Author Topic: Tougher new standards for Stringer Membership. Please read if you send photos  (Read 792 times)


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Yowbarb Note: This is also posted in the special board for Stringers only, and in Member Notices.

From Marshall: Tougher new standards for Stringer Membership.
We want to see an email or series of emails with images we can vet before we assign stringer privileges. 

I have created a special email address for this purpose:

This is where we want these reports sent.  The reports will automatically go to Barb, Bill and myself.  Also, this address has an auto-responder that sends the following message:

Dear Observer:

Thank you for taking the time to submit your observation report.  Please note the following evaluation criteria.

You must make a naked eye observation. Sending us a picture your friend took or something that you sought after you are looking at the images in your camera is of no value to us.

We need the raw image file from the camera, and please note it needs a minimum resolution of eight megapixels in order for us to conduct a proper camera Sensor Illumination analysis.

And most importantly, you must come forward. We do not publish anonymous reports.

You must give us a telephonic interview, to explain what you observed and you must give us permission to publish that interview along with your real name and the city or general location in which you made the observation.

Thank you,
Planet X Town Hall Administrators