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Survival water; is it what we thought it was?


Calories; the Tarahumara Indians can run a marathon on A CUP of maize [nixtamal];
WTF?! That would take THOUSANDS of calories!, you say.
And yet, they do it.

Could water, too, be similarly easier to come by than we have all been led to believe? That would be good news for preppers/survivalists, right?

- Roman soldiers would throw a silver coin in their water to make sure it stayed potable. Colloidal silver generators? Wonderful, but if you could utilize those silver coins you have laying around for trade, that's really low-tech, isn't it? No need to worry about electricity.

- As i laid out in my post Proper Soil Management, Geoff Lawton established oases in Jordan with a fraction of the water Jordans generally think necessary for such a feat. Lawton, however, simply applies permaculture principles to RETAIN what water falls during winter months. In this way he's able to make it through 9 months of drought without irrigation. "Impossible!", most folk would probably say, and yet, he does it.

- Mainstream ideas suggest we all need to consume 2 to 4 liters of water per day to stay hydrated but did you know that there are forms of water that hydrate much more/better than regular H2O? For one, people talking about infrared technology suggest this CREATES something they call H4O in the body. The mainstream hasn't caught up yet but what if lying on hot rocks creates water in the body? Would you know?

In response to 5 things that make the difference in water purification, a number of things...

- the best water is made by distillation, then osmosis, then remineralization [see below]
- minerals via water IS BULLSH!T; minerals need to be attached to a carbon atom for your body to utilize
- distilled water is EASIER to drink, i.e. one CAN drink more distilled than tap water
- distilled AND MINERALIZED water TASTES better than merely distilled
- what KIND of water you drink relates to the TIME of day... [see below]
- methods of water purification

When one distills water, there are actually chemicals that have a similar evaporation point as H2O does that evaporate with the water vapor; when you run DISTILLED water through a reverse-osmosis filter, you get rid of these and end up with PROPERLY distilled water. Then you throw in some seasalt, vortex it, let it rest in moonlight or whatever way you know of restructuring it.

Your body isn't always doing the same things; some times it focuses on cleaning, then on absorbing, then on assimilation. Each has it's particular water needs...
- When your body is in it's daily detox mode, from 04:00 to noon [sun time, i.e. noon is when the Sun is at it's highest point] distilled water is best, for it absorbs toxins your body is trying to get rid of best.
- in your body's daily absorption phase, from noon to about 6, minerals are important. Then you might best be drinking 'mineralized' or spring water. HOWEVER, you SHOULD have needed water in the morning to become clean and hydrated; in the afternoon your body is about ABSORBING NUTRIENTS, not about hydration. That doesn't mean you can 'eat salt' but what you consume in the afternoon should be very different from what you consume in the morning; in the morning you're talking water-rich foods like fruit, in the afternoon you're talking all the rest.
- after '6' your body is going to go about ASSIMILATING that which you have CONSUMED. If you consume anything during this period at all, it should be appropriate to the TIME it is being consumed, i.e. sea fruits and roots. Again, this is not a time during which your body is especially interested in vast quantities of water. That will come again at 04:00 (sun time). Spring water or your own properly mineralized water is best for the evening.

If you have iffy water, purify with sodium chlorite or chlorine dioxide [MMS], with silver or with chlorine; if you add chlorine allow for a day to let the chlorine evaporate before you drink it [yeah, don't wanna be drinking chlorine...].

Socrates thanks for sharing excellent ideas.


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