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Survival websites outside of the US

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Some survival sites outside of  the US

Post here all info on non-US survival websites.
Where can you get freeze dried canned, MREs and other supplies in your country?
Dome builders? Other survival companies?
Please feel free to post your opinions on best places to purchase, and when is the time to purchase.


Some of the domes and so on might be better after the worst of the cataclysm is over. Having a ready made dome kit and the supplies stored underground would be a good idea.
Everyone will have to sort out what would hold up in the coming times. - Yowbarb
UK survival site:

International Manufacturers and Builders of Geodesic Dome Homes
Kwickset Construction KitsAustralia Kits. Industrial, commercial, residential. Exports.
The Dome CompanyAustralia Kits.
John Rich & GeodesicsNew Zealand Has been designing and building geodesic domes for 20 years, both in NZ and in Australia.
Guy MassicotteCanada Geodesic domes plans and technologies. Plans et technologies de d

Some survivalist sites and survival info sites in the UK, just a start:
Trueways Survival School  P2SK Survival Group

Natural Pathways Survival courses and Events

The Survival Expert   
        survival food and water  The Military Kit - outdoor clothing and equipment
Example: 2.99 pounds  a survival  survival bag zippered with hood... keep in car etc.

The Independent UK
Article on US military studying and using alternative techniques to enhance troop survival. For example the military is learning how an 80 year old man in India has lived without food or water for 70 years. This is being verified. He has lived on breath technique alone. "If Jani has not eaten or drank anything in 70 years, then there is even more reason to start practicing pranayma (contolled breathing) daily. Here is an instructional clip:

Conscious breathing


Yowbarb:  Survival UK

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