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Planet X, 3,500 or 12,000 Year Orbit. Which?
« on: October 23, 2011, 02:43:59 PM »
This is a cut and paste E-mail I sent to COG-PKG.ORG on 8 Oct 2011.
I uploaded the original scanned images I sent in the email. You must be a member to see these images and if you are a member with slow internet give it time to load because they have a high bit rate.
I also may be updating this post at times to make improvements as required.

Disclaimer: All credit goes to God, the mistakes are mine.

Atm I don't feel inspired to write a paper so I am going to at this time just go over a few issues that I was planning to address on Trumpets.
Don't know what is going on for sure atm in various governmental places in this world but I am quite certain by the activity of demonic and naughty peoples in various black projects the attention on me has increased.
Defiantly has been a wild ride over the past few weeks.
Good to be loved;)

So Atm I am going to just go lightly over some issues at hand that are new.

The Sinai Triangle as a whole is sound.
There are however always more to refine and these are some of those refinements.

Most of the info in this email is from these 2 books.
1. Cataclysm (D.S. Allan & J.B. Delair)
2. Lost Star of Myth and Time (Walter Cruttenden)

Like I said most of this stuff I am addressing as a whole has been covered and documented but the refinements of the pieces put together in a story line that is in my head.
Some of that wont be addressed here because it takes a paper-meetings to go over.

First off is the whole 3,500-3,600 year binary orbit thing.

There is no 3,500 year orbit as I once thought.
There never was.
It is a 12,000 year orbit of a binary star system, but it does have a twist.

Thats where Lost Star comes in.
I don't ever remember in the book where he covers the issue between the 12,000 cycle and the 3,500 year cycle problem.
If he did I missed it.

According to Walter, Planet X is on a 12,000 year orbit like our solar system and they eventually cross into close proximity every rotation.
The Video "The Great Year" covers the concept in greater detail. At this time I'm not concerned with the Yuga cycle belief system that ties in with this 12,000 year numerical cycle.
Apparently according to Walter Planet X is the missing equation to earths precession. Not just the Moon and Sun.

Lets get simple.
Image1. Page 107 Lost Star.
Image2. Master Card Pic

All you need to do is look into the centre of the 2 orbits.
If you have two 12,000 year orbits of different solar systems they must cross twice, Right?

There is your answer.

Planet X doesn't have a 3,500 year orbit.
It has a 12,000 year orbit.
It just has been 3,500 years from its last crossing.

X Marks the spots...
(Look at the middle shaded area in the master card pic below and read this.)
You have 2 curved x's in the middle, one on the top and one on the bottom.
The time it took for our system and X's system to cross from the 2 x's is 3,500 years.

Its just that simple.

As far as I know this 12,000 "yuga" cycle issue never jived with the Planet X peoples beliefs.
It does now...

The issue with the difference of 3,500-3,600 years is this.
3,500 years is 1/2 of 7,000 & being Biblical.
3,600 is part of a mathematical system that goes back in antiquity to the Sumer culture which has 36 in it and is connected to the megalithic yard.
The reason why I go with 3,500 is because this is highly Biblical in nature when you address it in Sinai Triangle.
Either one you chose 3,500 or 3,600, both are highly mathematical in nature and done on purpose which means the Biblical Exodus was cosmically planned as well.

As far as I am aware of no one publicly has addressed what is shown here.

On to Cataclysm.
It is so interesting that I had this book before I wrote Sinai Triangle but never read it.
They call Planet X Phaeton/Typhon.
This book is staggering on the issues on that Paper was based and actually shows more evidence on what I was addressing.

I also might add Alex Jones somehow has the basic earth and comet picture of this book in his alternating background television on his internet casts.
The difference the earth and comets are in a flipped position. Interesting...
Moving on.

A small adjustment to the Paper.
After reading this book and doing some more homework on the subject I believe the Wooly mammoth and this ice age happened at that time.
As a whole I am not aware of an actual record or the amount of magnetic pole positions and their locations.

So this axis/pole shift I believe at the Exodus killed the majority the mammoths in all one sweep.

Since I do not have adequate knowledge of higher mathematics and Trig I cant do the math so to speak on proper degrees of movement from the dial of Ahaz to the pole position of present. How much would the planet move if you move the earth 10Biblical degrees from the "Dials" location?

There is grey area where the pole would actually end up at from the flip. It is possible it didn't end up in the same 180* location.
The explanation of Sinai Triangle is still sound. Now Just a tad bit more accurate.

Now lets go to the video of the waters Cleaved.
I don't know if this speaker ever read this book or not but if he didn't this is even more evidence of the waters cleaving which also if you look at the video produces "WALLS of water"
As in the videos cleave means knifes edge, but since you know the edge is just a part of the over all knife you also have the large flat sides of the knife or Cleaver and looking at it from the side it can be viewed as "wall".

In the video he talked about boiling waters coming from inside the earth.
Ancient texts talk about boiling waters,walls of water and massive drops of rain.
Well there are your waters from below and waters from above.


There is so much in this book I could cut and paste a multi email series but time will tell if I write another formal paper on this.
Again this is just covering a few but necessary pieces of information.

The thing is a planet coming into immediate range with this planet can also cause excessive heat, Massive excessive heat that can evaporate water.

I still don't know for certain the real reason for Noah's flood.
I personally believe most of these ancient accounts of excessive heat are from the Exodus passing of Planet X.

Presuming I am correct with the correct information with the Planet X system orbit timeline Planet X should not have been close enough to Earth to cause the Flood of Noah if you keep the Biblical timeline of mankind existing roughly 6,000 years since Adam.

Again till I am proven wrong the Moon was the overall cause of Noahs flood and there is evidence showing in folklore that the moon was farther out a long time ago.
That goes into a whole other issue.
The Moon...
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