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Survivalist Heal Thyself / it's hormonal
« Last post by Socrates on Today at 10:44:42 PM »
I've been collecting data on such matter for years. Frankly, i seriously doubt food items are going to make a difference. Let's look at the big picture for a moment [i.e. the macro view].

20% of men nowadays suffer from E.D. That is, for men, just as terrorifying a statistic as the promise you have an 80% chance of dying from cancer or heart disease. Now, the meta/macro view of such numbers suggests there's much more at stake here than some simple dietary choices. E.D. is not normal, part of a healthy situation or natural. If you have it, you clearly have some serious underlying, probably systemic, issue. Which, quite frankly, is probably the case for most folks. I mean, ya don't get 95+% rate of iodine deficiency and a 35% rate of obesity for nothing.

Xeno estrogens coming from the beverages packed in plastic bottles are a main culprit. People tend to flood their bodies with toxins and then expect some superfood or other to solve their problems. Ain't gonna happen.
If you suffer from E.D., you have some serious research to do about dietary and lifestyle choices, about detox and about hormone inbalance.
E.D. Erectile Dysfunction - not my topic of expertise but please share here if you have any info.
I happened to come across this page, which has a slideshow of foods which are known to help that area of the body, and perhaps, erectile dysfunction. I posted most images. A note on walnuts, great food but high in natural arsenic so easy does it on the serving size. also don't put nuts into your man's food unless you know he is not allergic. Garlic? I got totally used to it on My Michael's breath ...We were th saturated in garlic. Not everyone can tolerate it so wash your hands and use mouthwash, haha.
...  Web MD Home Sexual Health Center

Foods to Help Erectile Dysfunction:
Coffee (second choice, caffeinated beverages)
Dark Chocolate
Olive Oil
Survivalist Heal Thyself / Re: Asthma
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 07:03:29 PM »
I had an old German naturopath tell me once, take honey but no more than a tablespoon or less at a time...
Survivalist Heal Thyself / Re: Asthma
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 07:02:36 PM »
On a related note, I've read numerous times that eating local honey usually helps with allergies, due to fact that pollen and other elements from the local environs are found in local honey, and thus help the honey-eater build immunity to the local pollen.

When I say "local honey" I mean honey that bees gathered in the area that is around, or in the nearby vicinity to, the person eating the honey.  What I do not mean is buying jars labeled "Local Honey".  Someone once told me of the availability of local honey and I told her I'd order several jars when the person came back around, but when I went to pick up the honey, it had the label affixed to the jar that read:  "LOCAL HONEY" with no indication of what locality it was referencing.  It could have easily been from China as every honey is local to somewhere.

Thanks for the tips on honey. At this point I would want to buy honey from a local farm, I just don't know where, yet.
I feel with a little looking a person could get local honey and have a pretty good idea it was produced there (someone's farm who kept bees)
Survivalist Heal Thyself / Re: TEOTWAWKI wiki
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 07:00:20 PM »
copy/share as you like. It's public.
Thank you! :)
The gravitational effects of Planet-X??

Shocking drone footage shows the huge scale of the 25 mile-long crack in ice that forced a British Antarctic base to shut down

Yesterday, the Halley VI Research Station was forced to close its Antarctic research base amid rising fears it could fall into a huge ice chasm.

Shocking new drone footage has now been released that shows just how massive the growing crack in the ice is.

The worrying footage has forced the British research base to relocate 14 miles (22 km) across the Brunt Ice Shelf and close its doors for the winter.

The footage shows a 25 mile-long (40km) crack that appears to be a few feet deep. In some areas, the crack has split into two, leaving behind small islands of ice.

The first chasm, which had lain dormant for more than three decades, began opening up in 2012, and by the following year it was expanding at the rapid pace of one mile per year.

Meanwhile, in Europe, scientists have discovered tiny specks of cosmic dust, which is usually only found in Antarctica, in urban cities on the continent.

The cosmic dust was discovered on rooftops in Paris, Oslo and Berlin.

Dr Matthew Genge, from the Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College London, said: 'We've known since the 1940s that cosmic dust falls continuously through our atmosphere, but until now we thought that it could not be detected among the millions of terrestrial dust particles, except in the most dust-free environments such as the Antarctic or deep oceans.

STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 03:40:29 PM »
Thanks, ilinda... We did seem sort of detached, and yes I suppose we were safe...
We did feel the ominous feeling in the air and saw the electricity...
I felt it was the awesome power of a natural event but as we know  man made events could be on the horizon...

BTW I am glad that 4 out of 5 of my kids are here in this area... Not that this is such a great safe zone but at least we are together and we could coordinate getting out...I am not smug about that...I know the "odds are not with us but I am glad we can get out together...
My only daughter who is not here is on the western side of the US, but in an inland area, with her hubby and a large group and they have supplies and resources..
Earth Changes / Re: The Cascadia Subduction Zone
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 03:35:55 PM »
This 2.0 looks like it was located several miles south of Surrey. Not far from Bellingham.

"26.5 km ( 16.5 mi) WNW from Bellingham, WA"

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

Magnitude:   2.0
Time(UTC):   2017/01/16 18:45:43
Time(Local):   2017/01/16 10:45:43 PST
Depth:   19.0Km (11.8miles)
Event Id:   61228952
Network:   UW
Solar Events / Re: SOLAR EVENTS (also current info on space weather)
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 03:20:24 PM »

CHANCE OF STORMS THIS WEEK: NOAA forecasters say there is 70% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Jan. 18th when a fast-moving stream of solar wind hits Earth's magnetic field. The Arctic light show, however, could begin even earlier. A co-rotating interaction region (CIR) just in front of the solar wind stream is expected to reach Earth during the late hours of Jan 17th. CIRs are transition zones between slow- and fast-moving solar wind. They contain density gradients and shock waves that often spark auroras
STRANGE DREAMS and HAPPENINGS / Re: Planet X Predictive Dreams
« Last post by ilinda on Today at 02:20:48 PM »
It was nighttime.
I was driving with my son Wes on a street which led to a complex of buildings.
Massive, square-shaped buildings - it looked very industrial. Maybe a power plant. Buildings to the right and left of us.
As we were driving in, right in the center of the buildings, there were big lightning bolts hitting buildings off to the right and left. Then there were power outages...
I was explaining to Wes we were told this would happen. 
We weren't afraid  just seemed to be observing.

I got woke up then by the phone in the living room...

Update the plant looked sort of like this one. This is an artist's rendering of  how a plant in Cape Cod will look...

Source:   Power Plant Expansion May Be Too Big For Local Zoning Review

Enterprise Newspapers | 50 Depot Avenue | Falmouth, MA 02540
Very interesting dream!  The best part is that, if being in a car moving down a road or highway means for you what it means to me, then you and your son Wes are moving through the highway of life, and then when you do start to see all that lightening, none of it is hitting you.  That is important, plus your mention that you were told it would happen.

Also the target of the lightening is interesting, and one never knows if the "lightening bolts" are natural, or could they be some magneto-electric weaponry used by some other country, and specifically targeting power plants.

Heavy duty dream, but at the same time uplifting, when considering the safety level for you two.
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