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Author Topic: Medicinal, high-value, nutrient-dense, etc foods  (Read 8096 times)


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Re: high-value grains
« Reply #30 on: February 19, 2017, 12:45:01 AM »
The good news: apparently there still exist small farmers to acquire good quality foods from (which is essential for both health and storage). This used to be the only option in the world!
Now governments all over the world have destroyed small farmers and work at getting their numbers ever smaller.
Know the source
as Patrick Timpone would say.
For most folks, for ignorant folks, for people who don't take advantage of the Information Age and just shop at supermarkets and the like, options are extremely limited.
Primarily survival concerns location, location, location but then you still need to stock up on, and prepare your body today with, good food. Clearly, as i've been saying for years, anybody can survive the coming apocalypse. The knowledge is there, the resources are there, the options are there; the question is: "Are you willing and able to do what's necessary and make the choices you need to make?"
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Re: mercury on wheat
« Reply #31 on: March 10, 2017, 12:58:46 PM »

Because it was so hard for me to believe organic grains are sprayed with mercury, I wrote to that Pleasant Hill Grain Company which yowbarb posted about on January 14, to ask them.  I was relieved to receive his reply and now I plan to order from them, as we have been looking for somewhere other than Amazon to order organic bulk foods.
Their reply: 

   •   Tom Boley <>
   •   Today at 9:56 AM

Good morning.
I have never heard of any grain, let alone all grains are treated with mercury before they go into silo storage. Certainly for organic grains, this would be a prohibited practice. I do know that all of the grains that we sell do not have a germination cert. It is my understanding that for better sprouting results and or a "guarantee" for sprouting success, any seed really requires a germination certification.
The grains we sell are not "dead" seeds by any means, just that they are mainly grains that are harvested for consumption.
I hope this helps answer your concern.
Tom Boley | Commercial and Volume Sales Supervisor 
Pleasant Hill Grain 
P 402.725.3835 Ext. 220
F 402.725.3836 

ilinda, Socrates, thanking you both for the info. Socrates, you are likely right about most grains having awful stuff on them...
ilinda I am glad to hear this company does not use the mercury and such. I'm pretty much trusting that...
All The Best,
Barb T.


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