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They do seem to be coming out in plain sight more and more, don't they?  And perhaps for more than idle curiosity about earth at this auspicious time?
PREPAREDNESS / Re: Survival Manuals & Books
« Last post by R.R. Book on Today at 05:07:49 PM »
This is all very intriguing.  Westerners may regard Congo society as primitive, but how many of us can trace our lineage that far back?  I wonder if they recorded the cataclysms in a holy book or written history, or if it was passed down as oral tradition?

It's a shame that the education system over here doesn't teach geography any more.  I know a 14 year old boy nearby who insists that Africa is a country, rather than a continent, and I can recall that my own geography instructor "way back when" only taught about the countries with predominantly white citizens.  I was delighted that my own boys were fascinated with learning as much about each African country and culture as they could, and know far more than I do on the subject.
PREPAREDNESS / Re: Survival Manuals & Books
« Last post by ilinda on Today at 04:09:42 PM »
Ilinda had mentioned her book Science of the Dogon on a previous post elsewhere.  Ilinda, does the book refer in any way to the Px system or to cyclical cataclysms?  Would love to learn more.

Am adding a pic of the book cover from Amazon's website:
Dug out the book and after skimming a bit, I didn't see specifics of PX system, however on p. 118, this:
"In the Sumerian culture, the Annunaki hold a place that is parallel to that of the eight ancestors of the Dogon, who were the predecessors of the eighty descendants of the eight Dogon families.  Ancient and modern sources vary regarding the exact number of Annunaki...."   and on p. 127, this:

"During the past few decades there has been much controversy over apparent Dogon knowledge about the star system of Sirius, which was sparked by Robert K.G. Temple's book, The Sirius Mystery....Dogon priests profess to know about the dwarf star--which modern science calls Sirius B--that orbits the larger star Sirius A.  They seem to know that the dwarf star is very small and exceedingly heavy as well as the orbital period of Sirius B around Sirius A, which is approximately fifty years...."

Now, in addition to this very intriguing group of people, the Dogon of western Africa, written about in the book, Science of the Dogon, when I dug out the book, I found a copy of an article I had saved from the October 22, 2007 Nation.  In this article, entitled "The Fight to Save Congo's Forests",  writer Christian Parenti tells of the dense and relatively pristine forests of the Congo and the external threats of logging, poaching, etc.  Parenti was to meet Ne Muanda Nsemi, but was told, "But I warn you.  He doesn't shake hands."

"The next day I meet the man in question, Ne Muanda Nsemi, Member of Parliament and spiritual leader of a sect called Bund dia Kongo.  Last May 134 of his followers were massacred by Kabila's troops as they protested against dirty dealings in local elections.  Nsemi wears yellow and white vestments and receives me at his simple compound in a hillside neighborhood of Kinshasa.  He explains that around a distant star circles a planet called Kongo and that the inhabitants of the old Bakongo kingdom, which once ruled parts of western Congo, were descended from extraterrestrials and Ethiopians.  The whole story involves a tsunami, sunken continents, migration from Australia and many other suyrprising details."
So much technology with which we are unfamiliar.
PREPAREDNESS / Re: Survival Manuals & Books
« Last post by ilinda on Today at 03:22:50 PM »
And don't forget monotomic gold, which is a white powder.

I don't see the link at the moment, but an internet site somewhere says that the ancient Egyptian priests made monotomic gold in their temples (which were workshops, actually, not places of worship) and fed it to the reigning Pharaoh to enhance his health AND psychic capabilities.
Yes, monoatomic gold has been discussed in esoteric circles for some time. I will look for my dog-eared photocopy about it and quote from it.  IIRC, the psychic abilities are what I remember being important about it.  And as always, it was always reserved for the chosen few.

Credo Mutwa, a Zulu shaman, also talked about it in one of his videos.

I followed your link and noticed the brown bottled containing monoatomic gold is monoatomic gold powder in distilled water. 
PREPAREDNESS / Re: Survival Manuals & Books
« Last post by ilinda on Today at 03:13:27 PM »
Awesome response Ilinda - am still digesting some of the details.

Your answer about gold isotopes vs. basic gold makes sense.  I re-visited the definition of "isotope" and it does refer to "two or more forms of the same element," saying that the key difference is in the number of neutrons in the nucleus.  However, Wiki points out that the basic isotope, #197, is the only one that occurs in nature; the rest are synthetic. 

Your list of nuts containing gold is very interesting!  My guess is that the absence of gold from the expected makeup of the human body (especially absence from the CNS) may be related to early genetic engineering of human beings, as those who have experimented with ingesting colloidal gold (historically and contemporarily) attest to enhanced CNS functioning. 

I'm pretty ignorant about the I Ching - could you elaborate on its relationship to spinal codon sequencing?

Thanks again for the detailed post!
Heck, I, too am still digesting some of those excerpts from Minerals for the Genetic Code.   I lean toward your line of thought about the absence of gold in the makeup of the human body, but wonder about the previously-called "junk DNA", now known as Regulatory DNA, and possible connection between our current inability to utilize gold, but perhaps with some re-activation of certain DNA segments, our relationship with gold could change?  Another thing, is that the connections made between the human body and these other factors involve the somites of the developing/embryonic spine.  What if there are other places in the body that can use gold?  Another equally important question, maybe the most important--what are epigenetic factors that would allow the use of gold by the human body, with our current genetic makeup? 

That list of nuts containng gold is directly from the section of the book on sourcing the elements.

After posting, I went to look for my book, "Secrets of the I Ching, and basically tore this place apart looking for it, as I just had it in my hands about a month ago.  Problem is I'm in a perpetual state of book-rearrangement.  :-D)  But I will find it and tell you what little I know, but hopefully something useful from the book.
MadMax, wow yes hadn't seen that coming, either...

(2017 OO1) 0.0008 - pretty darned close. It will come around in November, but not nearly as close. Other objects will be popped up and categorized as they are passing. We can expects lots of other close ones...;orb=1;old=0;cov=0;log=0;cad=1#cad
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 02:07:01 PM »
Yowbarb Note: HAZMAT situation, presumably now contained, southeast Florida. Time: 08:49 AM EDT. Found news story, posting farther below. Turns out just a car exhaust situation...

7 hospitalized after Hazmat situation in Cutler Bay

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - Rescue crews took seven people were to the hospital after, officials said, they were overcome by toxic fumes in Southwest Miami-Dade, Thursday morning.

Miami-Dade Police and Fire Rescue were called to a home located on the 2200 block of Southwest 103rd Court, at around 4:55 a.m., after a family of three came into contact with carbon monoxide fumes.

Upon their arrival, first responders also started to become ill. “They were just overcome with a little bit of shortness of breath and weakness,” said Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Lt. Felipe Lay.

According to officials, three firefighters, an officer, two adults and a teenager were transported to Jackson South Community Hospital.

Two dogs were also pulled out from the home and checked out at the scene.

All victims are expected to be OK.

The grandmother of the family, Rosita Black, said she believes the issue began when her son-in-law left a Jaguar vehicle running overnight.

“Car in the garage had a dead battery, so he charged the car, and he let it run. You know sometimes how you let the car run for a few minutes? [He] got distracted with cooking and forgot,” said Black.

One neighbor who was confused as to what was going on said she was even fearful that she was in danger. “I was watching through the window, and I saw only police and the yellow tape,” said Judit Duarte.

Upon finding out that her neighbors were sickened, Duarte said she hoped they would make a quick recovery.

Follow the 7News Local News Channel
“Very nice people. They say hi all the time,” she said.

The first responders and the father and son were released from the hospital. The only person doctors are keeping a close eye on is the mother, who the family expects to be home Thursday evening.

Copyright 2017 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
Perspectivas De Las Condiciones Del Tiempo En El Tropico

ACCA62 TJSJ 271159

Perspectiva sobre las condiciones del tiempo tropical
Emitida por el Centro Nacional de Huracanes Miami, FL
Traduccion por la oficina del Servicio Nacional de Meteorologia
San Juan PR
800 AM EDT jueves 27 de julio de 2017

Para el Atlantico Norte...Mar Caribe y Golfo de Mexico:

Nubosidad y aguaceros desorganizados extendiendose desde las Islas
de Cabo Verde hacia el suroeste a traves del Atlantico estan
primordialmente asociadas con una onda tropical. Desarrollo lento es
posible durante los proximos dias mientras el sistema se mueve hacia
el oeste u oeste-noroeste entre 5 a 10 mph.
* Probabilidad de formacion en 48 horas...baja...0 por ciento.
* Probabilidad de formacion en 5 dias...baja...30 por ciento.


Pronosticador Avila
Traductor Colon-Pagan
Solar Events / Re: SOLAR EVENTS (also current info on space weather)
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 01:45:27 PM »
Wow, MadMax, thanks for catching that one. Glad it was not earth-facing.

Image: Gigantic Jet Lightning Near Hawaii Taken by Frankie Lucena on July 24, 2017 @ Mauna Kea Observatory

GIGANTIC JETS OVER HAWAII: Every night, the Gemini cloudcam atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii monitor storms approaching some of the world's largest telescopes. It often captures bright bolts of lightning lancing down to the ground below the towering dormant volcano. On July 24th it captured something lancing up [screen shot farther below]

"This amazing lightning-like phenomenon is known as a Gigantic Jet," says Frankie Lucena of Puerto Rico, who processed the video. "They are related to sprites, but more powerful and easier to see with the naked eye. A special thanks to Steve Cullen for finding the Gigantic Jet at the beginning of the [original video]." 
Cloudcam video caught at least three of these jets springing from the tops of a powerful growing thunderstorm. The tallest of them reached all the way to the ionosphere some 80 km overhead.

"Gigantic Jets are much more rare than sprites," says Oscar van der Velde, a member of the Lightning Research Group at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. "While sprites were discovered in 1989 and have since been photographed by the thousands, it was not until 2001-2002 that Gigantic Jets were first recorded from Puerto Rico and Taiwan." Only a few dozen Gigantic Jets have ever been seen, mostly over open ocean.

Sometimes called "space lightning," Gigantic Jets and their cousins the sprites are true space weather phenomena. They inhabit the upper atmosphere alongside auroras, meteors and noctilucent clouds. Some researchers believe they are linked to cosmic rays: subatomic particles from deep space striking the top of Earth's atmosphere produce secondary electrons that could, in turn, provide the spark for these upward bolts.

The link to cosmic rays is particularly interesting at this time. For the past two years, space weather balloons have observed a steady increase in deep space radiation penetrating our atmosphere. This increase is largely due to the decline in the solar cycle. Flagging solar wind pressure and weakening sunspot magnetic fields allow more cosmic rays into the inner solar system--a trend which is expected to continue for for years to come. These changes could add up to more Gigantic Jets in the future.
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