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Romance or Reality?


It dawned on Danyl and me that many people (especially city-folk) may be thinking of survival in romantic terms, rather than the day-to-day realities of the "simple" life.   Cooking on a woodstove is wonderful, but it takes cutting wood, chopping it into kindling/small pieces to fit, constantly keeping in mind that the fire box may need to be stuffed, turning baking goods to heat evenly and on and on.   The simple life is a beautiful, fulfilling, peaceful way to live.  It's also a spartan way, and not physically easy.

So we are holding an event at our community in New Mexico in October (Columbus Day Weekend) ...sort of a dude ranch for survival newbies!  Hope to see some of you there!

Details at

 :)That is so cool!  And it is downright brilliant and far-thinking.
Every fall, when I get canning, which is anything but romantic, or when I go out in the Fall, and forage wild mushrooms, and make tinctures, it feels like it  is hard work.  Next time you want to make a tincture from St. John's Wort (, in which one has to collect 250gms of these lovely yellow flowers, it will take you HOURS of collecting to get enough of the light-weight yellow flowers, to make a lovely red tincture.  In fact, while collecting the yellow flowers, your  fingertips will turn red.
And how romantic is it to collect your own hemp/linen/cotton, clean it , spin it, weave it and sew it into a shirt?  How romantic is it to kill and gut properly a squirrel?  (By the way, I have a copy of THE JOY OF COOKING, with pictures as to how one does this).
I would love to come to N.M. to learn survival techniques, but I am too far away.  I am looking in the area where I live.  I think this is a great idea.  I tried once to start a fire using the friction method, like Tom Hanks in that movie, Cast Away.  After a while I gave up, but imagine not having that option!  Scares the you-know-what out of me.
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