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Urban Gardens - more info
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Urban farms are cropping up in cities across the nation, bringing hyper-local food options and greener streetscapes to areas that once lacked both.

From GreenSource
By Andrea Ward
May 2010

Permaculture-a hybrid of the words "permanent" and "agriculture"-is another alternative agriculture method that has the potential to transform urban neighborhoods through the design of landscapes that integrate agricultural and human communities using systems that mirror natural processes. By definition, permaculture landscapes are often anchored by perennial crops, including fruit trees, and sustained by natural systems like onsite composting. A project called Pittsburgh Food Forests, begun in 2009 in a blighted section of Pittsburgh's Hazelwood neighborhood, aims to establish permaculture landscapes throughout the city-"forests" with perennial fruit and nut crops and vertical layers of food production, including annual and perennial understory species, vines, and root crops growing near and underneath the food-producing trees. According to Juliette Jones, co-manager of the project, the goal is to train and involve members of the surrounding community in stewardship of the forests and share with them the fruits of the harvest-and ideally inspire people to create similar landscapes near their own homes.

Rooftops are also increasingly being seen as a "land" resource with farming potential. Green-roof systems, like those installed on many high-performance buildings to minimize the heat-island effect and mitigate stormwater runoff, are not commonly used to cultivate vegetable crops-mostly sedums or similar cover species. But container vegetable gardening on rooftops has a long history in urban areas, and many rooftop farmers are branching out into ever more extensive systems.
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Re: Urban Gardens - more info
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An easy way to learn an “essential skill” before it’s actually needed (Hint don’t wait too long..)

IKEA Releases Indoor Garden Kits For Year Round Veggies – No Skills or Soil Needed

inter, spring, summer or fall – you don’t need to garden at all! Because IKEA has really gone and done it now. Heck, you don’t even need any soil to create your own produce. Or a yard.

Right on the heels of releasing free urban garden plans that can feed a community, IKEA released a series of dream cultivators with the self-sufficient individual of any skillset in mind.

The KRYDDA/VÄXER hydroponic gardens come with everything needed – seeds, plugs for seedlings, sprouting plates, shelving and one can even get water and LED lights for the perfect hydroponic’ing – is that a word yet?

"Ignorance is Bliss" - (Agent Smith the first Matrix Movie)