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Author Topic: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy  (Read 43096 times)


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Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« on: December 27, 2009, 01:31:52 AM »
There are 20 sacred days with 5 days of each element. Air, Water, Fire, Earth.

Torch was the guy in the Fantastic Four that could fire everything up.

Days of Fire....Day 3 is Aj.
 The five days of Fire are as follows...Aj, Noj, Imox, Kan, and Toj.
Fire transmutes. Material goes into the fire one way and comes out another. Fire causes action. It is fuel for the purpose of driving the wheels of the chariot. The chariot is for the purpose of the production and delivery of Faithful Loyal Companions. Tzi. The final earth day # 20.
 The 3rd day of the first quadrant, Air, is Aj.
The 3rd day is Aj. Reed.
The Reeds that grow in water. Staff of Power. Reed people are Governors or diplomats.
They can bring communities to nations. The Mayan prophecy involving the certain cane or reed
that does not flower; "When the plant blossoms with a flower, earth changes are near".
They have a personal commitment to creator. They see clearly.
Some have jobs as teachers, clairvoyants, or teaching mid-wives.
They may have clairvoyance or telepathy.They may also have sacred knowledge of sex and birth control.
Reed energy is organizational energy right from creator.

Ceremony: We need agriculture. Ask for no pests on the food plants. Find balance and ask that life is not so hard.
Plants, roots and mineral water in ceremony on this day will heal.

Body parts: Spine

Energy from: Beach, warm forest. Reed cures communal problems.

Negative: unorganized, disorderly, have failures.

The red-wing black bird makes it's home in the reeds. Aj is a Fire day in an Air quadrant. All things in nature are symbolic.

How often is it heard, that a leader says,"I need to light a Fire under their ass!" ?
How about, Where is your spine ?

The Reed is the symbol for this day due to it's extraordinary structure. It is planted in the earth, rises through the water, and blooms in the air. This is also the case of the Lotus, so the comparison is there. (More on that in Lotus Decan) It also is flexible so as to not break when the wind is blowing chaos across the landscape. The prophecy involves a certain reed that grows in Guatemala.

This is the day that the staff of power is given to man. We are set here in mortal bodies and are held responsible for own rule. The energy is designed to be fire as this transmutes. Ever progressing forward is the key. As time changes, so too must the material Law and it is our duty to lead the people with this in mind. Keeping the proper changes in place with correct timing is important. Transmutation of knowledge to communal action. Action is fire.

There is a personal commitment to Creator as a leader on this planet. Whether it is a small village or a strong nation, it may even be your own family. The clear sight is the gift and this means they may be clairvoyant. This commitment should be taken very seriously and most leaders must take oaths as well as ceremony before officially taking charge. It has always been this way.

Leaders born on this day should understand sacred sex and birth control as it is critical to the survival or well-being of the species. Many times in the past, sex has been the downfall of great communities. Too much or too little is not the point. The point is knowledge with applied discipline. Times change and rules must change with them. Always sex must be kept sacred. Life is sacred.

On the day of Aj, many people notice that they feel like organizing. After weeks of procrastination, they finally balance their check book or talk to their neighbor about the fence being planned. On the American Tax schedule, watch what happens when Aj falls on a wednesday or a friday. People do not have to know the sacred calendar to feel the organizational energy, but it is a good idea to know so everybody understands what is important on that day.

Just because a person is born on Aj does not mean they are a leader. Leaders should be trained from very young age and selected by a communities group of Elders. This way they are taught to properly treat the people as well as respect the sacred ways. Many of todays modern problems would be avoided if this were the case. There is a lot of work to do for humanity to straighten out this problem. Pay attention to the day of Aj. It is not a free pass.

3 Examples......

Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809
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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2009, 07:23:00 AM »
Peace David!

Thank you for the information..I checked out the Artstrology website--- awesome site ^_^
very intriguing!

I look forward to more of your posts



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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2010, 04:55:28 AM »
Regarding the Haiti Earthquake...

Earth movements in the first 2 weeks of January have been well documented in the last few years.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that there was a large earthquake during this time.

It occurred on the day of 9/ Kame, which translates.. Highest Feminine Authority/ Death or Transformation.

Decan of Archer...Week of Tijax...Uinal of Movement Forward.

The last week of Tijax (260 days ago) was the occurrence of the event "Return of the Ancestors". During that week, there was a struggle between monetary interest and ancient knowledge. The tension between those who saw money, and those who saw peaceful opportunity was obvious.

The price of attending the event was approx $800. This did not include anything other than admission to gatherings that had to be learned about by word of mouth. The schedule changed each day and the locations too. Also, no cameras were allowed by participants. Usually this is standard procedure as photography is not allowed during any Indigenous ceremony. However it was allowed to a non-indigneous group who had bought exclusive rights to film the event. This created an interesting process.

The wind blew strongly in the desert for 5 days straight before subsiding on the day of 8/ Kan. During the beginning days outdoor ceremony was bombarded with sand and wind that caused many to vacate and the ones who remained could barely keep the eyes protected from the blowing sand.

The end result was that the "gathering" did not go to the Hopi reservation. In fact, reservation police were in place to make sure that the organizers did not attempt this.

Why do you suppose this would be the stance of the Hopi ?

When viewing television shows regarding the Maya, how many Mayan Elders do you see ? There are hundreds of Elders who know the calendar quite well.

When they show the pictures of the calendars , who are the Elders that speak regarding it ?

Why have they not spoken about the days ?

By the way... the "worlds tallest building in Dubai" was opened officially in "ceremony" on the day of 1/ Tijax of this 13 day week. January 4, 2010. Tijax is an earth day in a water quadrant and Capricorn is the "Cardinal Earth" sun-sign.

That was precisely one day after the Mayan birthday of the man who engineered the steel structure.

It looks like a church steeple. What does this type of structure do ? What is the point of building it ?

Are pyramids built where they are because of the stability of the earth beneath them ? Or is the Earth beneath them stable because the pyramids are there ?

Those who have been keeping up, know what has transpired in the Dubai region recently. Make the connection.

It seems to me that the terrorists would target that, rather than Detroit. Is Dubai more secure than the United States ?


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #4 on: June 30, 2011, 06:25:17 AM »
Turtles exposing the intention.

Yesterday was the day of 9 Kawoq. The turtle is the symbol of sacred expression. Observe a picture of the face of an eagle and the face of a sea turtle. Same.

The "air" is the mode and element of the day of Kawoq , so the Turtles overran the air-port at JFK.

So ok, big deal, it happens every year.  Yes, but which ones are broadcast ?

Back in July of 2009 it happened , and that day was also Kawoq.

Kawoq is an air day in the water quadrant. It is the only air day in the water quadrant.

Tzi'kin is an air day in the Air quadrant. It was written on this site long ago when the day of 8 Aj came and the eagle smashed through the windshield of the tractor trailer in Utah and lived. It stopped the truck, kicked both men out and even held off a policeman until the wildlife guys came. Consider the speed of the trucks on the roads of Utah.

Observation of the day, will reveal much.

The days have been counted since before the Ishango bone.
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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #5 on: July 25, 2011, 08:14:06 AM »
Mayan prophecy agrees with the prophecy of No-eyes.

The protections are lifted during a time and mankind must learn to be responsible as well as spiritually sovereign.

The events of the past few days indicate the removal of negative consciousnesses.

The removal of "things" that are invisible many times show up in visible things. When someone who does not want to leave, is forced to leave, they take their last shot. This is a pervasive theme in many stories and movies from all cultures.

The time of this removal is and was completely predictable and occurrs with regularity.

Study the day of Kat. 8 Kat in particular.

The numerous extravagant crop circles today July 25, are sufficient comformation.

Things will get better and better, To observe the process in story form there is a movie on Netflix called "Older Than America".  It's always about forgiveness, but forgiveness does not mean letting the bully continue clubbing the helpless.

As things progress, that which is oldest will supercede that which is younger (knowledge-wise) ...People-wise,.. The younger people will supercede the older.

Love is the absence of Fear.


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #6 on: August 11, 2011, 01:28:36 PM »
I was reviewing some old posts & started to plug dates into the astrology date checker.

I posted with today's date .... I also plugged in my birth date of June 17th 1956 & about fell out of my chair to find that I was born on a turtle day  :o

Just for fun : plug in some of these dates that have been prognosticated with Elenin etc.

The plot thickens  8)


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #7 on: August 11, 2011, 08:30:41 PM »
Although I have no idea what any of you are talking about on this post, I too looked up my birthday with the previous post's link and I was astonished about how it said I was a "wolf of the mountains" and how mountains were mentioned a number of times about my BD.  I've known since I was a kid that I get sorta recharged from being in mountains.  Other stuff it said about me was also spot on.  Very interesting.


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #8 on: August 18, 2011, 08:31:23 PM »
To know what day it is, is to understand position.

Today is Friday, not thursday. Friday is Venus. Thursday is Jupiter.

It is Toj. 7/ Toj.

Tomorrow is 8 Tzi. Week of Aq'ab'al.

We use Monday to say, day of the moon.

We use Tuesday to say, Day of Mars.

The animal names of the days are english words to describe the animals of the days , but the animals themselves are not descriptors, but symbolic representations of the days. They have attributes that "remind" people of the personality of the days.

To say, Monkey, is to say the word that is the english word for the animal that symbolically represents Batz. It is much more correct to say Batz, no matter what language one speaks. Words have vibration.

Tzi, for instance, is represented by the wolf, or the dog. It is also the same sound as the last letter of the alphabet.

Tzi is the last day. Physical and spiritual law, determine, faithful loyal companion.
Represented here on earth as a dog. Once one is confirmed or is, then wolf is more appropriate. Guardian of the mountains. Heavy title. The last day is more important than the first.

The twenty days are very pervasive. If one follows them, the illusion dissolves, and the discovery of the inclinations of the heart are revealed.

The animals do it by nature.

20 days, 6 billion people. 6 Billion variations.

The days are heavily, specifically, intentionally, and very precisely infused in the bible as well.

To teach the proper year.


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #9 on: August 19, 2011, 05:22:41 PM »
The "west memphis three" were freed today.
Today is 8/ Tzi.

The day of the crime was May 5, 1993. That day was 10/ Tzi.

Tzi is a good day for justice. Justice is non-attainable without injustice.

The week of release is Aqabal. House.

The week of conviction is Imox. Crocodile or water. Imox is a fire day in the Fire quadrant. On this day, emotional instability can cause problems in the family. Howard Hughes was born on the day of Imox, and while he was very productive early on, his later life was mired in seclusion and alcoholism. Another trait of Imox is an energy that is capable of producing believability.  Regardless of truth, a memory stated or rumor relayed can have more believability during strong Imox energies.

This type of memory implant can be so strong that even 18 years will still find the defiant denial of the accusers. They know the men are innocent, but will not relent with a not-guilty verdict. Stern denial of this nature is common when dealing with improper rumors or "created memories" containing Imox energies.

I have personally tested this with actual people and it can be a real eye opener. This is a clear example. The value of these examples are such that it provides much substance when varifying the days and weeks.

Friday is venus. venus is value. Saturday is Saturn which is Law. Thus, also another reason for continued calibration, Today is known as Friday, but there is much to support that it would most properly called Saturday. Probably got changed during a time of Imox.

What day it is, could be considered the most widespread dogmatic belief on the planet.
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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #10 on: August 20, 2011, 03:07:58 PM »

This is not a type of prophecy. It is a calendar. It will do more to disprove prophecy than to fulfill it. Prophecy is the aspect of humanity that is vulnerable to interpretation of the events destined to happen in the future. Calendars are not vulnerable to interpretation if used for calibration instead of divination.

But, to answer your question of what December 21, 2012 means...

4 Ajpu week of Noj, decan of Rope. It is a Saturday, not a Friday.
Day of Stability of physical time, week of intelligence, decan of Rope.

It is the middle of a week on the day of the winter solstice. It is the second year of a new set of 49 year jubilee set.

It is the second year of a new age in the first decan of aquarius. The end of the age of industrial revolution, and the beginning of the age of cleaning. A 750 year period of cleaning.

It is in a period of a waxing moon. Just another day really. It's in the middle of a bunch of cycles.

However, there is good reason to believe, that the date was put forth as the end of the world for harmful reasons. Mostly money and intention. It is most certainly not the end of any cycle of time I can find anywhere, including the Mayan calendar.

In the winter, the air thins and it is a good time for spiritual communication,  so this happens every year at this time. 2012 is a time of vulnerability for people who have no idea what the rules are for spiritual communication and how it effects every day people who have no idea where the ideas come from. Therefore a time of great opportunity and vulnerability. Gullible virgins are taken to the shed willingly.

Ajpu is a overprotective energy at times. It is subtle. It is cunning. At times.


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #11 on: August 21, 2011, 07:45:41 AM »
This article was posted recently from Reuters.


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #12 on: August 23, 2011, 05:36:47 AM »
The calendars are an easy way to watch the "inner" money fight going on.

The real fight is brewing behind the scenes, but shows itself with firings, whistleblowers, and the price of gold, among other things.

This time of year, going into Virgo, is a time of financial reckoning. It culminates each year in step with the change of seasons, during october.

In the year of Jubilee, several hands of the clocks line up to produce exactly what is happening. The second decan of Virgo is Quill, and it is a male decan ruled by Saturn. This is when the money is counted. Afterward, the last part of Virgo, is when the priorities are decided. Then the weighing of the decisions to see what to do with the rest, comes in the first part of Libra. From October 2 and on, is the decision and the fight to enforce.

Forgiveness, is one element of the year of Jubilee, and the week of forgiveness, (a 13 day time period) comes in Virgo running through Quill. To amplify this, the new moon will ocurr during the week of Ajmaq (forgiveness).  Much depends on the decisions made during this time. The week of Iq, which is wind and movement, will ocurr during the last part of September. This has the overall effect of forgivenes and movement during the time of accounting. The greed, will not go smoothly here, as it is the same as swimming upstream against the current of the river of time.

The sun, moon and venus are all in Quill during August 29 on the new moon. Mercury will be direct and zipping with purpose through Bear decan. This is the communication of the fight. Bear fights everyone. The three planets in Virgo also are in opposition to Neptune, on the cusp of Pisces. Cleaning the water of this planet, would be a good decision by people with money or authority. Sun, moon, and Venus in Virgo form a triangular energy with Neptune, and Pluto in Capricorn.

This is the culminating time of the Saturn return for the US. When the country was born, Pluto was in the first decan of Capricorn, and Saturn was in second decan of Libra. There will be corrections. If the right decisions are made to clean up, the corrections will be slight, but if the greed overtakes the minds in authority, then there will be very visible responses from the universe.

Look for the major fight to ensue, starting on the 29th of August. By the full moon on the 12th of September, things may be more visible. Much positioning is visible now. Some of it, is rats fighting rats, and some of it, is quite benevolent. The upper hand is in the midst of changing, and the victor will be those who are willing to clean the planet.

This time is loudly proclaiming, clear debt, go home to your families and free men from oppression.  But certainly Clean the Planet. It starts with cleaning the air and water.

The full moon on Sept, 12th is in the week of Toj on the day of 6 Ix. Flow of Earth Mother. Day of woman, and day of the animals. Toj is ceremony.


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #13 on: September 28, 2011, 09:03:02 PM »


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