting that Hawaiian officials don't want to alarm the tourism industry.  Evacuees who were preppers have lost everything, and are now forced to start from scratch just as it appears that bulk food prices may be moving out of reach of all but the wealthy soon due to redundant crop failures.

May those Hawaiians who have been forced to evacuate from the southeastern portion of the main island find a welcoming refuge.  May insurance claims, to the extent that policies were underwritten at all in that location, be settled quickly so that the insured may have the resources to secure appropriate property, make necessary amendments to it while still possible, start their gardens, and gather supplies against future famines and shortages.  Special prayers for the uninsured or under-insured, who may have been reduced to a lesser ability to control the direction of their future at this point.  Prayers also for emergency personnel who are assisting with helicopter rescues.  Many thanks that no lives have been lost to-date, as of yesterday's news reports, and may that continue to be the case.  Prayers also for affected animals, both wild and domesticated.  May the Comforter be abundantly present at this time.

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