Author Topic: Even organic produce can have unwanted substances on it...take care  (Read 1328 times)


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Yowbarb Note - I signed this, petition in my Facebook News Feed

Petition:  Stop Spraying Harmful Antibiotics on Organic Fruit!

About the Petition

Streptomycin — an antibiotic used to treat human and animal infections — is currently sprayed on organic apples and pears. Prolonged use of any antibiotic, though, can lead to drug-resistant bacteria, and costs 23,000 human lives every year.

As more antibiotics are used, bacteria build up a resistance; drugs that were effective 50 years ago are now powerless. Resistance to streptomycin in apple and pear orchards means that more needs to be used. The National Organic Standards Board (NSOB) deemed streptomycin necessary to fight off the fruit disease, fire blight, but a survey revealed that most farmers don’t need to use antibiotics at all.

If the drug isn’t necessary for effective organic farming, streptomycin becomes an unnecessary risk. Although the NSOB reported the antibiotic will no longer be used after October 14, 2014, pressure from the organic industry could push that date back to 2016.

Stand with the Center for Food Safety and tell the NSOB to eliminate streptomycin from organic fruit by 2014.

Photo Credit: Picturegarden/Getty Images