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Re: Social and economic disruption
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Many snippets of relevant news, some credible and some not, are at
Here are the headline and three short paragraphs.

[start excerpts]
Major Intel/Rumor Update - New Republic, Global Currency Reset, 'The Event' - January 23, 2016

The Federal Reserve Bank (a private bank owned by Eastern European families known as the "Dark Nobility") has been declared bankrupt by an International Court and shuttered.

New Republic of the United States Government has been seated and installed to run the affairs of US citizens, including all military affairs through the combined office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. New Republic Government interim President General Joseph Dunford will function in both roles until a successor can be chosen in the revamped November 2016 elections.

New Republic of the United States Treasury is at full operational status now, and functioning from a Reno, Nevada location inside a Native American Reservation.
[end excerpts]