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I can't get the share link to open up but the video is on the   page, Yowbarb
The Eco Paper Log Maker

Uploaded by richardtheroomy on Jul 18, 2008 -  How to use the eco logmaker using newspaper

How to make a log out of newspaper: X-mas Special  1:39
Uploaded by SlurpeePerson on Dec 13, 2008

Homemade briquettes    7:09   69,927 Views
Uploaded by mladenkorotaj on Sep 14, 2009

This is easy way to make briquettes from sawdust and paper,5 briquettes is maximum for this pipe,it depends on the length of pipe how many briquettes can you make from 1 pressing,paper and sawdust are left over night in water and then you mix them together to make a perfect paste for briquettes

Building Biomass Briquettes: A Step-by-Step Guide (1/2)   5:44   10,912
Uploaded by eamadei24 on Aug 17, 2009

This video provides the necessary information to make biomass briquettes, an alternative energy source to wood.

Part 1 includes: Materials, Preparing the Materials, and Preparing the Sludge

Remaining Steps in Part 2


Building Biomass Briquettes: A Step-by-Step Guide (2/2)    5:20    20,579 Views
Uploaded by eamadei24 on Aug 17, 2009

This video provides the necessary information to make biomass briquettes, an alternative energy source to wood.

Part 2 includes: Loading the Cylinder, Using the Briquette Press, Releasing the Briquettes, and Drying the Briquettes

Leaf Log Maker   2:59  77,471
Uploaded by leaflogmaker on Jan 3, 2008

Alternate energy using leafs to make burning logs. Leaf log maker, patent pending. turns leaves into log for the fireplace, furnace. green energy source.


Aprenda a faser uma maquina de briquetes   2:45   22,152 Views

Uploaded by MaikeruSMV on Mar 16, 2009

Aprenda a faser uma maquina de briquetts com o falso americano maikeru


Lots of fire starting methods I never heard of... all from Rob with a B.
Truthfully I haven't been able to find all of them yet.
Here are some to start out with.
I will be posting fire starting videos from lots of different people.
- Yowbarb

101 Ways to MAKE FIRE - #1 Beer Can & Toothpaste (2)....3:23
Uploaded by ROBwithaB on Jun 16, 2009


101 Ways to MAKE FIRE - #2 Beer Can & Toothpaste (2)     4:36

Uploaded by ROBwithaB on Jul 4, 2009


101 Ways to MAKE FIRE - #4 Flashlight  3:17

Uploaded by ROBwithaB on Aug 9, 2009


101 Ways to MAKE FIRE - #6 Rock and Rasp       3:19
Uploaded by ROBwithaB on Sep 11, 2009


101 Ways to MAKE FIRE - #7 The Devil's Breath  3:44
Uploaded by ROBwithaB on Oct 12, 2009


101 Ways to MAKE FIRE - #8 Hand Crank Drill (2) Which Wood?  4:25

Uploaded by ROBwithaB on Apr 6, 2010 


101 Ways to MAKE FIRE - #9 Fido the Fish  3:52
Uploaded by ROBwithaB on Apr 19, 2010


101 Ways to MAKE FIRE - #11 Empty lighter and Earwax  4:03
Uploaded by ROBwithaB on Sep 9, 2010


101 Ways to MAKE FIRE - #12 The Wind and the Wine Glass 4:27
Uploaded by ROBwithaB on Nov 29, 2010


101 Ways to Make Fire - #14 The Cutting Edge  4:19
Uploaded by ROBwithaB on Apr 27, 2011



Notes for Video 1 
All the Notes are lengthy. Worth reading but I won't be able to post them all here. I think they are worth pasting into a document editing down and keeping. - Yowbarb
ROBwithaB Notes:

This video is the first in a series of 101 videos, showing different ways to make fire. It started out as a challenge to myself, to understand the physics and chemistry associated with combustion. Enormous resources go into firefighting and firefighters put their lives on the line every day to save lives and property from destructive fire. Obviously it is easier and cheaper to prevent fire in the first place. Hopefully I can teach people how easy it is for fires to start as a result of ignorance or negligence.
Many of these techniques are very old and it is just a question of re-learning ancient skills. There is something very primal and satisfying about being able to start a fire the way our forefathers did. People nowadays take fire for granted, without realising that many of the things we take for granted every day have come about as a result of the understanding and control of combustion. An obvious example is the internal combustion engine. However, not many people are aware that the concept of generating heat through compression, as found in the Diesel engine, was understood and applied long before the invention of the diesel engine. The indigenous people of South-East Asia were using fire pistons as a fire starting technique long before the arrival of Europeans.. Electricity, too, is taken for granted, without necessarily associating it with the thermal power stations which generate the bullk of electricity worldwide.
Another aspect of this project is the pursuit of sustainable energy. Lighting fire is all about concentrating energy, and doing it as efficiently as possible. By understanding how to do this, I will hopefully give myself and others maybe - a better insight into the various sources of energy that are available.
You will probably have seen some of these before. I'm not pretending to have invented fire. The coke can thing has definitely been done before. I think I first heard about it after an episode of Mythbusters brought it to popular attention. I have still to see a decent video of it, though. It is actually surprisingly easy to ignite something using the parabolic surface on the underside of a soft-drink can. The trick is to get the surface as reflective as possible. Reminds me of that quote which is usually ascribed to Abraham Lincoln: If I had ten hours to chop down a tree, I would spend nine of them sharpening my ace. With primitive fire skills, it is usually more important and difficult to master the skills of sustaining and transferring an ember and nurturing it to form a fire, than it is to get an ember in the first place. So I will cover some of that as well whilst adhering to the discipline of showing one new way per video to actually ignite the fire.
Some of the things I will use to start fires are:
air, water, rock, the infamous coca-cola can, ice, condoms, a garbage can, pots, light fittings, stationery, a few different things you can find in your first-aid cabinet, toiletries, a torch, string, a cellphone, a typewriter, light bulb, various bits and pieces of your car or truck, culery, crockery, batteries, fuses, steel wool and a whole lot more. Quite a few of them I have succeeded in using, some of the videos might be made live and might fail. Most of these things require some practice.
The idea behind all of this is not to suggest that all of these would be suitable for a survival situation although I have certainly used some of them in extreme outdoor situations. The truth is that one is always going to go for the easiest solutions when your life is at risk. The simplest solution may not a pure primitive skills. In real life, one often has access to a vehicle or downed aircraft in a survival situation. The world being what it is today, there is often man-made material to be found, even in the wilderness. Garbage can be very useful sometimes.
There are probably as many ways to make fire as your imagination allows you. You are likely to be more successful if you understand some of the principles behind the task.
I hope you enjoy watching these as much as I have enjoyed making them.
And remember; It's only arson if it's somebody ELSE's stuff.
Happy burning. Smoking is BAD for you, children.

Upside-Down Fire (Self-Feeding Fire)   4:32

Uploaded by NorthSouthSurvival on Oct 22, 2010
Another way to start a fire. Starting a fire from the top down.
How to Make a Dakota Smokeless Fire      6:24    22,021 Views


Uploaded by MattGstuff on Nov 12, 2009
This is a demonstration by former scoutmaster Harold Morrow of the setting up the Dakota smokeless fire. It has many advantages as well as uses. Thank you
bushcraft skills: the swedish torch/stove - my way     5:20 48,785


Uploaded by bushcraftmyway on Feb 20, 2011
a day out into the woods after some serious rain, presenting the swedish torch - my way: you don't need to cut and split big logs, and you can do it with your sak saw (although i preffer my fiskars). i cheated a bit, using a mini-bushbuddy burner (made from a tea candle) to light the torch.
Norwegian Candle     5:47    7,580 Views

Uploaded by MollyMacPack on Oct 25, 2010
no description available


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