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WOW! That video stimulates a unique mix of emotions as Sunnybug stated.

2014 - 2016 Global Signs and Trends via the www / Re: Web Bot
« on: May 22, 2012, 07:36:26 AM »
I'll try again to order a copy.  Hope I get it this time.
After purchasing it a download page is displayed. At the bottom of that page is an e-mail address to contact if there are any problems with the download. If you have problems that cannot be resolved, feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to assist you.

Clif released the first Web Bot report of 2012 last night! Available for $10 USD (per human) at I just bought a copy and reading it now. It's very intriguing so far...

Thanks for the excellent information Montanabarb!!! I really appreciate it as you've simplified my search criteria. Also loved the stories about testing the food inside larger grocery stores! Every time I go to Costco I wish I had a Geiger counter with me.

BTW, I actually bought a small Geiger counter on e-bay a year ago, and I'm very satisfied by the results I've gotten from it.
Hi Barb (of the north)! What model or what type(s) of radiation should one purchase? I was just on e-bay and there are hundreds of different types. I'm confused and now my head hurts (OUCH). Thanks!  ;)

« on: March 23, 2012, 05:04:21 AM »
Is it possible the 7 year old either had dreams (visions) or is telepathic and senses our future? For many years I've read various stories that most young children can see spirits. According to many studies of this, a majority are "trained" (by their parents and / or society) to ignore their visions / disconnect.

A few years ago my youngest brother told me stories how his 5 year old son consistently asked his parents if they had enough food. I tried to encourage my brother to ask my nephew why he was concerned, but my brother & sister-in-law just blew off his questions.

Next story: a friend of mine, who is also a devout Catholic, used to tell me stories that when her husband would bathe their 4 year old son, the son would make comments like "'re nicer than my last daddy. He drowned me & my brother..."  My friend would not consider asking her son questions. I tried to convince her that she may help solve a potential homicide, but she refused. Instead, she just prayed that he would stop. He's now 13 and does not recall making any statements.

Another story: I have personally watched my 4 year old and 2 year old grandkids "talking" to my deceased in-laws on several occasions. Whenever my wife or I observe them "talking" to spirits, we will typically respond by waiving in the direction in which our grandkids are looking and say something like "hi (name). I love you!" We want them to know their "behavior" is completely acceptable.

What Do "They" Say? / Re: Financial/economic collapse
« on: March 16, 2012, 05:44:03 AM »
Many of the Greek citizens are (were) employed by their government. In addition to the 24% income tax increases, their VAT (Value Added Tax) was increased substantially and most people have lost their retirement funds.  Pay very close attention to all of the MSM stories regarding Greece if you really want to be entertained. One day a bailout (or 'agreement') is announced and the next day either Greece is downgraded by some credit agency or another MSM story reports the Technocrats are still negotiating a bailout package. It almost unreal how contradicting many of these stories are.

I've been watching all of the EU PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece & Spain) for the past year. Right now it appears Spain & Italy are tied with equal austerity measures. This information is conveniently ignored by the MSM. However, a few months back the IMF banksters 'appointed' a former Goldman-Sacks executive to replace the elected Italian and Greece Prime Ministers. My guess is Italy may most likely be the next European country to fail; thus receiving the attention of the MSM.

Greetings JKB, I hope all is going good for you and your wife is CoCal! I like your plan to see what happens and learn from it.

Yeah, I agree the video is rather 'chilling'. It reminded me of the last scenes in the movie 'Knowing'. It also reinforces that, no matter how hard we try to prep for everything, there is no way to prep for every scenario. The best we can do is to continue building our awareness so when the time comes, we'll be able to react to (almost) any situation faster than others.  ;)

What Do "They" Say? / Re: Financial/economic collapse
« on: March 13, 2012, 11:11:23 AM »
Although the narrator in this video is not as polished as many others who post YouTube vids, he does a good job of accurately sharing the current global economic events to date:

« on: March 13, 2012, 08:50:32 AM »
This video has a 'reasonable' explanation for the black object:

It is the same one, I recommend it to everyone, glad it is on Youtube now.
Thanks for the update and letting us know we can save a few $$$ Endtimesgal!  ;D

The time stamp on the YouTube video (above) is 38:09. This morning was the first time I saw it, so I honestly don't know if it's the same as the one you ordered. Perhaps you'd consider watching both vids and letting all of us know if they are the same?

This video is well worth your time to watch and was uploaded to YouTube on March 9, 2012:

A couple of newsworthy items that were only posted on non-MSM sites yesterday:

Panetta: 'International Permission’ Trumps Congressional Permission For Military Actions:
Republican Congressman Walter Jones Warns WH & Pentagon (H.CON.RES.107.IH):

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