Bartering List For Aftertimes

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List for Aftertimes Bartering Items.
Medical supplies, food, batteries, booze, tarps, rope will all be good items to have extras of. How about some more ideas for a bartering list for the aftertimes.

Will get back to this later,, about my work time. The best items for barter, will depend on your location. Mountains, country or rural areas, small town, or big city. And depends on if it's a world shaking disaster, a  full blown crash, or in present times.
Different people have different needs and wants.
At any time or place, people love fresh veggies,,,, have a large garden,,,

Getting back to this.. took off work early cause I hate my job,,,
As I mentioned, different people have different needs, depending on the situation.
When a disaster is looming on the horizon, people tend to buy survival items, tho unless a disaster has already happened, such items can be bought in stores.  But since we are here, and planning on the aftermath of a disaster, I guess thoughts will lean that way.
A country person probably has several kerosene lamps, so they may need kerosene, where as a city person may not. A city person may be interested more in candles and batteries for a flashlight.
A country person may need seeds for a garden, and a city person may want the veggies without the garden.
A country person may need hoes, axes, picks, canning jars and lids. A city person will probably want gas to get to the country.
A country person may want hunting ammo, and a city person may want handgun ammo.
In the aftermath of a disaster, like a solar storm, people will run out of everyday items, or in the case of PX, people may have very little to nothing, so the basic necessities will be on the top of their list.
Food will always be number one, along with water. This may be seeds to some, or actual food to others.
A way to cook food will be needed by those who have nothing.
Tents for shelter are always a good item, along with tarps as Susan mentioned. Blankets, sleeping bags, mats makes cold weather a bit more bearable.
Medicine is always good for barter in disasters. With all of the diseases that will abound, antibiotics will be very valuable.
Antacids, aspirin, or Tylenol for people who can't take aspirin, will be in great demand.
If your in an area where militia type people are,  surplus military gear, ammo for AKs, ARs, 45 and 9mm ammo will be great to have.
Knowledge,,, have lots of survival and how to books, Not for sale, but to have answers on survival and how to questions.
This will keep people coming back, and hopefully do more business. Or trade your knowledge for items.
This isn't a list of items to have, just a note to plan your bartering on the type of people you plan to be around, and the area you are going to be in.
Hope this helps someone in their planning.

Needles and threads, multiple uses for them, extra lighters/matches

One thing I have never saw mentioned anywhere, is water containers. These will be a must have item.
Start saving your 1 and  2 liter soda bottles... after using the soda, these will be "free" so to speak, and will make great barter items. Make some homemade shoulder straps to carry them with (or buy some made for this purpose),or barter as is.
I know there are a lot of these around, but how many thirsty people during Katrina or other disasters had water containers? Other than the water bottles the government was handing out that is...


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