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STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« on: March 14, 2014, 01:23:43 AM »

With those four planets in the sky, i thought it might've had something to do with PX. At least, that was my first impression when i had that dream. Recently, i came across links about the 4 blood moons prophecy. Where, there will be 2 blood moons this year, and another 2 next year. The first one is in April this year, with the next being in October i think. Then after the first 2 lunar eclipses, there will be a solar eclipse....(I think i got that right, always confuse the lunar with solar eclipse and vice versa lol).
But some are saying the 4 moon prophecy has been debunked, and think it something else that will cause the blackout of the sun, and the moon to turn red, like a supernatural phenomenon.
There is a lot of different theories out there and different possibilities for the meaning behind my dreams. But, i guess i wont truly know for sure until the time comes. I had that dream about 2 or 3 yrs ago and still think about it lol.
I agree, i think it would be chaos everywhere.


Doesn't sound to nice what you're describing near you. If i was there, i think i would move. I dont like living near man made dams or anything. I used to live right next to a train line when i lived in the city. When a express train went by, i used to think, "i would hate to see one derail, because it would wipe out the caravan park i was in". I didnt live there for long.
I do hope my dream doesn't mean a literal mud tsunami. Just seeing what the Fukushima one did few yrs back was bad enough, but then, this dream i had, was kinda worse, in the way i was hearing blood curdling screams, that was horrifying.
I may not know it is supposed to mean atm, but, i may know in due time.

Just a quick thought here, but sometime ago, i've had a couple of dreams of meteors hitting earth. In recent time, we've seen meteors hitting Russia. I'm just wondering if they are connected. I have a dream of meteors, and then Russia gets hit by them sometime later, and then Russia sends troops to Ukraine. Maybe it was a warning to Russia to not send troops.
I had that dream about 2 and a half years ago. The meteor hit Russia back in Nov 2013.

Another dream i had in recent years was seeing a 2nd sun. In bible prophecy, there will be a 2nd sun, but also a third sun.  So i dont know if these are connected or not as well.

I'm no prophet, i know that much. But if so many of us are having these dreams and visions, then maybe they have to mean something. Just seems a bit too coincidental to me is all. Maybe God shows us in these dreams.

God bless and take care

STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« on: March 13, 2014, 02:42:27 AM »
Yeah, i know what you mean :)
I used to have really bad dreams that i would go out and kill someone, either i was paid to do like a hitman job, or i was in some task force special unit being a sniper or something. Turns out, it was my subconscious trying to blow off some steam with how some people were treating me at work.  But, the dreams only made things worse, cause when i woke up, i'd get paranoid thinking that i just done something wrong. Used to freak me out lol. But when i understood why i was having those sort of dreams, they stopped. I still have one occasionally but not so vivid like they were. 

STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« on: March 13, 2014, 12:15:02 AM »
Thanks, i think :) It scary having those vivid dreams. But, they gotta mean something. Whether its just fear inside of me thats producing the dreams or something more coming from the other side.
But,  seems a lot of us having similar dreams, so maybe its more then we know.

Good to hear from you too :)

STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« on: March 12, 2014, 11:00:12 PM »
hey Barb,

yeah my father passed away back in 2010. I do recall him saying something to me in the dream, but i dont remember what it was he said.
As for where this dream was, i couldnt tell you. I feel it was in Japan, but not 100% certain if it was.
The planets i saw, were in the easterly direction, side by side. In a perfect line. At about the 3pm or 4pm position where the sun would be. They all appeared the same size. About 5 times the size of how we see the moon. So pretty big. I could see the entire planets, well, one side of them anyway :) As they were just above the horizon.
The 4th planet in the dream was a weird one tho because at first, it was right next to the others, like 4 dots -->> . . . .
Thats how perfect they appeared in the sky. But when i came back from telling my parents, that 4th planet had vanished, then it reappeared from out behind the 3rd, but looked a bit smaller.

Yeah, like you, i thought about Fukushima, but my dream told me it wasnt about that. I have no idea where i was unfortunately.

STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« on: March 12, 2014, 09:17:21 PM »
Hi everyone. Hope all is well for you all :)

Been a while since ive had a dream or vision. But i had one shocker last night. It was that terrible, that when i woke up, i didnt just open my eyes, i literally was sitting on the edge of my bed. Then i broke out in a cold sweat and started shaking.

So, here is the dream/vision i had on 13th March 2014.
I was on the outskirts of a major city. Some 50 to 100km's from the city. At least that was the feeling i got from this place i was in. It was a city near a mountain. This mountain had a cliff face, facing toward the city. On the edge of this cliff, was another town/city. Not a real big city like Tokyo or something, but still hundreds of thousands people residing within.....
Anyway, I went to this place to see a friend or relative. Which lived only about 20 or 30'km's from the cliff face. I think i saw my father in this dream/vision too. But i wasnt there to see him, i was there to see someone else, but i dont know who it was.
We were talking out the front of his house, which faced the city also. He lived on open land. Nice green grass surroundings with trees here n there.
So, im there for about half hour to an hour or so, when someone out the backside of the house called out "quick, come look"
I go running out the back. And see what appeared to be mud running down the mountain. It didnt appear to be much at first, altho it was still toppling trees and houses over. But then, the horror was worse then the tsunami's we have seen in recent years in Fukushima or other parts of the world. But, it was like a tsunami. A tsunami of mud. It was just all brown and black.
A huge wave of mud came rushing down the mountain, wiped out the city that was on the edge of the cliff. Thing was, at the point of first seeing the big wave, everything slowed down. I was seeing people jump off the cliff, the houses being smashed, the worse part was, from 20 or 30km's away, i could hear the people scream. That was the most terrifying part of all. The screams, i cant get them out of my head. I could even hear the birds squawking. When i heard those screams, i told everyone near me to run to high ground. I started running. I was going up hill, i tripped over my own feet, put my hands out to break the fall before i actually fell to the ground. Got myself together again. As i was standing up, i looked over my shoulder to see where it was, and saw there was no point in running. It was heading for this city. There was so much mud coming, it was going to engulf the slightly risen land i was on  anyway. Which, i dont know how, but i managed to run about 10k's without running out of breath and breaking a sweat lol. Im a smoker, i couldnt run 1k to save my life lol. But, i could still hear people screaming from this far away, this was the point where i woke. Explains  why i broke out in a cold sweat when i woke up.
When i first woke, and thought about the tsunami, i thought it was a tsunami. But i realised, there was a mountain there, and this mud was coming down a hill. I dont think there was an ocean on the other side of the mountain.

Also, i posted some time ago about seeing 4 planets in the sky in one of my dreams. I think i may have misinterpreted it. Because i recall one of them looking like the moon, but it had a reddish tinge to it. So, im just wondering if this is a sign of the four blood moons prophecy, which begins this year going by some. 
If it is or isn't, either way, i wish you all safe journey's  and pray that God will protect you all :)
Be safe and God bless

STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« on: July 29, 2013, 10:36:11 AM »
Last night, after many months of not having any dreams regarding Planet X, I had a dream that we were able to look up into the sky and see Planet X very plainly next to the sun. And there were also 5 other bodies in the sky in various places, which looked like our moon does during the day.  Amazingly, most people were not worried about it, and just found it interesting.  It was a very strong, clear dream.

Imagine my amazement when I woke up to find  a link in my email to Marshall's newest video on Planet X and Bluebonnet, which I promptly watched.  And Kudos to Marshall, this video is packed with good information.  It may not appeal to the masses, especially those who want to cut to the chase and simply watch a sensational video, but I appreciate the care and detail he presented to show how the team goes about investigating the photos.  As he said, the good news is we still have some time to prepare.  And the bad news is that it is going to be a long drawn out process.   Thank you Marshall, well done!

What is bluebonnett?
got links for the new videos?

STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« on: January 28, 2013, 03:24:13 AM »
Hey Barb,

well, there wasnt really much to it. They were doing a holonovel on the holodeck in their off time. The only thing i can remember something being said, was when paris said to kim " welcome to planet x" there were other things said, but i cant remember them. The name of the episode, i cant remember either lol.
If they repeat the episode or i get it on dvd,(which im planning to do sometime soon), i'll put a post up then :)

STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« on: January 25, 2013, 04:59:47 AM »
no problem enlighten :)
yes indeed, they are creepy!

i came across a social network,  you can find it here :
its kinda like facebook, but they not like facebook, if that makes sense :) Its all about seeking truth instead of lies and propaganda that we're fed these days. Anyway, if anyone joins it, look for me, Craigie76 :)
hope to see you there :)

STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« on: January 25, 2013, 03:58:18 AM »
freaky dream JKB. Kinda reminds me of the shockers i have at times :)

Craig, I've have had some real doosies too...Nightmares. The worst one of that type was with an alien who I ended up didn't get the better of me.. It was a  humanoid monster really grotesque like the alien in the movie but (smaller in stature) and it was many years earlier than the movie.
I don't have a particular fear of alien humaoids...but it was quite a dream...

kinda sounds like you had a dream that was similar to what i had some time ago. It was about really tall aliens surrounding me.

anywho, im watching a episode of star trek voyager on tv as im typing this, its the episode where ensign Kim and lieutenant paris are on the holodeck playing a role of captain proton, in this episode, planet x is mentioned quite a few times. What has me thinking, is how alot of movies they are actually telling us subliminal things that are going to happen in real life. So hearing planet x mentioned in star trek voyager quite a few times has me thinking it does exist.

Another thing i wanted to say is, my dreams i had about the lunar and solar eclipses, i obviously misinterpreted them. As we are now in 2013 and made it past the doom n gloom of 2012 :). So, i been doin a little more research, and seems, yes, we might still see and hear of earthquakes, maybe tsunami's(hoping not), wars etc. But what ive found is nothing catastrophic will happen till around 2015 to 2017. This is when they expect the total collapse of the US dollar, which in turn will be riots and wars worse then we've ever seen.  I might add to this by saying that i have read some parts of the bible which mentions a few of the alien races like the Nephilim, i think also the pleiadians. Anyway, it does say the end will not happen till certain other events happen. But also, they won't happen if the world just follows God's way. But with the corruption going on and how the elites prefer to worship the devil, unless we find a way to rid of these evil wicked people, then, these things just might happen.
The most disturbing thing ive ever come across on my search for answers online, is the georgia guidestones. If some of you have never heard of them, well, they are massive granite stones that some person,under the pseudonym R. C. Christian,who vanished after having them created, had Elberton Granite Finishing Company construct.
Go here to see the so called 10 commandments,
These things need to be destroyed, i cant believe some idiot would want something like these to stand.

STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« on: December 02, 2012, 09:10:11 PM »
freaky dream JKB. Kinda reminds me of the shockers i have at times :)

STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« on: November 22, 2012, 01:55:03 AM »
lol, i think  i had one of them myself last night, altho i cant quite remember it. maybe its better that way :)

STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« on: November 21, 2012, 01:19:35 AM »
i can relate to that.  I think if you look back thru this forum, you'll find one of my dreams where i saw 3 or 4 planets in the sky, and i think 1 of them was supposed to be PX, but wasnt reddish or anything. Even now, im still tryin to interpret some of my dreams. :)

STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« on: November 20, 2012, 06:04:00 AM »
i hate it when that happens, you wake up before the ending in a half decent or good dream, but in nightmares, it seems i sleep thru them...... go figure lol  ::)

STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« on: November 18, 2012, 08:45:43 PM »
thanks for your response Jim :)
interesting theories. If only we could time travel to see what the E.T's done in the past.... or better still, go to the future to see our future, but i guess that spoils the element of surprise :)
in the words of spock, " live long and prosper,friends " :)

STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« on: November 18, 2012, 03:47:15 PM »
Hi Enlightenme,

thanku for your reply, and for clearing my question up :)
i hope im right too :) i'd rather look at them as say, vulcan  rather then the borg lol.
If they are like Vulcan, they can beam up anyday :D

Also, has anyone got footage of the asteroid that just missed earth back in 2008,2009? I have looked every where for it but can not find nothing about it. It like its bee with held for some reason. I could see it in the sky from sunrise to sunset till it dissappeared over the horizon. It had a massive long tail on it, and mustve passed with satellite orbit height, maybe bit higher. If i had a camcorder back then i wouldve recorded it myself. If anyone has footage or knows where i can find it, could u let me know please? i know i cant be the only one that saw it. Its one of those things where the images are just burned into my memory, i'll never forget it.  thanks in advance :)

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