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Latest headlines since the previous lists in this topic, most recent first from each source.

*  Deadly floods hit drought-stricken Bolivia
*  Shallow M5.9 earthquake shakes Trinidad and Tobago
*  Strong and shallow M6.5 earthquake hits Sumatra, Indonesia
*  Southern Thailand under water, hundreds of thousands affected

*  Earth's days getting longer, slower, without notice
** Stray dogs kill 4 children within a week in 2 Uttar Pradesh villages, India
*  Texas residents report loud boom, house shaking - cause unknown [USA]
** Safari leader killed by elephant in Malawi
*  Precursor to eruption? Dozens of earthquakes rattle a Chilean volcano, alert status raised
*  70-Mile-Long Crack Opens Up in Antarctica

** Pit bull terrier seriously injures four-year-old boy in Pocatello, Idaho [USA]
*  Magnitude 6.2 earthquake rocks Trinidad and Tobago
*  More than 20 people killed and dozens of buildings collapse after 6.5 quake in Indonesia (Update)
*  Tsunamis a threat to Britain's coastal nuclear power plants
*  Severe flooding due to heavy rainfall kills 14 people in Thailand

*  Flooding kills 13 people in central region of Vietnam

** Woman mauled by at least 1 of her 3 dogs in Lauderhill, Florida [USA]

Nothing new in
Earth Changes / Re: Earthquakes General - 2016
« Last post by Jimfarmer on Today at 08:55:20 AM »
USGS and EMSC do not agree.  Reporting totals from both.
Earthquake totals in last 24 hours according to:
32 'quakes of magnitude >2.4   Total mags = 131.3   Avg mag = 4.10
90 'quakes of magnitude >2.4   Total mags = 328.4   Avg mag = 3.65
Three strongest quakes from either site:
*  Mag. 6.5  on the north-west tip of Indonesia (both sites).
*  Mag. 6.0  in Trinidad And Tobago, SE Caribbean Sea (EMSC.  USGS: 5.0).
*  Mag. 5.3  in mid-east central Indonesia (USGS.  EMSC: 5.0).

Largest groups of multiple quakes from either site:
*  14  in Chile; north to central, and nearby in Argentina (EMSC.  USGS: 2).
*  13  in Mexico; west mid-south to south (EMSC.  USGS: 0).
*  10  in Italy; central mid-east (EMSC. USGS: 0).
*  7  in Trinidad And Tobago, SE Caribbean Sea (EMSC.  USGS: 4).
*  5  in Turkey; west, central, and east and nearby in Iran (EMSC.  USGS: 0).
*  5  in Greece; mid-north west, mid-south east, and Crete (EMSC.  USGS: 0).
*  4  around Puerto Rico; NW and S (USGS.  EMSC: 1).
From USGS:
*  Little shakers (mag. 1.0 ~ 2.4) in Alaska (23 Qs), Hawaii, Wyoming, California, Nevada, and Utah (USA);  in SW Yukon (Canada);  and in Puerto Rico region.
*  42 little shakers in California and Nevada, plus many smaller ones.
*  Stronger 'quakes (mag. > 2.4) in California, Colorado, and Oklahoma (USA);  and in Alaska and Puerto Rico region.
Notes:  Quarry blasts and explosions are excluded from above lists and totals.
USGS lists some sites near borders as near locations across the border.

55 earthquakes of magnitude >1.9 in last 24 hours in Euro-Med region, according to (27 approx. in Turkey).
Earth Changes / Re: WEATHER (changes)
« Last post by MadMax on Today at 08:48:02 AM »
Yea look like "Global Warming" is finally here ..  ::)

Forecasters predict temperatures to fall 35 degrees BELOW average as a polar plunge sweeps across North America: Chicago breaks 76 year snow fall record

 Sunday’s snow fall in Chicago, which was the first this winter for Illinois was a record-busting event. Sunday’s 6.4 inches of snow at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport smashed the old Chicago record of 4.8 inches way back when in November 1940! Some surrounding areas recorded more than 9 inches of snowfall and was also the greatest first-of-the-season daily total for the area. Davenport recorded 10.2 inches. According to the National Weather Service, the 6.4 inches at O’Hare was only three-tenths of an inch away from the all-time single-day snow total. The previous record for snowfall on Dec. 4 at O’Hare was 4.6 inches in 1964.
This week will see extreme cold moving into Canada and the US as a blast of frigid air moves in from the depths of the Arctic.

Temperatures humans should not have to endure will sweep Canada and the US all the way down to New Mexico. The coming days promise to be the coldest of the winter season so far. The coldest days of next week will yield highs and lows of generally 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit below normal from the Northwest and Rockies to the Gulf and East coasts. Departures from normal highs will even approach 30 degrees in Billings, Montana, and Denver, Colorado.

Blizzard's in Canada

Southern Manitoba was battered by a storm that shut down many schools, reduced visibility, turned roads into slippery and snow-covered messes and sent cars into ditches Tuesday.

 Snowy side streets caused the Winnipeg School Division to warn parents their kids might not make it home on the school bus Tuesday afternoon. The majority of southern Manitoba was covered by a winter storm warning, with a range of 15-30 centimeters of heavy snow expected. Winnipeg was expected to get 20-25 centimeters, while 30 centimeters was forecast to hit areas south of the city. Northerly winds gusting to 70 km/h were expected to develop, making visibility on roads extremely poor - and near zero - for parts of Tuesday and into Wednesday as well. In southeastern Manitoba, a further 10-20 centimeters of snow is possible by Wednesday morning. The intensity of the storm prompted a full-out blizzard warning for some areas, including Morden, Winkler, Altona, Morris and the rural municipality of Portage la Prairie. The snow and wind were forecast to gradually ease Wednesday night. Bitterly cold Arctic air is expected to sweep in with lows below -20 C expected by the end of the week and wind chill values in the -30 to -35 range. The sleepy Interlake town of Gimli looked like an advertise for Game of Thrones. Manitoba filmmaker Andy Bliq went to the shores of Lake Winnipeg to watch the waves roll in. "There are these enormous rollers coming in from the north. You can imagine the wind blowing down the full length of the lake - 400 kilometers. They are about at least a meter high, some of them and crashing right over the pier," he said.


WHAT'S LURKING in the future / Re: Bizarre News Posted Here
« Last post by MadMax on Today at 04:11:56 AM »

A Mysterious Tweet by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin

Tweeted astronaut Buzz Aldrin had a mysterious tweet. “We are all in danger. It is evil itself.”
After some time it was removed, but a few people have managed to make a screenshot.
Do you think that he wants to say Buzz Aldrin and what to warn us?
Why he attached a photo of the pyramids found in Antarctica.

Survivalist Heal Thyself / Re: Losing weight: PRIORITIES
« Last post by Socrates on Today at 04:00:36 AM »
I realize i've already written a lot here on the topic of losing weight, which is why i feel i should break it down and prioritize, as well because modern culture fills our brains with disinformation, assumptions and misdirections that keep us all heading in the wrong direction.

The more hours of the day that you feel like you could eat but then don't, the more hours of the day you are potentially eating away at fat reserves. So such periods should be stimulated to occur and then last. Here's some ways to do this:
- drink (lemon) water in the morning; it won't keep giving a full feeling for long but it helps and it also helps with the detox; remember: the body uses fat to envelop toxins and acids and when these fats are burned, what they were encasing also comes free; hence your need to detox while burning fat.
- start the day off with a protein powder shake, preferably filled with goodies like raw egg. The body doesn't turn protein into fat so it is safe to consume and it's simultaneously stopping your body from consuming any muscle tissue [proteins].  One World Whey and Bone Broth Protein are the best choices, i believe. It is hard to consume enough protein to really get enough calories and these protein shakes really help.
- whatever keeps you distracted from feeling hungry and eating is wonderful. Whether it's work, exercise or watching a movie, the longer you can postpone eating, the more fat your body can keep on burning off.
- exercise is useless[!] for burning fat; it will just make you hungrier, which will cause you to eat more, which ends up doing nothing for your weight. What exercise does do, however, is keep your body in the sympathetic mode during which the body focuses on getting energy to your muscles; the opposite of this is the parasympathetic mode during which the body starts sending energy [blood] towards the gut [predigestive processes]. That means you start feeling hungry! So that means that if you start feeling hungry, all you have to do to get rid of that feeling is exercise. You'll end up eating at some point, but the longer you postpone eating carbs (and focus on proteins and fats), the longer your body is in a fat-burning mode.
- have a beer...; just as drinking water will temporarily fill you up, a beer will allow you to postpone eating, as well. But an alcoholic beverage [wine, port, mead, etc. will do even better] gives you 2 additional benefits: it gives you calories (that cannot be turned into fat) and it will mellow you out, giving you yet another way to postpone consuming carbs or fats.

There are 4 sources of energy: carbohydrates, fats, proteins and alcohol. Of these 4, 2 the body readily turns into fat and the other 2 the body doesn't:
- gets turned into fat: carbs & fats
- won't get turned into fat: proteins or alcohol
When you focus on consuming proteins [like in protein shakes], your body gets into a mode of burning a fuel that won't be turned into fat, even if you consume too much of it at any point in time.
Most people in modern culture are conditioned to feeling that alcohol is an inferior source of energy, which is really an ignorant way of viewing alcohol since it has been a part of all long-lived human cultures throughout the ages. Dealing with alcohol maturely is something altogether different than calling it bad, dealing with it not at all and denying yourself what benefits it has to offer. And when it comes to losing weight, alcohol consumption is a boon.
Have a beer, get drowsy and go to bed and you will be burning fats all through the night because that's all your body will have to burn as soon as the calories in the alcohol are burned up. Wake up the next morning and eat nuts and/or a protein shake and you will continue the body's fat-burning phase for many hours. (Then have some fruit after your morning workout or an hour after you've finished your shake.)

- you should postpone eating carbohydrates in the morning because as soon as you do, your body will stop producing human growth hormone. Also, because carbs can be turned into fat by the body so if you are not being very active, fats will be produced that you're going to have to burn off. You don't have this problem if you stick to proteins [i.e. shakes].
- as soon as the body has sugars to burn, it stops burning fats! And the last thing you want if you are intent on losing body fat is for the body to stop burning fat. So eat carbs when you are most active; that way you will burn up what carbs you consume and your body will be forced to turn back to fats for it's energy needs.
- avoid mixing carbs [i.e. sugars] with whatever fats you are consuming; this just offers the body an opportunity to replenish fat reserves, using the fats you consumed to fill fat cells back up (since the body's not burning fats while there's sugar around). If you are being very active (like when you're doing exercise) you can get away with having a few carbs but otherwise keep carbs and fats out of the same meal/period.

- eating fat does not make you fat; the body will turn fats into body fat, this is true, but only under certain conditions. As long as you are consuming less calories than you are using up and you aren't combining sugars/carbs with fats during meals, eating fats is actually stimulating the body to burn fat, to use fats as fuel; and that's a good thing. Furthermore, your body needs good fats and having them at your disposal while you are losing weight and [inherently] detoxing is both important for your health as well as for the processes involved with losing weight. In fact, you should be focusing on consuming everything but carbs, i.e. proteins, alcohol and fats. If you are eating fats but staying hungry, you are on the way to burning away fat reserves in the body.
- higher metabolism does not help lose weight; the only way a higher metabolism could help you lose weight any faster is if you cut out food completely! Let's say you are burning 3000 calories a day instead of 2000 (i.e. your metabolism is much higher than that of someone at 2000 calories/day); if both of you were eating nothing at all, you would be burning up 3000 calories a day while the other person was only burning up 2000 a day. However, no matter your level of metabolism, everybody feels hungry when they are consuming less calories than their metabolism demands! So in the end, metabolism is moot, for as long as you are eating, say, 500 calories less than your body requires, you are feeling hungry and burning away 500 calories worth of fat, whether your metabolism is at 3000 and you're consuming 2500 calories or whether your metabolism is at 2000 and you're consuming 1500 calories; you'll both be feeling hungry and both be burning away 500 calories worth of fat. People with higher metabolisms also eat more, but hunger is hunger; whether you're 500 calories below 2000 or 3000, the 500-calorie-deficit feels the same to both.
Meteor lights up night sky over Siberia

The sky over western Siberia, in northern Russia, was suddenly brightened Tuesday evening as a suspected meteor streaked overhead and then broke apart over the town of Sayanogorsk.

Multiple residents of the Khakasiya region witnessed the large fireball fly across the sky for several seconds, posting videos and photos of the spectacle on social media.

The videos show the sky illuminated briefly, followed by a loud explosion.

The official website for the town of Sayanogorsk described the suspected meteor as a falling “celestial body.”

“At about 18:37 a flying shining object was seen over the territory of the town followed by a sound of a blast,” the Reuters news agency quoted city official Leonid Bykov as saying in a televised address. “Of course there was an earth shock. To find the cause of it the respective services were alerted. But there is no damage to social facilities or factories of the town of Sayanogorsk.”

Earth Changes / Re: Earthquakes General - 2016
« Last post by MadMax on Today at 03:40:56 AM »
Devastating M6.5 earthquake kills at least 52 people in Aceh, Indonesia!

An undersea earthquake off Indonesia’s northern Aceh province has killed at least 52 people on December 7, 2016.

The magnitude 6.5 quake struck just off the north-east coast of Sumatra island, where dozens of buildings have collapsed and many people are feared trapped under rubble.

Indonesia’s meteorological agency said there was no risk of a tsunami. In 2004, Aceh was devastated by a tsunami that killed more than 160,000 people in Indonesia alone.

Videos / Re: Videos - Survival Structures
« Last post by Yowbarb on December 06, 2016, 08:59:20 PM »

A few months back i purchased the book below and yesterday and today i was knitting at work while we waited for the newspapers to arrive [i have a paper route]. I'd made a little more than one inch of rope knit and noticed how strong yet flexible this construct is. Then it hit me:What if i scaled this up and used it as a kind of rebar?!

So i'm using thin rope but what if one used something like this?:

Such a thick knitted net might make for excellent rebar to pour your concrete over. Hell, even if the concrete gets bashed, the rope itself could take quite a beating, especially because it gives way and then bounces back if struck by something.
It has also got me interested since i've been wondering for a while how the hell i would ever manage to get rebar to some site i'm interested in pouring concrete, but of course bringing in some rope would not be a problem at all. I'd thought of sourcing oak beam or something but that, too, would entail some really serious hauling of very heavy material and that kind of effort gets to be prohibitively complicated when you're talking about remote locations.
Perhaps with a knitted rope net one might reinforce a lighter wooden or bamboo fence and pour the concrete over that (making sure rope, beams and concrete are thoroughly attached to the bedrock so the structure can't bounce around).

Interesting idea, Socrates! I've no idea how that would hold up as rebar but maybe it would!
Ways Of Our Past / Re: Native American survivor stories, tales, future?
« Last post by Yowbarb on December 06, 2016, 08:46:28 PM »
Veterans marched on Veterans Day 2016 at Standing Rock  5:29

Published on Nov 11, 2016
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