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Author Topic: Leak Project; Dec 2016, Planet X, Meteor Warning, Mayans had Anunnaki Technology  (Read 1987 times)


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A cloud of uncertainty hangs over this holiday season with political machinations and numerous reports of significant seismic and volcanic activity. Add to this the concern of an energy pulse due to strike the earth the day after Christmas.

For those in awareness, this is going to be an especially difficult holiday season because, on the one hand, these ominous signs not only persist but grow in intensity while on the other, our loved ones continue to clean in denial to this weakening bubble of civilization that is about to burst.

Ergo, this convergence of the desire for holiday cheer along with the persistent rebuking of our loved ones and friends for our awareness has left many of us in awareness wondering if perhaps the deniers have some validity to what they say. Namely that we are manifesting this and that there is nothing more to it.

Then again, when we find a moment in the celebrations to be alone with our thoughts, the facts remind that we’re only suffering from the cloud of delusion enfolding us.

So while everyone is lumbering about the house with their bellies full of turkey and ham or whatever you’re having for holiday meals, find a quiet corner or perhaps an empty chair in front of a nice fire, but the ear buds in and play this interview with Rex Bear of Live Leak.   As you do, pretend that you’re listening to the Eagles singing "Hotel California."


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