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Re: The Moon
« Reply #135 on: December 14, 2017, 09:07:40 PM »
Here is one spiritual-astrological interpretation of this last new moon of this year:

DECEMBER 14, 2017/ Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

DECEMBER 17, 2017
10:30 PM PST
This new moon lies just before the winter solstice. This is the darkest week in the Northern Hemisphere—in just five days it will be winter solstice, and the sun will move into Capricorn.

The new moon falls on a Sunday, the day ruled by the sun, and it is in Sagittarius. The sun is also in Sagittarius. This is a great time to dream about all the places you’ll go—literally, philosophically, and magically.

What you dream about, what you know you want, and what you wish for, already exists inside of you. With spell work and ritual, we create symbols to help energy to spring forth—for the universe to pick up and run with. We alchemize the internal with the external via energy, intention, and spirit.

At this time, begin to begin. Don’t just believe it, know it. Speak your truth. Bring forth what is already within you. Watch it take shape symbolically in front of you, signal to the universe, to the present, and the future. Show yourself you are ready. Invite the universe in to co-create with you.

Below are some ways to honor this new moon in Sagittarius, the last new moon of the year.


The year has been a rough one for the collective, but through the darkness there were victories of all shapes and sizes. This new moon, on the fifth night of Hannukah, five days before solstice and the Yule, we can focus on the lights in the dark. We can remember the miracles. We can count all the miracles we can behold.

Gather with a friend or group of friends. Light candles, eat comforting food together, and talk about all the miracles that happened this year. Miracles that got you through the dark. Talk about what miracles you excited about receiving in the coming months and in the coming year. Ask your friend or friends to also imagine these miracles vividly as you speak them, and in turn you will honor theirs with sending their dreams positive energy and affirmation.

If you are feeling solitary, simply pour yourself a cup of tea, get cozy, and write down all the miracles that have occurred for you this year, in your life. Sometimes, even breathing is a miracle. Staying present is a miracle. Let the miracles unfurl and expand in your mind, like a stallion’s breath curling upwards through the cold night air as they run into the cosmos.

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