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« on: July 17, 2017, 04:08:45 PM »
Yowbarb Note:
Hi ALL, Global moderator Ruth sent this info to me, to post on the Town Hall.

Cherish Life,

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D." <>
Subject: Acupressure Point Info, Headaches, and Giving more Healing Energy
Date: March 22, 2016 at 6:06:23 AM CDT
To: Ruth Nielsen <>

 Hi Acupressure Fans,
I enjoy sending you practical tips and info on the awesome healing world of Acupressure. Here are 3 short posts that I hope will boost your understanding and give you practical Acupressure applications.
DEPTHS OF THE POINTS: Did you know each point has a different depth? An acupuncturist certainly must know the point’s depth to reach it by inserting a needle. However, using finger pressure, most points require 1/4 inch of slow, gradual pressure. One exception is the CV6 point, which is 2 finger widths below your belly button, and a 1/2 inch deep into the abdomen. Avoid being invasive by going into the points gradually, applying the pressure in super slow motion.
The amount of pressure on an obese person varies greatly depending upon their health, muscle mass and sensitivity. If a person is weak or sick or has fibromyalgia, apply only a gentle touch. However, a person who’s heavy but stocky and strong requires firm, deep pressure.
HEADACHES after a massage or bodywork session, can commonly occur and be prevented by using Acupressure. How? Spend 5 to 6 minutes using the 3 levels of pressure (light, medium and deep) for a minute each on GB20 "Gates of Consciousness”.

Hold GB20 until you get clear pulses on both sides that come into sync. Then ground your client or partner by holding or massaging the toes for a full 3 minutes. These simple hands-on suggestions can transform your healing work.
HOW TO CHANNEL GREATER HEALING ENRGY INTO THE POINTS: If you find a point that’s tender - hold it lightly; if its knotted - meet it firmly as you breathe slowly and deeply. After you inhale deeply, hold your breath for just a few seconds, to assimilate the oxygen; then exhale smoothly & slowly. Inhale gathering the life force from the universe, and direct this energy into the points you are holding on yourself or on a client as you exhale. Consciously focus on breathing deeply in this way to channel more healing energy.
GET MORE FREE ACUPRESSURE TIPS: I want you to know that I actively post practical Acupressure tips weekly on my Facebook page here:
Please visit this page to gain more healing information and use it to communicate with me. Share this link with your friends; its a great way to introduce new people to the remarkable benefits of Acupressure.
I hope you found this email resourceful and interesting.
With healing wishes,
Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D. Online Trainings
P.S. I plan to offer the Acupressure Mastery Online 5-month Course again starting May 1st.  For self-healing, the Acupressure Self-Care Solution will start in September. If you know others interested in either program, please send them this link:


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