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Author Topic: Proof(?) of Prophecy  (Read 1652 times)


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Proof(?) of Prophecy
« on: May 01, 2016, 06:16:21 PM »
It occurred to me, when reading a comment elsewhere regarding prophetic events that failed to happen, that the validity of prophecy, it's 'proof' can NOT lie in it's fulfillment. Why? Because the entire PURPOSE of prophecy, at least in it's traditional definition, is to PREVENT the occurrence by encouraging the audience to take specific actions.

So I pointed that out in my reply elsewhere. I also pointed out that there were some, who did everything possible to avoid being a prophet because, as they told the Creator, almost every time, the people heeded the warnings and what was prophesied never happened. That was a good thing but some prophets saw it as a belittling experience.

This is a good thing to keep in mind. The future is NOT written in stone. Prophecy is a possibility, nothing more. We DO have power over future events, albeit with the help from God and most of the time it is our individual and collective failure to call upon Our Abba with persistent prayers for help that gets us into trouble, into experiencing the 'Proof' of the prophecy.
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