Author Topic: Miscellaneous info on growing and storing food  (Read 9672 times)


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Re: Miscellaneous info on growing and storing food
« Reply #30 on: August 28, 2017, 11:17:57 PM »
Absolutely excellent, excellent, excellent!  Think of the space you're saving.  This year our winter squash, Yamiken, has taken over the garden, spreading far and wide, mingling with cukes, covering a gate, attaching to every weed and it's almost like the movie, "Day of the Triffids". 

However because Yamiken is so nutritious and delicious, I'm almost staying out of its way and letting it do its thing.  Only when there's a frost will I check for fruits.  Now, if I had had a trellis, all that Yamiken would be in the air, getting even more sun, and probably producing even more.  I've even pondered planting them near a tall pine and draping a rope down from the pine, so that they can climb into the pine trees which are many many feet tall.  Of course, there's that issue of accessing fruit in September or October that are 30-40' in the air.

Yes, vertical is the way to grow for many many things and thanks for posting.

I really love the idea of planting vertically...
Well, that would be one way to hide your food, have it growing up into the trees, haha.