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Re: Noticias latinoamericanas
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Violencia sexual: militarizada

Militarized sexual violence:
1) See this link from Rutgers University (Center for Women's Global Leadership) too where they talk about the "Intersection of violence against women and militarism" there is a chapter about violence exercised by the state.
There is a phrase I like from this report: "States employ militaristic ideologies that attempt to pass off violence as security measures" on page 6.  Another quote I liked was: "Political violence against women is also used as a tactic to frighten women from joining political movements." (page 6). Another is: "Sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict situations is used to reinforce gendered hierarchies. It is also used as a tactic of war to drive fear, humiliate and punish women, their families and communities"(page 7). This seems to be obviously the case here, targeting women that are family members of the woman owner of the land, is a militaristic tactic to frighten women from joining the current political movement at Standing Rock. Its a type of psychological terrorism on US land perpetrated by state police who are serving a private oil company instead of the public.
2) It is quite a paradox that the UN is having a campaign to end gender violence this year, starting Nov 25th, and the USA is showing such an embarrassing example of the opposite.  It would be quite shocking if the UN was invited to Morton to organize an orange campaign against violence against women by state actors, especially if perpetrated by agents of Morton county police:
3) The specific case described in this article falls under the "violence against women in custody" of this link:
4) This situation resembles the horror stories told by native american woman, Rigoberta Menchu, from Guatemala, and the horrors lived by indigenous women in Mexico today. There is no doubt that this was an "arbitrary detention" and a case of "gender-based violence" as described in this article narrating violence against women human right defenders protecting land and resources. This is scary similar to the arbitrary detention of 11 native american women in Atenco Mexico ( 2016) defending their lands against the construction of a new airport for Mexico City , who were raped by police as a punishment for participating in political activism. This is a famous case that has reached the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) because there was no investigation by Mexican police (obviously):


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