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I'm going to try it too Steedy - I've done one guided meditation in one of my classes to find my animal guides, but I haven't done much with it. So I think I will try this one too, just to see if I can get more connection. Besides it was a kool experience. Not sure if I posted about this before so I'm tell about it now.
My guides were kind of a surprise to me as I was sure I would have a cat one, however: the first guide to the underworld was a huge white wolf, the other was a black widow spider! (I'm not afraid of spiders). The teacher seemed to think this was very powerful. She said it is a very strong feminine, and also has to do with networking or planning. The spiders message was that I would help in healing Mother Earth.
Pretty strong stuff so I want to learn more about it.

Thanks! Sunny

I haven't gotten to watch all the vids - but this is very interesting! Heard of earthing but hadn't looked into very much yet. This is a good topic and important info! Thanks Barb!

Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen....Amen

Steedy and Barb - not sure if I've posted this link here before but it is a nice little site that has several ideas using peddle power. Mostly it is how to power equipment using bikes, but some would be useful. It's not the same as powering up a generator but is still rather interesting and clever.

It might give you some ideas anyway. There is even a water pump one, although I don't think it would be good for a deep well. People are clever and will need to be more so after.

Dear Lord this I humbly ask, please bless the victims
of the shooting today in Colorado.
Please watch over them and also may their families find peace. They need comfort.
Please may there be a healing and a purification all over that area.


Solar Events / Re: Geomagnetic storm warnings
« on: July 15, 2012, 04:59:55 AM »
A Moderate Geomagnetic Storm (KP=6) is now in progress due to an incoming CME shock and South Tilting Bz.

Copied from

This is now a G2 Level storm.

Solar Events / Re: Geomagnetic storm warnings
« on: July 14, 2012, 06:39:27 AM »
Dang I was hoping it would hit on time....I'm not going to have any fingernails left! - Kidding of course but this one does look like it could really do something so I'm really keeping an eye on it.
Waiting with the rest of you.......

Why do we have so many stories of people changing into this animal or that ?

 What is this animal morphism ?

 The human dna contains more relationships with other animals than it does with our own human neighbors. It is a family. We eat the deer or the cow. Is this somehow spiritually meaningless ?

  A person may be born during this time or that and having this animal or that as a totem, but we are also living in a time when many families are communicating.

  When we embrace the energy of an animal spirit, we are embracing a family. The energy will come with a purpose. When the purpose is fulfilled, it may be another.

and so it goes....   the development of spiritual guides naturally takes the path of building relationships and accessibility between many families. these energies or families present themselves when they have something to offer or receive.

 It should not always be expected that this or that is here to help.  Humans mostly think of receiving, when they should be thinking about building and maintaining relationships.

We have a choice to be in a constant state of need, or constant state of giving.

To be in a constant state of need is to have an open door. This is not sovereign.

Beautifully said Scales

Earth Changes / Re: Record-Breaking Earth Changes Statistics
« on: July 01, 2012, 08:16:05 AM »
You know we get these high temps all the time (Arizona) but, we have very little humidity. This makes a huge difference! These areas are having hot temps plus humidity and it is brutal because your body can't cool it's self down. Please be careful in these areas, this kind of heat and humid can be deadly.
If you live in these places - drink plenty of water and say out of the heat - Please!!
Hang in there

Great Find Yowbarb!

I check him daily as well - nice summary!

Glad everything is working again!  :D Not at all sure what was going on yesterday

Well - I'm not sure that it is IE they are saying that it is our program  :-\ No one seems to know. However, I was having trouble with one of my yahoo email accounts both on IE and FF this morning also - the other worked fine in yahoo....soooo who knows!  :(
I'm no IT person

If you are using interenet explorer as your browser - there seems to have been a security update overnight that is messing a lot of things up - it is causing a lot of problems at my workplace today.
Not sure if that is causing your website problems Nigel but I thought I would mention it just in case.

Thanks for sharing about your Grandmother Inselemel, that was very interesting. I'm glad she is back with you.  :D
Personally, I would find it a bit difficult to think that one of my family (or anyone for that matter) was being abused as a puppy  >:(. Although I understand that such experiences can help one grow spiritually.
As a part of the Reiki course that I'm taking, yesterdays class was about contacting our guides - from all the realms. It was very interesting and a bit intense at times. My current animal guides were very powerful and a bit of a surprise to me. I thought for sure it would be a cat of some kind...but my guide to the underworld was a huge white wolf, and my totem was the black widow spider!
There was a lot more but I'm still trying to absorb it all LOL. Since this was about animals tho I thought I would share that part.
Oh, the message from the spider was to cast my web and that I would be part of healing, especially the earth...I'm not entirely sure what that means but think that my learning about energy is a part of it. The teacher thought that maybe the part about the web could be building or planning rather than networking. Pretty sure that will become more clear with time.

Yes, it was difficult and so glad she is back ;D, the photos  and stories on FB that i see and read from the pro animal activists pages are very harrowing and horrible to see that sort of thing happen to anyone, let alone my grandmother!  There are a lot of sick people out there! I know such things are supposed to help people grow spiritually as well but it is a lot to get my head around!

Wow! That is so exciting and very interesting about your guides! Maybe the 'casting your web bit' was/will be both networking and building/planning. I wish i could meditate, i just can't let my brain go quiet. I will have to try harder. Amazing stuff from your Reiki class. The Earth definitely needs healed, that's so great to hear you will be one of the ones helping to heal our Planet. Thanks in advance  ;) ;D

Have to say that I agree that it is difficult to understand how abuse could be helpful in any way - but that is what I've read - agree that it is pretty hard to wrap one's mind around. Personally, I can't even read about it because it is so heart rending!
I don't meditate either...although it is something that I want to learn. (in fact I was kind of directed to by one of the guides - not the animal ones tho) Fortunately finding ones guides just requires a bit of quiet and seeking within. Didn't hurt to have an expert teacher!  ;) She did said that it is sometimes easier to do in a group.
Not sure what my part in the healing of the earth is either...but I do think that I've started down the right path. It will likely involve all of us, she is the mother of us all, so there is a responsibility we all share. 

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