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Author Topic: Protecting glass containers of water, beverages foods  (Read 2154 times)


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Protecting glass containers of water, beverages foods
« on: June 19, 2011, 04:36:13 PM »
As you all have probably anticipated, there will need to be precautions taking place with glass jars, in transport, and in the survival shelter or dome, etc. itself.

I posted a lot about it already; not sure the link - probably in domes and shelters Topics.
Some ideas:  Concrete container in the bottom of the storage area of the shelter.
Bottom and sides and top of that are padded. Materials which could be used - foam rubber cardboard, newspapers. Wood partitions set the concrete, in rows big enough to put certain size of glass jars or bottles. The wood partitions themselves are then padded. Newspaper or styrofoam beads would help.
No idea the degree of the earth movement which could take place even in a shelter set down in concrete, so the idea is to pad and protect the glass. Even the plastic water bottles should have some padding.  Adequate space above the jars, then padding and the concrete lid or hinged door.
Problem with my keyboard... cat been on it too much... sticking..may not be able to post much more on it...just some ideas
Protecting the breakable jars of soy sauce, oils, cayenne hot sauces, condiments, dressings water and wines - important.  -  Yowbarb


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