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We have already got some bows.  I would prefer the cross bow, cause
the bow and arrows will take a long time to build up the strenght to
use it.  I prefer rifles and guns though, but with hunting season, the
prices are very high.  But with the bow and cross bows, my brother
and I have talked about getting the teens ready, and if we make it
"fun" for them, like competition between the boys and girls (he has 2
of each) we can basically train them without them knowing it.  Guns
are intimadating for them.  The teens think we are just crazy talking
about the future as we do now.  We used to talk about what college
they will be going to and that type of thing, but not any more..... 
Just some more of my thoughts, and wondering what others have to
say about this.

Great idea Donna. That is my choice also as guns are illegal here, at least for the good guys... LOL

Frisky Robert:
Bows offer an advantage in that they are a lot quieter.  Gun shots can be heard a long way.  It might be best to keep our location stealth. However, if your in a defensive situation that only warrents a gun, use it.   A .22 is not that loud compared to most other calibers. Even deer or bear can be taken down with a head shot using a .22, my father used to do it all the time.

I grew up in a family of country poachers. We learned how to get big game and avoid getting caught, sometimes with close calls! The old saying is true, never shoot twice. The sound of the 1st shot gets their attention, the second shot zeros in on your location because they are listening more carefully.
After all those years poaching and with "them" trying to catch us, we never got caught. Once, my brothers took a deer in the middle of a police stake out and got away. Good skills to have for a survival situation.

Actually, I went to the local Trade Day (flea market - swap meet) today.  I was surprised at how easy it was to find weapons.  There was an older man who showed me and my brother a pistol, shot gun, and something else.  Of course he did not have them in plan sight but with a few questions he was willing to sell to us.  But he definatley wanted too much.  I guess due to hunting season.  We did buy a cross bow with a crank.  We will start practicing. 

We also bought a couple more hunting knives.  My brother thinks we have time, and he didn't want to put out that money yet....  Time is running out.  He tells me to slow down, but I just can not... 

I went to Lowes and did buy some more things, like 5 gallon buckets with lids to start storing foods.  They have an airtight seal, and I understand if I use some dry ice it will get ALL of the air out. 

I also got somet other things like duct tape and wind up flash lights and weather radio, ect.  I just can not sit around and wait til the last minute.  I was pricing wood burning stoves too. OMG.....  Just think how much they will cost in a few months.......

I think that I have to do more and more quickly.  Tomorrow I am going to go to another Trade Day and see what else I can find.  I am checking classified too, which I have never done before..

I have an URGENCY but my brother is telling me to slow down.  All I can say is when things start getting bad sooner than he thinks he will thank me that is for sure.


Donna, you are doing fine, just follow your instincts and all will be ok. Make sure you have plenty of duct tape also to seal windows and doors against things.


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