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Author Topic: Leak Project: Nemesis Entering Perihelion, Latest Orbits & Charts, 2017  (Read 2580 times)


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In this latest interview with Rex bear of the Leak Project, we discussed my latest article, Is Planet X Nearing Perihelion? at length during the first part of the show.

However, most of the show was an opportunity for me to start working on concepts that I'm going to discuss in my next series of videos, such as the three major causes of death during the tribulation.

For me, this is the great part about doing shows with Rex is that he gives me leeway to work new material.  After he had posted this interview on his YouTube channel, he sent me the link, but I was wondering what to say about it in this announcement.


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Thanks for continuing to keep people informed.


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I absolutely loved how the information was presented. I have posted it after watching it twice on my fb page already. Thank you!
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