Author Topic: Bad "visions"  (Read 22676 times)


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Re: Bad "visions"
« Reply #120 on: August 17, 2017, 08:00:29 PM »
Socrates, I hear ya.


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Re: lurch day...
« Reply #121 on: August 18, 2017, 05:59:27 PM »
if my 2008 vision was about 'lurch day', i did not survive it...
Was it me? Time will tell.

Gravity went haywire, boulders were rolling around like so many marbles... [One hit me and that was the end of that vision].
People were frantically trying to collect stores of food and such; i had to wade through them just to try and get to safety [i.e. which obviously failed].
The Sun went black, then a giant sphere passed by the Earth and it seemed we all might get sucked up into it; then it passed by, but as it passed, gravity seemed nulified, it seemed we were drawn up to it.

It's 9 years later but i still remember the sensations of terror. [I think that's the difference between a bad dream and a 'vision'.] This was real and terrible.
"I have seen the end". I've been saying it for years. Whatever you imagine might be a'comin', you're probably underestimating the severity thereof.
Our ancestors weren't thrown into a stone age because they were stupid...
The effects on gravity in your vision are most interesting and I would wonder about the effects of a super-duper electromagnetic anomaly on gravity.  And of course, even without considering that, when you add a bunch of objects into an already-functioning solar system, then there would have to be chaotic times, and worse.  In all the years of these "visions" and dreams I've had that portend the grave dangers we face, I remember several that suggested that steel and objects containing metals may disintegrate.

I have notebooks detailing these visions which began in June, 1995, and several might relate to what you write above.  In one I saw our white van just sitting there and all of a sudden everything began shaking, and as everything shook, I noticed the most subtle changes occuring in the van which filled my field of view.  The van began to show tiny "cracks" or fissures in the body, and as the shaking continued, it appeared the van was slowly disintegrating into smaller and smaller pieces, until finally it was like molecules and then there was no van.  It no longer existed.

Then a year or so later I had a very similar vision also about the van.  But also one time had a similar one in which all our steel fence posts began to disintegrate and they continued to do so, in the manner of the van, and soon there were no fence posts, and IIRC the fencing did the same thing.

My best guess was/is that steel may disintegrate under extreme electromagnetic changes. 

And I, too, have seen visions where the earth changes were so extreme, including mountain building, boulders flung like styrofoam, etc., that it is hard to imagine any/many survivors.