Author Topic: Branched from: Part #3: HOPE? Why....  (Read 478 times)


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Branched from: Part #3: HOPE? Why....
« on: May 01, 2016, 05:31:44 PM »
 Sourced from a volume from, 'I Am Your Jesus Of Mercy"

“…Do you not realize the power you have through love, faith and prayer?  Through faith in Me and the One Who sent Me, trust, love and prayer, all beauty and peace can be reestablished, preventing chastisement….The chastisement shall be a result of misbelief, lack of love, lack of faith, lack of respect and from the lack of your mercy!...Prayer and faith in Me are powerful tools….The chastisement will come from your not doing the wish of My Father….You can prevent the works of the evil one and destroy him now by loving…Wars can be prevented through prayer…Persevere, have faith in Me, love Me by loving and respecting one another….These are the keys to preventing the chastisement, destroying evil and recreating the beauty of My Father…” (JOM, Vol I, #55, June 5, 1989, Chastisement)

“…I want my people to fear nothing!...Acknowledging your fears is fruitful, realizing that you have nothing to fear from the fear.  Taming that fear in My Love allows you to breathe freedom from the control of your crippling fears….Through the lack of facing your fear, you are losing your love, your control of emotions, your dignity, your respect and the clarity of your thought processes.  It is a step all My people need to take, since only few have courageously stepped into the open abyss and persevered in the persistence of faith and love by My gracing help…I encourage My people to take that leap for love of themselves and their God.  I wait for them ….”
(JOM, Vol IV, #52, Aug. 7, 1992, Fears)

“…Because of the evil ways in which many live, there is little trust in Me and no perseverance….You ask of Me your heart’s desire, but are impatient in waiting for your answer.  All prayers are heard!  Please persevere!....There have even been many of you who have said that, ‘Our Lord heard my prayer, but He is upset with me and no longer cares for me’….This is not the case.  If you truly believe in Me and trust in Me, you would know that all things happen for a purpose in accordance with My desire….All prayers are answered in accordance to My timetable, not yours.  So…persevere in your journey with Me….”
(JOM, Vol I, #68, July 17, 1989,  Perseverance)