The Big Picture

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I guess what is happening, is that many of us have been programmed to see the events happening, and begin to understand.  Others remain asleep, unaware.  And many remain asleep even with all that is happening.  I knew about the Maya long before they became a popular subject on the internet.  I felt a strange drawing to them and the Book of Revelation. 

My sister and I sat for hours while still a very young teen trying to figure out what the book meant.  We actually studied the album covers The Grand Illusion and Cornerstone from Styx.  We felt there was some clues in the covers to the book of revelation. 

Basically how the band members were dressed etc.  Plus the lyrics in their music.  And low and behold someone wrote the Book Come Sail Away. about the coming events and Alien information.


This text is largely a Christian View, of the UFO/Bible but quite interesting. 

Styx come sail away

We used to think we were crazy.  So your not alone in your feelings.  My sister moved away from studying, but I kept up the research.  This book actually brought it all together for me. 

Then I heard Marshall on Coast To Coast several years ago.  And I've been with him since.  So here we are.  At the Threshold of what is about to happen.  I have faith that God will see my family and I through this.  I have faith in my savior as a Christian. 

So if for some reason I don't make it through at least I will be with my Lord and we will be returning one day to the New Heaven and the New Earth.

Hi Ed and Lori,

1) I recently found material by Dolores Cannon in Youtube that is relevant.  She has also written several books.  Two titles:  "The Guardians" and "The Convoluted Universe".  I have not read those books yet, but I have requested an Interlibrary loan of one of them.  The reviews of her material that I have seen are all favorable but superficial.

2)  I started a topic "The Big Picture" also last May that might interest you.

I cannot find part 2. Did it drop off somewhere?

Hi Jim,
Very good writeup Jim. Speaking only for myself, disbelief in multidimensional beings is a natural state of mind. Thought
provoking ideas are just ideas and mental gymnastics UNTIL a multidimensional beings pops in and says Hello. I am not
dissing your write up one iota as I have thought of and read numerious books of such ideas. We just do not know for
certain what is out there; be it aliens or multidimensional entities.

Here is a couple of websites. One is a book called 'Flatland' and was written around 1884. Someone wrote a book
visualizing what a higher dimensional entity would look like if it appeared in 'its' world.

The other is a Search list produced when I typed in '3 dimensional being in a 2 dimensional world'. By extension, one could
search for a 4 dimensional being in a 3 dimensional world to get more results.

Anyway, I did enjoy your much worked on writeup and don't feel like the lone ranger in trying to figure all this stuff out !
Oh, I just reached an interesting part in the The Secret Doctrine of the Kabbalah that you may enjoy as you apparently have
read some Quantum physics material.
The secret doctrine of the Kabbalah of part 4 chapter 9. [deals with quantum physics and how it brings together the
Macro Cosmic Theory with the Micro Quantum World Theory.]

     9. A Synthesis of Sacred Science and Secular Science
         The Matrix Model
         The Hadron Model         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hadron
         The Hadron-Field Model
         The Lepton Model         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lepton
         The Atomic Model
         Concluding Comments
         Epilogue on Probability
And I have to tell ya; the marriage of Spirtuality and the Quantum physics world scenario gets really really deep into the rabbit
hole lol...... If one was in a 5 mile diameter hole and standing on a ledge looking up, the opening would look like a pinpoint of light.......
[ standing on a ledge in the rabbit hole because the bottom is infinite. :)  ]  Regards, David

[ extra ]
Excluding the 'time' dimension; if we put our 3rd dimensional finger through a 2 dimensional world; what would the 2 dimensional
entitiy see ? Some say it would look like a MRI or CAT scan of one single image of our finger. An atomic-wide thickness of a slice
of our finger. In reality a complete finger EXIST; but a 2 dimensional entity would only see the slice, never knowing what else
existed.... See, deep rabbit hole indeed........................

Ed Douglas:
I don't believe in a two dimensional universe or dimension. If it is true, then a one dimensional universe must exist also.   ed


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