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1) from "The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond" at :

Experts downplay volcanic threat, warn of more quakes [Nicaragua]

7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes off coast of Papua New Guinea

2)  From :

Nothing new there.
EARTH CHANGES / Re: Earthquakes General
« Last post by Jimfarmer on Today at 07:53:47 AM »
Latest earthquakes in last 24 hours according to :
(65 'quakes of magnitude >2.4  Total mags = 272.4  Avg mag = 4.2)
*  Mag. 6.1  11-of-5.x  14-of-4.x  in Papua New Guinea; far east and north central (one large cluster + one site).
*  Mag. 5.8  3-of-4.x  at far north Chile; off the coast and east (two sites).
*  Mag. 5.4  in north-west Indonesia.
*  Mag. 5.4  in mid-south mid-east Pacific Ocean, west of Easter Island.
*  Mag. 5.0  4.8  on south-west coast of Mexico (two close sites).
*  Mag. 5.0  3.9  3.0  7-of-2.x  east and north of Puerto Rico (three sites).
*  Mag. 5.0  in Solomon Islands.
*  Mag. 4.5  4.4  on Guatemala west coast and off Nicaragua west coast (two sites).
*  Mag. 4.0  on south-west coast of Turkey.
*  Mag. 3.6  5-of-3.x  4-of-2.x  in Alaska; west mid-north, off and on south-central coast, mid-south mid-east (two clusters + two sites).
*  Mag. 3.2  3-of-2.x  in California USA; north coast and central mid-south (three sites).
*  Mag. 3.2  in central mid-north Utah USA.
*  Mag. 3.0  in north-central Oklahoma USA.
*  Mag. 2.5  in western Tennessee USA
*  Little shakers (1.0 ~ 2.4) in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington (state), Oregon, California, Nevada, Arkansas (USA);  far north Baja California (Mexico); and Puerto Rico region.
59 little shakers in California and Nevada.
Note:  Quarry blasts are excluded from above list and totals.
33 earthquakes of magnitude >1.9 in last 24 hours in Euro-Med region, according to
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 02:09:01 AM »
« Last post by Yowbarb on Today at 01:36:34 AM »
The weather is so strange this year.  We have been having very warm weather for this time of year, and now, starting tomorrow, we are going to cool down over 10 degrees or more for a week.  It is getting where I have to look at the weather report each day just to know how to dress, and still, sometimes the weather report is wrong and I end up having to change in the middle of the day.

Endtimesgal, I agree the weather is a little strange. Sometimes we are way colder than the predicted overnight low for our town.
For a couple of days now my calls keep dropping, has anyone else been having this problem?  I just wonder if it is Geomagnetic or what?

Endtimesgal - now that you mention it -
it happened yesterday when my son called me and today when oldest daughter called me. Also yesterday when another daughter called me.
Before I knew the M7.3 solar flare happened I had trouble keeping on the net a couple of times. Also had trouble posting on this site  - once or twice...
I have also been really wiped out...
While I can't be sure it's related, I think it's a possibility.
There have been S1 Solar Radiation Storms on and off for three days...
Space Weather Alerts and Warnings Timeline 
Survival Recipes of the World / Re: Make your Own Yeast
« Last post by steedy on April 19, 2014, 01:59:18 PM »
I'm not that young!
PLANET X ASTRONOMY / Re: Suspicious Observers
« Last post by Yowbarb on April 19, 2014, 12:56:59 PM »
Normally Enlightenme or I would have posted suspicious0bservers by now...Belatedly - here it is,
suspicious0bservers Uploaded 9 hrs. ago, six minutes after the 7.8 quake.

"USGS says Magnitude 7.8 in Papua, New Guinea."

Large Quake Strikes Papua New Guinea (4.19.2014)


Streamed live on Apr 19, 2014 

Large Quake Strikes Papua New Guinea (4.19.2014)
Well, due to the crazy price increases on beef (and most other meat as well I noticed today while food shopping), I have finally convinced my family to at least try for one or two nights a week to have meatless meals.  I do have a good recipe for zucchini lasagna, but that's about it.  So if anyone has any good recipes, could you please post a few of your favorites??  I did come across this slow cooker zucchini dish, which I am definitely going to try!

Lots of cheesy goodness and great flavor in this zucchini casserole recipe.

Slow Cooker Zucchini Italiano Casserole Recipe – A great Vegetable Side Dish

Recipe type: Vegetable Side Dish
Cuisine: Italian American
Author: Adapted from the original Crock Pot Cooking Book by The Wilderness Wife
Serves: 6-8

This recipe makes the zucchini in the garden into a tasty side dish the whole family will like.

◦3-4 medium zucchini (unpeeled), cut into ¼ inch slices
◦1 small onion, thinly sliced and separated into rings
◦3 tbs. extra virgin olive oil
◦2 cloves of garlic, minced
◦1-2 tsp. kosher salt
◦2 tsp. fresh basil (if you use dry, use less as dry is more potent)
◦2 tbs. parsley
◦dash of fresh ground pepper
◦2 ripe tomatoes, peeled and sliced
◦1 cup cracker crumbs
◦4 tbs. melted butter
◦½ c.freshly grated Parmesan cheese
◦½ c. grated mozzarella cheese
◦¼ cup sliced scallions, both green and white parts

1.Mix all the ingredients, except for the crackers, butter, cheeses, scallions, and tomatoes, in the crock pot, and stir thoroughly. Cover and cook on a low setting for 5-7 hours.
2.Before serving pour the mixture into an oven proof casserole. Place a layer of sliced tomatoes on top. Mix melted butter and cracker crumbs together and spread on top of tomatoes. Sprinkle both cheeses on top of the cracker crumbs. Place under broiler until cheese is melted and topping is golden brown. Sprinkle sliced scallions on top right before serving.

Read more:

Enlightenme I did a quick search and found this. Meatless. I don't think any of them are vegan but it looks like they could be "tweaked" to make them vegan recipes.
For example, this Mexican Sweet Potato-Veggie Medley uses only a half cup of sour cream. Some folks like Endtimesgal know how to create a non - dairy sauce.  ;D
Also: Macrobiotic cooking has a "white sauce" which is non dairy.
Maybe just a little cold-pressed olive oil would help if the sour cream is not added to the salsa?
- Yowbarb

28 Hearty Vegetarian Main Dish Recipes

"Get your veggies mixed with pizza, pasta, salads, frittata and more. Our meatless main dishes are good for you -- and packed with flavor."
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