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Author Topic: The American Parasite: A video worth watching!! (CANDIDA) take probiotics  (Read 13509 times)


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When I first started watching this video I thought it was probably about nematode infestations in the skin and body or other parasites... It is about candida which I know something about.
In the past I spent  money on special handlings to get rid of candida. Since then I have let things slide. Aside from good Greek yogurt I have not been getting any probiotics.

Now, at the risk of being accused of plugging a particular brand, I am posting this link to the video for Keybiotics probiotics formula. Looks really good to me!
If this helps people rebuild their health that is the most important thing. Lord knows, we need to strengthen ourselves to survive all the earth changes and also the stresses of modern living and the tampered with food supplies.

Keybiotics research showed a formula has to have 14 strains of friendly bacteria. Also - not all formulas can survive the digestive enzymes!!
This brand is claiming to do this.
Also this product helps a person not have to worry so very much about what is eaten.
The probiotics balance out the bacteria in the gut which is one main necessity for health. Health is rebuilt!
- Yowbarb

This video is from keybiotics. 
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