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Symbolic Images in MainStream News

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Ed Douglas:
It is being done in other areas of the media, why not in the news too?  ed

Symbolically, I wonder what they are all laughing about, the debt? Maybe health care? What could they all be so joyous about in this picture....I's a joke, literally.   I do believe that the publisher or photographer may be trying to convey the symbol of mockery and that the ptb are not in the same world as the rest of us.     The eight pointed object in the picture...  Is this symbolic of things to come?   A war with the muslims or the coming of Christ perhaps?...doesn't the Dome of the Rock have something to do with that prophesy? 

It just seems like an odd picture to splash on the Front Page.
The importance of Star Symbols was covered pretty well by Sitchin. The fact that
the Dome of the Rock sits in the middle of an Octagon is a symbol that cannot
easily be ignored. Originally the Dome of the Rock was at Baalbek, Lebonan but was
moved to Jerusalem way back when. The Dome of the Rock covers a Rock that is
considered a (the ? ) Navel of the Earth.
dome of the rock of the rock drawing&qs=n&sk=&sc=1-24&form=QBIR#x0y370
They may be expressing Happiness rather than laughter although laughter may have
been going on.
I don't know if the picture means anything that is why I put it out there for
critique. The Country is falling apart along with the Economy and a hundred other problems that need to be solved and this is the picture they splash on the front
page.  The picture is out of place.
Posted by: chaunska A war with the muslims and the coming of Christ perhaps?...doesn't the Dome of the Rock have something to do with that prophesy?   Perhaps, they are laughing at and mocking HIM. 
Good points. Oh yeah, The Dome of The Rock has a place in Prophecy.
I'm not sure that they are mocking Him but they do appear to be happy about
the meaning of the Symbology. If it means something to the Powers That Be then
whatever it is is here. (?) Or close by.


--- Quote from: ASEEKERTOO on September 10, 2011, 07:20:04 AM ---Probably not in reality. And it does appear he is pointing right at it.
He may be pointing to the Debt Ceiling for all I know. To the casual observer of the
picture it appears as though he is pointing to the ICONIC SYMBOL hanging on the
wall. It may be that is what the publishers of the photo intended. That being the
case; what could the symbol on the wall mean..........   It is a shame that you
totally missed the 'point'.

--- End quote ---

I was watching some commentary photographers like to play around with stuff like this... Like place the person they are photographing in front of an object which wil create a certain effect.  Like to create a halo behind someone or something that looks like a crown or some other odd juxtaposition. Sometimes humorous sometimes more symbolic.
In this case I seriously doubt if the President was looking at noticing the symbol at all. Could be a different story with whoever took the photo.
Some of the suggestions on symbolism in the media may be based in fact, a lot of the things people see or think they see is probably nothing at all.

BTW I am in no way invalidating the concept of symbolism in the msm and all around us, in government buildings, ads and all. I have believed for a long time there are old Freemason, Illuminati symbols all around. I watch for certain gestures too.
As an artist I am aware of my environment and symbols... they are everywhere.
I simply feel just because a public figure is in the same room with some symbol on the wall does not mean that public figure is necessarily aware of it, pointing to it, promoting the ideas behind it, or anything like that.
In some cases that could be true often it would not be true.
Let's temper all of this with some common sense.
Barb Townsend
Topic Administrator


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