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Author Topic: eBAY Auctions, Land, Domes, Shelters, Construction, Tools & Other Supplies  (Read 9838 times)


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Re: eBAY Auctions, Land, Domes, Shelters, Construction, Tools & Other Supplies
« Reply #30 on: November 13, 2019, 06:17:23 PM »
From the ad, a seller-financed mortgage may be available, which is rare and could really be helpful to anyone unable to raise a substantial down-payment.

Good point, RR. I am not an expert on these things, but I do know I have been looking at ebay ads for years now and I see a lot of owner financed and low down payment and low monthly payments on ebay...
auctions sort of stressful but if a person has a few hundred or thousand, halfway decent credit and a way to pay up fast, an auction may be one way to get that survival land.   :)
We were young when we bought our farm (I was in my 20's) and the farmer sold us the farm based on his "carrying the note".  We dutifully mailed our check each month for years and were fairly certain by things the farmer/seller said that he figured we would default, and then he could resell.  But eventually it was ours and we haven't regretted it one minute.

Fortunately he was honest because the contract didn't have any "catches" or "glitches", but nowadays I would think it would be wise to at least run it by a lawyer if it's written out by the seller and the buyer is a greenhorn (as we were).  It's a great way to buy real estate if you are lucky enough to find a willing seller.


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