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Ham Radio & Other Communication / Re: What Should My First HAM Radio Be??
« Last post by MadMax on Today at 08:15:58 AM »

For all those that think it is too expensive/complex/difficult to but an emergency Ham HF station here is just the ticket!

BITX40 – Work the world on 40 meters ($59 USD)!

It is a fully functional 40M Ham transceiver that is mostly assembled (just a little wiring of switches and connectors). For the total cost above you just can’t find anything at a lower price. has a couple reviews here:

Bitx40 HFSignals Kit 40m SSB Transceiver

The Bitx40 kit is a great way to get an excellent 40m receiver and QRP transmitter in an easy to build kit. The kit uses the Raduino VFO, an arduino-based tuner which provides a screen readout of the operating frequency.

Building the kit means soldering wires to various components and then plugging them into jacks, about an hour or two of work with a soldering iron and wire stripper. All of the parts on the board are already mounted, you only have to connect the peripheral components. You can take more time to mount the board in a case (not provided) if you would like. You will have to provide your own small speaker, 12V power supply, case and headphones.

Instructions could be more detailed, however the build is fairly simple. A growing group of builders are here: . Note that the group is named BITX20 after previous versions of the Bitx.

The Bitx40 covers the 40m ham band from 7.00 to 7.30 Mhz. With the Raduino, there is no drift, which is a big improvement from the old analog model of the Bitx, and makes the user experience much better.

This kit is simple enough for a beginner, and also provides the radio electronics tech many opportunities to mod and enhance the radio. The design is a good one to learn about the workings of an SSB transceiver. The Raduino, an arduino based VFO (variable frequency oscillator), offers the ability to modify the program controlling frequency control, and may lead to future mods.

As of January, 2017, there have been some reports of damaged kits in the mail, however the manufacturer is working on improving packaging. Papal offers buyers some protection.

I rated the Bitx40 kit as 5-Great! because it is a low cost way to get a fully functional 40m SSB transceiver. I think the receiver is excellent. I am still evaluating the transmitter. At 7 watts, the quality of the antenna, band conditions and operator skills are a big part of successfully making QRP SSB contacts. I have made contacts in the range of 700 to 1000 km, but generally with low audio reports. I am still testing and evaluating the transmitter.

There are dozens of “how to” videos on Youtube just search on “BITX40”

One creative individual mount the components in a “drawer organizer”

What's Lurking in the Future / Re: When the Lights Go Out
« Last post by MadMax on Today at 07:29:57 AM »
Some great “Urban Survial” tips in this article!

How Well You Can Survive, Amidst Looting, Violence And The Desperation Of The Under- Or Completely Unprepared, Will Depend On Your Own Good Sense And Your Ability To Prepare Ahead Of Time.

Whether you’re unsure of how to plan for a bug out situation because you don’t know where you would bug out to, or you simply prefer the idea of battening down the hatches in your current dwelling to weather whatever catastrophe may strike, urban survival and bugging in are two important topics that are quite worthy of consideration. Most people now live in developed suburban and urban areas rather than out in the countryside, so in the event of an emergency, many people are going to find themselves trying to survive in the concrete jungle.

How well you can survive, amidst looting, violence and the desperation of the under- or completely unprepared, will depend on your own good sense and your ability to prepare ahead of time. Aside from stocking up on basic supplies like food and water, you don’t have to spend a fortune to prepare yourself for urban survival or bugging in, either.

First and foremost, one of the most important things to consider is self-defense for yourself and your loved ones. If an emergency crops up or a disaster strikes, law enforcement will likely be overwhelmed or possibly disbanded entirely, leaving civilians vulnerable to criminals. Those who are clearly well prepared become immediate targets of the unprepared.

To mitigate your risk of being targeted there are some very good things you can do

Identify local resources ahead of time, including water alternative water sources for if / when the taps run dry.

Avoid detection by boarding over the windows, keeping lights off at night

Secure your home or dwelling as well as you can, without being too obvious and drawing attention from the exterior.

Whenever possible, try to cultivate a closer and more unified community amongst your neighbors ahead of time.

Maintain an unattractive appearance to your house

Finally, a well-packed urban survival bag (also sometimes called a get home bag) can be invaluable in case of an emergency that strikes while you’re away from home. Packed with slightly different supplies than a standard bug out bag, an urban survival bag is designed to help you survive an emergency long enough to travel from your current location to your home or to another suitable location you intend to bug out from.

PERMACULTURE / Re: Northern Permaculture
« Last post by R.R. Book on Today at 07:02:50 AM »
The dwarf raspberry bushes mentioned earlier are in full production, and we've had so much rain that it's difficult to get into the berry patch often enough to harvest before the fruit rots.  I was eating handfuls of slightly over-ripe ones this morning while picking the berries, and came away with around a quart for making crepes, etc.  I can't recommend this particular rootstock enough to others who may be contemplating starting a berry patch of their own.  No thorns, take up little space, produce berries right away regardless of size or age, heavy production within a couple of years at most, produce free daughter plants, no diseases, no pruning, and no pests except ground scavengers on fruit that touches the ground.  The trick with these is to constantly be turning low branches up to look beneath them - that's where the most fruit is borne, and if you didn't look underneath the branches, you might think that they weren't producing much.
Socrates, Here's what I was able to find on the subject, apart from the controversies: There are 8 monosaccharides (simple sugars) that are being researched as being essential: galactose, mannose, fucose, xylose, n-acetylglucosamine, n-acetylgalactosamine, n-acetylneuraminic acid, and glucose.  Might want to ask Ilinda, with her credentials in this area, to chime in and explain about cells using simple sugars to "communicate."

Food sources:

Dairy products
apple pectin
kiwi fruit
brussels sprouts
green beans
green peas

Aloe vera (acemannan is a chain of mannose molecules), kelp, shiitake mushroom, ground fenugreek, carob gum, guar gum, black currants, red currants, gooseberries, green beans, capsicum (cayenne pepper), cabbage, eggplant, tomatoes, turnip, Cranberry

Kelp, wakame seaweed, brewers yeast

Kelp, ground psyllium seeds, guava, pears, blackberries, loganberries, raspberries, aloe vera, echinacea, boswellia, broccoli, spinach, eggplant, peas, green beans, okra, cabbage, and corn.

Shiitake mushroom, shark cartilage, beef cartilage, and glucosamine sulphate

Shark cartilage, beef cartilage, chondroitin sulphate, and red algae called Dumontiaceae

N-acetylneuraminic acid:
Whey protein concentrate or isolate and chicken eggs

Nearly all ripe fruits and vegetables. This sugar is abundant in most diets. Honey, grape, banana, mango, cherries, strawberry, cocoa, aloe vera, licorice, sasparila, hawthorn, garlic, echinacea, and kelp
Food for Survival / Re: hand mills
« Last post by Socrates on June 24, 2017, 09:22:47 PM »
i have both a hand mill for grinding meat as well as another [also cast iron] one for juicing [including grass, i.e. 'wheat grass']; you probably won't be able to find enough grass to graze on [which Zecharia Sitchin suggests mankind did for millennia...] after a global catastrophe, and how ya gonna make sausages to keep your meat through the winter without grinding yer meat?
Your mills will save you time and energy, things you'll be needing in hard times. They are about quality of life and success, and quite possible could mean the difference between life or death.

Can you elaborate on glyconutrients that don't taste sweet
Glyconutrition is one of those fields of research that's only now coming into it's own; Google it.
All Seed Topics Here / Re: SEEDS...
« Last post by R.R. Book on June 24, 2017, 05:50:25 PM »
Looked up Caribe (pronounced Ka-ree-bay) on WoodPrairie's website, and read the customers' reviews: resistant to Colorado potato beetle, disease resistant, consistent producer in spite of adverse conditions, huge size, capable of a second crop in a single year, and heavily bearing.  Ilinda, if it crops in 2 months, then there is still time to order and plant it.  Thanks for the heads up!
Australia, New Zealand region / Re: anyone down south
« Last post by ilinda on June 24, 2017, 05:46:36 PM »
Ilinda let's just have a chat ,mind u planetxtown hall gets a bit boring ,same old sh*t ,I'd have to say that spellcheck on iPhones sucks ,ok this is where I stand ,we are binary ,nothing near us at present ,,,47 yrs away ,you tube for nibiru research ,,,,down right is f*cked ,had enough really ,all these images are floored ,just my opinion ok ,I'm nothing really as stated but it doesn't take a lot of brains to work out u tube forgery ,or delusional posts ,rightsideup ,he's an Aussie and gives a great insight into the delusion ,what u think ,?if nibiru and the system is real ,at the end of the day ,it's elusive at best ?i believe something coming this way would be noted by someone or country ,that is what makes sense to me ,conspiracy just doesn't cut it for me ,anyway my rant is over atm ✅
I'm not sure what you mean when you say "all these images are floored".  (My best guess is that some phrases have one meaning in one country, but a different meaning in another.)

  So, all I'm asking right here is, what does it mean when you say, "all these images are floored". 
Proof of Prophecy / Re: Hopi Prophecy Blue Kachina, Red Kachina
« Last post by ilinda on June 24, 2017, 05:41:53 PM »
It was entrancing to watch the youtube video linked.  Thanks for posting.
Food for Survival / Re: what is 'survival food' / what to think of
« Last post by ilinda on June 24, 2017, 05:27:41 PM »
The Corona grain mill we talked about is pictured here.  There are two pics of the un-tweaked version which is good, but as mentioned before those two plates don't always seem to be as tight as I want for a fine flour. 

So since we have two (they were cheap, like maybe $27 each?) so I removed the apparatus that locks in place, holding the two round plates together, and stuck in there a stray piece of scrap lumber, added a few nuts and bolts, and now can get a fairly decent finely ground flour from the grain, usually spelt nowadays.

The best way to get the fine flour from this tweaked Corona is run the grain through the first time "tight" but not overly so, otherwise your arm will get tired quickly.  As you know, the first time through the mill is the hardest, and it won't produce "fine" flour the first time anyway.  So on the second run through, tighten the "board" a bit to see how fine you can get the flour, and start grinding.  I'm a weakling, so I make several turns, then rest, then turn more, then rest, till it's done. 

Afterwards, it's very rewarding to see that pile of flour and realize you did not use any fossil fuels to do that, aside from the tiny amount used in the initial manufacture of the Corona grain mill.

(0339 and 0340 are the same mill, which reads "Corona" on one side and something else on the other.  342 is the obvious tweak.)
Proof of Prophecy / Re: Hopi Prophecy Blue Kachina, Red Kachina
« Last post by R.R. Book on June 24, 2017, 05:23:38 PM »
From Barb:
In the final days the Blue Star Kachina will come to be with his nephews and they will return the Earth to its natural rotation which is counter-clockwise.

Posting a film of the Native American Counterclockwise Circle Dance set to music of the Native Sami people of Finland.  Note that the entire circle is progressing retrograde to the clock, with individual dancers alternating their spin in either direction (as in earth's wobble and shifting?).  Also noteworthy is the way the film depicts earth's rotation in the beginning and the end - if the stars in the background are moving clockwise against the earth's rotation, then the earth must be moving in the opposite direction in the film.

The Counterclockwise Circle Dance is performed by numerous tribes in North America.  The website of the Chickasaw Nation explains that the dance is done around an open fire, with participants believing the fire to be literally transformed during the dance to embody the Creator, in an act of transubstantiation reminiscent of what Judeo-Christians believe about Moses' encounter with the burning bush.  The counter-clockwise motion is linked without further explanation on the Chickasaw Nation website to the closeness of the dancers' hearts to the Creator, and the smoke of the fire is believed to transmit their prayers in tandem with the counterclockwise motion. 

The counterclockwise direction then strongly suggests to me a geodynamic spiritual function, perhaps to be restored when Px resets the direction of earth's rotation.  Does the dance commemorate an ancient connection to Spirit that became lost, only to be set to rights at the end of time?  Is there a connection between counter-clockwise motion and our DNA?  Recalling historic prohibitions against left-handedness, maybe we've been conditioned to regard clockwise circular motion as natural and correct, and counter-clockwise motion to be unnatural, when perhaps the opposite should be true?

Note: The Blue Kachina prophecy assumes the "above the South Pole" orientation in this confusing Wikipedia explanation of earth's rotation: ...the daily rotation of the Earth is clockwise when viewed from above the South Pole, and counterclockwise when viewed from above the North Pole.

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