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Invincible Lion of the Self by Paramahansa Yogananda
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I came across this yesterday on the Psychedelic Adventure under the Oneness topic. I find it quite helpful in dealing with the 'sheeple' who are not spiritually awakened and some of them will 'never get it' but for those that do. Remember to Roar now an again and remember that your belief is all powerful and not to be intimidated by those that wish to make you sheep.

Invincible Lion of the Self by Paramahansa Yogananda

"A cub of the Divine Lion, somehow I found myself confined in a sheepfold of frailties and limitations. Fear-filled, living long with sheep, day after day I bleated. I forgot my affrighting bellow that banishes all enemy sorrows.

O invincible Lion of the Self! Thou didst drag me to the water hole of meditation, saying: ‘Thou art a lion, not a sheep! Open thine eyes, and roar!’

After Thy hard shakings of spiritual urge, I gazed into the crystal pool of peace. Lo, I saw my face like unto Thine!

I know now that I am a lion of cosmic power. Bleating no more, I shake the error forest with reverberations of Thine almighty voice. In divine freedom I bound through the jungle of earthly delusions, devouring the little creatures of vexing worries and timidities, and the wild hyenas of disbelief.

O Lion of Liberation, ever send through me Thy roar of all-conquering courage!

~ Paramahansa Yogananda (Whispers from Eternity)