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Anyone interested in the subjects mentioned in this thread would find this interview _very_ interesting ..

Dr.Steven Greer Interviews William Pawelec

Marshall warns that when the Px system comes out from behind the sun in full view, we will hear one last round of denials from MSM before marshal law is implemented, which will enforce gradually ever greater restrictions upon people

Just wanted to share an incident that happened a couple of days ago here.  A Walmart on the edge of Amish Country here in PA received an unusual bomb threat (normally this area is very quiet, with scarcely any felony crime).  Patrons were physically escorted out of the store, and had to leave their shopping carts inside, as would be expected.  Of course, this could have been an ordinary prank, or perhaps it was actually made by a troubled individual.  Or might it have been a PTB tactic toward broaching widespread marshal law? 

Either way, we've had a discussion among family and neighbors, and are planning to bring our in-person big-box shopping trips to an end here, opting instead to shop in local Mom & Pop stores tucked into the "backwoods," even if prices are a bit higher.
Good point.  We've been patronizing family-owned stores and shops around here for sometime and it's a good feeling to help someone stay in business, and get needed things in the process.  In Farmington, 45-50 mi. away, first a Walmart moved in, then Lowes, then Rural King, now Menards.  Funny thing, Rural King was trying to compete with family owned Family Center, but soon, Menard's, larger than huge, opened directly across from Rural King, and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Farmer friend told me that many long-time locals still patronize the smaller, family-owned hardware store, as well as family-owned lumber store, and others, in preference to the big box stores, and amazingly the small mom-and-pop stores are still going strong.  Not one has gone out of business since the Big Boxes metastasized to Farmington.

But to your point, it sounds very logical about the martial law idea.  Related to that, I've read on occasion that some of the Walmarts also house departments or divisions or offices of Homeland Security.  It sounds far-out, but I've noticed time and time again, that whenever I go into Walmart in one particular town, I'm followed throughout the store if I'm carrying my driver's license and credit card.  For an experiment, I left them at home once or twice and was not followed at all.  This does not happen at other Walmarts, but at the one in particular that I'm sure has Homeland Security personnel there.  Food for thought.  (I'm probably on one of the "neutralize" lists, due to environmental activism, and in general not staying in my place!)

Thanks for posting.
Ways Of Our Past / Re: Native American survivor stories, tales, future?
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 02:23:09 PM »

Cherokee Nation citizenship law is set by tribal law. There is no minimum blood quantum required for citizenship. Tribal citizenship requires that you have at least one direct ancestor listed on the Dawes Final Rolls, a federal census of those living in the Cherokee Nation that was used to allot Cherokee land to individual citizens in preparation for Oklahoma statehood in 1907.

To be eligible for Cherokee Nation tribal citizenship, you must be able to provide documents that connect you to a direct ancestor listed on one of the Dawes Final Rolls of Citizens of the Cherokee Nation. To be eligible for a federal Certificate Degree of Indian Blood, you must demonstrate through documentation that you descend directly from a person listed on the Dawes’ “by Blood” rolls. This group of census rolls were taken between 1899-1906 of Citizens and Freedmen residing in Indian Territory (now northeastern Oklahoma).  If your ancestor did not live in this geographical area during that time period, they will not be listed on the Dawes Rolls.

More excerpts:
If you need help with your research, please contact the Family Research office at the Cherokee Heritage Center, 918-456-6007, or at the following link:   NOTE: Genealogist assisted research is a fee-based service. The Heritage Center is not able to provide research assistance by phone because of high demand and time involved.

Also, you may visit the following website:

You can access the DAWES ROLLS at:
 or (fee may be required)

       General Contact for the Cherokee Nation Registration Office  918-458-6980 OR 1-800-256-0671
Ways Of Our Past / Re: Native American survivor stories, tales, future?
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 02:19:29 PM »
Barb, This struck a note, as I was recently combing through some old family portraits that had belonged to my mother, and came across a portrait of my quarter Cherokee great grandmother, who died before I was born, and was so struck by how European her appearance was.  According to the Dawes Act, 1/4 Blood Quantum or greater qualifies a person as being Native (and thus entitled to full tribal membership), so my Granny Fanny May would have been regarded as Native, except for one thing:

The predominantly white culture outside the Oklahoma reservation system had stripped every vestige of her paternal Native identity away from her, leaving a woman who would pass for pure Caucasian.  If unsure why that mattered back then, see "Anti-miscegenation laws" on Wiki:

Wow, RR how did I miss your wonderful post?  You can be so proud of your Native American heritage and your ancestor. I would love to know that, for sure. :) Here is my hs pic...In my thirties, some said I looked just slightly NA with cheekbones, texture of hair and etc. My hair is fairly straight but thick and a little coarse... skin is white, no record of NA heritage although Grandfather looked part.
EARTH CHANGES / Re: Autumn 2017
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 02:09:48 PM »
Wouldn't that make pretty note paper?  Thanks Barb :)

RR, that's what I was thinking! :)
I may try to print that out soon...
Will post this in two places, as I seem to not be able to find the Dream topic I wanted.

OK, I called this a dream, but I have many "snippet dreams" which are very short and to the point, and often just a voice or a scene, and usually only lasting seconds. 

On September 16, 2017, I "dreamed" all of a sudden I was hearing a voice stating very plainly and clearly:
"Twelve hundred"........."Poplar Bluff Bridge"..........."Poplar Bluff, Missouri".........
Then I "awoke".

My sense was that the monotone voice may have been reading from a list, and when it was "my turn", I heard the part that is relevant to me, and then I sensed the voice continued the readings, for other people, in other locales.

The interesting thing is that several years ago I had a very vivid dream where I looked out our side kitchen window and noticed how very much water was running in our creek, and then suddenly I realized the water's running backward, i.e., flowing upstream!  I then ran to the front kitchen window and saw water running across the lawn from right to left, toward the same creek.  I think I awoke then.

The tie-in is that our creek flows into the Black River, which is dammed up just above Poplar Bluff, MO.  I often wondered after the "water running backward-dream", how much water would have to be forced up the Black River to flow into the little creek on our farm, which is a tributary to the Black River.

Thinkiing out loud....if the water is at 1200' in elevation at Poplar Bluff, where would it be farther upstream, i.e., here?

ilinda, thanks for posting that dream...
That is a worthwhile question, what would the water be there...
EARTH CHANGES / Re: Lightning
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 01:58:44 PM »
Update:    U.S. Lightning Deaths in 2017: 15

[See more graphs and info on page. July is the worst month. Highest age demographic for fatalities is 30 - 39, 40%
Also 2007 was the worst year, per the graph.
2017 not as bad so far but not all the stats are in from Hurricanes Irma and Maria.
We may never know what death was caused by what, in Puerto Rico since aid is so slow in coming. According to someone I know with family connections in Puerto Rico, there are hundreds and hundreds of people who perished in mudslides, floods, lightning, objects blown by winds, roofs falling down, and other events, so people began burying bodies of people in yards. Some would have died from floods, mud, lightning, or lack of water or medicine we may probably never know and it will take a long time to sort out.

2007 was the worst year.]
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 01:50:43 PM »
EARTH CHANGES / Re: Central Pacific Hurricane Season 2017
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 01:48:11 PM »  CENTRAL PACIFIC HURRICANE CENTER

Tropical Activity is not expected during the next 48 hours.

no new tropical cyclones are expected during the next 5 days.
Excerpt Typhoon 25W (LAN)

WTPN32 PGTW 191500
   WIND RADII VALID OVER OPEN WATER ONLY   Note: For text see link, posting graphic now
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