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That makes sense.....

Ed Douglas:
From another angle;  (BTW, ( is no longer there.

36. Remote Viewing. On the Internet, there is a website called "", and in the FAQ section, we find the following:

"Why do you assert that time is ending?"

Actually what is ending is the perception that time is "linear and absolute". In fact time exists many forms,        none of them real except in the subjective sense.                             

At the end of the present cycle, humanity will learn to keep cosmic time, galactic time, and quantum time, as well as to gain a more sophisticated understanding of solar time


--- Quote ---So, if a remote viewer in 1997 cannot see beyond 2012 it is to a large degree because the world(s) beyond 2012 have not been conceived of yet, or we are just perceiving/creating them now
--- End quote ---

Ed Douglas:
That is exactly the point, Linda! It isn't supposed to make sense. Truthfully, I haven't tried to "view" past 2012. I haven't viewed in the temporal area as far as I intended. I have viewed places and things. Let's just say that there are places that sometimes, you don't want to return to. I never intentionally tried to view the future, myself. For one thing, I don't think I am very good at viewing, yet.

Thanks Ed,
How long have you been remote viewing, and have you been formally trained, or self taught? I have seen training video's on the web, but they are generally expensive and I just don't know enough about the subject to determine if it's a rip off or not. But it does interest me.



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