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Ed Douglas:
Post and discus legitimate photos and clips of not only Planet X, but other Cosmic events close enough to be caught by cameras, even attached to telescopes.

Ed Douglas:
I have seen it posted elsewhere, that someone, near Ohio, has been looking at the sunrises, and is seeing something that was mentioned as almost being as large as the moon. It has been clouded over here for days, and nothing good forecasted. If others can view the sunrise, and before the sun rises, please post what you see.  ed

During the past 2 weekends I've been observing Venus and the actual sunrise on Saturday & Sunday mornings.  Venus initially caught me by surprise 2 weeks ago when I happened to look at the eastern horizon approximately 3 hours before sunrise. At first I thought Venus was a large aircraft with its landing lights on flying in or out of DIA... it was that bright! After a few minutes I realized it was an object in space, but didn't believe it to be Venus or Jupiter. Last weekend I downloaded a star gazer app that someone posted and discovered I had been viewing Venus.

After learning that PX was considered "viewable" just before sunrise, I began watching the eastern horizon 30 minutes before sunrise. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything. One observation I've noticed regarding the sunrises during the past 9+ months is they are so much brighter than usual. Even with very dark sunglasses I have a difficult time looking at the sun for more than a second or two.

Does anyone know what the very bright planet is to the left of the moon ?

I don't know if anyone is aware but the iphone has a great app called pUniverse that, when used with the iphone 4, can assist you in what you are viewing.  The compass features on the iphone 4 assist in its use.  All you do is start the app and point it in the direction you are looking.  The screen moves with you so you can tell what star you can looking at.  It is best to find something familiar since it isn't totally accurate on the direction you point.  For example if you see the moon, start the app, face the screen toward the moon and make any adjustments necessary to orient yourself to what is in the sky.  The app shows asteroids, comets, constellations, stars, planets, and more.  Of course I doubt if Nibiru is in there but this will help those who are having trouble identifying what they are looking at and hopefully, cut down on the false claims of Nibiru spottings. 

If we can't get official words from government agencies about Nibiru, let's just find it ourselves....I mean who can you trust these days. 

Happy hunting ;)

PS.  I am sure there are other apps out there for other smart phones...just research the net for them.


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