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Author Topic: The Solar Grand Minimum  (Read 999 times)


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The Solar Grand Minimum
« on: October 09, 2017, 03:37:01 AM »
The Solar Grand Minimum

Record breaking blizzard - Grand Solar Minimum update - 8 foot snow drifts of "global warming" reported.

According to the National Weather Service in Great Falls, Montana, this storm was effectively a blizzard in the Havre area, especially considering the severe impacts. A blizzard occurs when the following conditions are met for at least three consecutive hours: sustained winds or frequent gusts to at least 35 mph and considerable falling and/or blowing snow that frequently reduces visibility to less than a quarter mile.

Elsewhere, Zortman, Montana set a new one day record for October with 14 inches of snow reported Tuesday morning.

While not a record, Missoula, Montana recorded 10 inches of snow Monday night, which is the earliest recorded measurable snow there in 34 yrs.

The heaviest estimated snow amount from this storm is 30 inches in Rocky Boy, Montana. Drifts in at least one location were estimated to be eight feet high.

Top snowfall totals as of Tuesday evening include:

30 inches in Rocky Boy, Montana
20.4 inches near Encampment, Wyoming
18 inches near Steamboat Springs, Colorado
16 inches near Cameron Pass, Colorado
15.8 inches near Havre, Montana
Up to 15 inches near Breckenridge, Colorado
14 inches at the Vail Pass rest area on Interstate 70 in Colorado
14 inches near Redcliff, Colorado
14 inches in Zortman, Montana
14 inches in Cut Bank, Montana
13 inches in Havre, Montana (Havre City-County Airport)
13 inches near Rand, Colorado
12 inches near Laramie, Wyoming
10 inches near Avon, Colorado

The snow first affected the Colorado Rockies Sunday night into Monday.

Interstate 70 was closed in Colorado between Vail and Copper Mountain for a time Monday morning due to accidents and vehicles sliding off the icy road. Shelters were opened to take in stranded travelers in the area.

More than a foot of snow accumulated in many locations, including an estimated 14 inches of snow that was measured at the Vail Pass rest area on Interstate 70 as of Monday morning.

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Re: The Solar Grand Minimum
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2017, 05:56:55 AM »
Seems as if all the snow would help to cleanse the air of smoke from the wildfires over there.  I have an elderly friend in Missoula who has complained of needing to wear a mask to leave the house, and hope the snow brings some relief. :)


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Re: The Solar Grand Minimum
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2017, 09:32:35 AM »
Grand Solar Minimums Not Only Bring Cold, Wet And Windy Weather On A Worldwide Basis—They Bring The Collapse Of Civilizations

Democrats and liberals are going to be crushed by cold climate change. They are doomed because Nature is against them. They should have known better than play around with Mother Nature. The fact that it was snowing the middle of this summer in France and in Russia is just one indication that we are suffering from a cooling trend, not a warming one. Such indications have been evident in the global climate news for years.

“The Greenland Ice Sheet is gaining near-record amounts of ice this year,” says Tony Heller. Temperatures on the Greenland Ice Sheet have been extremely cold, and broke the all-time record for Northern Hemisphere July cold on July 4, at -33C. (-27.4F) Despite all evidence to the contrary, government scientists insist on believing fake GRACE data which shows almost all of Greenland losing ice,” says Heller. “These are criminals, not scientists. How much ice will melt, I wonder, at minus 33 degrees?


Grand Solar Minimums not only bring cold, wet and windy weather on a worldwide basis; they bring the collapse of civilizations and the birth of new ones. When the cold sets in and destroys crops, causing food riots and starvation it will be too late to do anything about it. For many reasons human civilization is set up for a crisis and collapse that will devastate billions and for sure, there are many people who are well aware of where present trends are taking us. Some people do prepare but most, for psychological reasons prefer to believe everything is just fine.

Massive areas of land will become too cold for agriculture – like Russia, Ukraine, Canada – we can expect social, political, demographic disruptions like nothing experienced in all of human history. That along with a massive financial collapse and economic depression will devastate much of modern civilization. These are two irresistible forces headed down humanities throat. Perhaps the only thing we as a race have control over at this point is avoiding a nuclear war, which is the last thing the human race needs at this critical juncture.

"Ignorance is Bliss" - (Agent Smith the first Matrix Movie)

R.R. Book

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Re: The Solar Grand Minimum
« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2018, 02:46:50 PM »

Interesting film which says that our solar system, which is moving through the Milky Way Galaxy, is beginning to exit a protective envelope called the Local Cloud, shedding the insulation that it gave us from galactic radiation (a.k.a. LaViolette's superwave?).  The combination of this phenomenon with our own sun's decreasing strength and earth's weakening electromagnetic field mean, according to narrator, that it will be thousands of years before earth ever approaches temperatures and conditions of the Grand Solar Maximum that we recently exited. 

With all three of our shields down, we can expect Galactic energy to begin pouring into our atmosphere in magnitudes exponentially larger than what we have ever experienced.  Along with this comes greater static electricity, which is expected to be stronger in cold, dry air than in warm and humid conditions.  Besides static electricity, we can expect more cloud cover, lightning, hail, flooding and higher winds (maybe great for wind power and not as good for solar?).

Narrator comments that when the pole shift takes place, we can expect that the earth will retain 5 to 10% of its magnetic field, rather than dwindling down to zero. 

Broad effects upon human (and animal?) health:

Overall systems affected:
Autonomous (the portion of the CNS that functions without conscious thought)

Note that 5 of the 7 broad areas affected are related to the nervous system, and most are also electrical systems, suggesting the need for support from the B-complex, essential fatty acids, and electrolytes at a minimum, in addition to relying more upon oral intake of vitamin D than upon sunning out.

Specific health effects to expect:

More cardiovascular events of all kinds, including strokes.  People at risk for left ventricular dysfunction are in the greatest danger during "space weather" due to a theoretical switch from smooth electrical cardiac energy to a vortex of energy

Daily genetic mutations, not just occasionally

Cataract formation

Heightened risk of geriatric cancer

Possible radiation sickness

Build-up of radioactive iodine in the thyroid, blocking thyroid hormone production (even from space radiation?)


Skin irritation

Inhibition of the immune system



Changes to bone, muscle and cartilage tissue

Other effects besides health
Power grid instability leading to:

Impeded cash flow

Heat scarcity

Food scarcity

Communications outage

Water shortages

Loss of Internet

Loss of cooling systems

Loss of transportation

Damage to aviation equipment

Damage to radar systems, affecting both weather forecasting and aviation

Electrical fires at power plants if not deliberately shut down ahead of time

Melted power lines if the system is not shut down deliberately

Electrical explosions

Entire countries losing power, such as occurred in Belize

Specific effects of the September, 2017 CME which mostly missed the earth:

Google Drive went down affecting corporations globally

Electrical explosions affecting pedestrians

Transformer fires halting traffic flow

Blackouts to large geographical areas

Shutdown of commerce

Shutdown of mass transportation

Shutdown of government offices

Prepping advice @ 59:00.

Safest and more dangerous areas of the U.S. to avoid @ 1:01:19.

Note: One graph in this film does not take into account the possibility of imminent occurrence of the pole shift caused by Px, but rather states that it will happen in our lifetime based upon all other evidence alone.

My take on it: Ascension may also be a physical phenomenon accompanying the spiritual aspects, acclimating or inuring us to increased space radiation, or there would be no life left on earth unless people lived underground (exposing themselves to radon as the alternative).  Hence the coming genetic upgrade for those spiritually prepared to receive it?

Screenshot #1: Lateral view of our Milky Way Galaxy, from which LaViolette's superwave is predicted to emerge and change all life on earth not overcome by it, as it spreads outward from Galactic Center.

Screenshot #2: Our current position in the Local Cloud, from which we are emerging.  Does it resemble a womb giving birth?

Screenshot #3: A SOHO Lasco C2 view of what a CME looks like if it's directed straight toward the earth: there is a total halo effect, rather than a lateral bubble.
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