Author Topic: Nibiru Returns, How Will You Survive the Event? Video Footage of Mass Graves  (Read 1699 times)


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For those of you who follow the topic of Planet X one YouTube channel you definitely subscribe to is Leak Project.  For me, Rex Bear is not about to get hijacked by woo-woo.  This guy is a straight shooter in search of the truth.  Kinda reminds me of Sergeant Joseph “Joe” Friday of the old Dragnet series, “Just the facts, ma’am”

In this May 31, 2016 interview we discussed a wide range of topics. However, the main focus was on survival and what folks can do to start preparing. Just a heads up, I’m working on my next Planet X book and took time from my authoring for this interview.  So I was in one of those, “ah to heck with the sugar coating,” kind of moods. Like Johnny Carson used to say, “Hills and valleys.”


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Thank you! One of my favorite videos, although also very sad and eye opening..