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Author Topic: The first priority and location for storing food: THE BODY  (Read 2025 times)


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The first priority and location for storing food: THE BODY
« on: July 23, 2014, 02:23:04 AM »
3 big facts to keep in mind when it comes to the body of 'modern man' in relation to prepping:
1: In the year 1900 about 3% of the population suffered from either cancer or heart disease; we are severely less healthy than previously or than we should/could be
2: In the past 100 years about 77,000 chemicals have been introduced into the environment; our body has to deal with a lot of unnatural pollution
3: Modern agricultural produce contains 0 to 10% of the minerals it did just 50 years ago; the younger generations grow up lacking essential minerals
On top of a rampant mineral deficiency in our age, people's diets are much higher in fat and proteins than used to be common (excepting perhaps the very rich). Consequently their bodies suffer from lower metabolism, poor quality gut flora, and cells built of inferior materials (like bad fats in cell walls that make them rigid).

The best place to prepare for harsh times is in the body itself. A body that is built up with good quality and quantity of materials has much to fall back on. It can take years before deficiencies start creating problems/symptoms. Let's take iodine as an example;
The entire body needs iodine. The thyroid is just one of the body's organs that makes a lot of use of iodine; therefore, when iodine deficiencies grow to be very bad, it is an organ that tends to show clear symptoms. However, if one looks at the thyroid's use of iodine compared to the whole body, you're just talking about a small percentage. Therefore the body can be suffering from iodine deficiency long before the functioning of the thyroid shows signs of this, let alone before goitre symptoms show.
Fluorine is a halogen, just like iodine [fluoride and iodide being the salt forms of the mineral]. Fluorine pushes iodine out of the body, replacing it, i.e. replacing something essential and healthy with something toxic and dangerous. Once the body stops being subjected to fluorine, and once it's offered sufficient amounts of iodine, it can start replacing fluorine trapped in the body with the necessary iodine. This will take away any symptoms there are and start eliminating stress that comes from iodine deficiencies and fluorine toxicity. That process would take at least months. So you'd better be finished by the time disaster strikes. At the very least you should be tackling iodine deficiency now, particularly since many independent health sources suggest anywhere between 95 to 99% of folks suffer from it.

Osteoporosis is the end result of a diet that has your body depleting alkaline reserves in bones. The body does this to combat acidic dietary choices. Osteoporosis is something commonly associated with older people; that's because it can take decades for the body to break down all it built up while you were growing (i.e. as a child and young adult). In the end bones are so depleted of minerals (particularly calcium, magnesium, and strontium) that they become brittle.
The point is that though it may take time before symptoms show, the basic fact that you are depleting your body's mineral reserves is going on all the while because of bad dietary choices.

Symptoms of mineral deficiency may show after decades under normal circumstances, but in times of famine or crisis, it's clear that minerally deficient folk will be exhibiting symptoms of disease and weakness much quicker than their minerally liquid counterparts.
To build up these stores of wealth in the body takes time. A minerally deficient diet destroys the body in decades; it can take years to heal that kind of damage (depending on how long and severe it was going on of course).
On top of all of this, having a minerally liquid body is like walking around with a supermarket worth of nutrition on your back! A body that works with enough minerals is also more energetic, resistant to disease, and able to more efficiently deal with both food and water.

Wherever you end up and whatever you wind up having to face, your chances of making it through an EOTWAWKI scenario are infinitely better if you're not already handicapped by all kinds of mineral deficiencies. You'll also be able to outlast, outrun, and outsmart competitors whose mineral deficiencies have both their bodies and minds running on empty.
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