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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #60 on: February 29, 2012, 12:48:39 AM »
 Here is an example of commonality.
 The ninth day is Kawoq (sometimes spelled differently). In the I-Ching it is the 9th hexagram and in the bible it is the character Moses. In Greek mythology, it is Pandora and Ceres. It is related to Scorpio, specifically the decan of Tower.

 It is somewhat typified in a woman named Annie Edson Taylor. She was the first person to go over Niagra Falls in a barrel. She did this in a wooden barrel.

This brave or crazy lady, did this on her 63rd birthday. The day was in Dolphin decan which is Aphrodite, and is positioned adjacent to Kawoq. So, here is a Dolphin decan born woman flopping over an extremely dangerous waterfall on the day of Kawoq in a wooden barrel, and walking away from it.

 The day she went over the falls, was the day of Kawoq. The day description specifically states, "survives rains and floods". So she did this at a precise time when the day of Kawoq aligned with the energy of Pandora. When they opened the barrel and she came out, she said, "no one ought ever do that again".

 From the book, "The Greek Gods" Evslin, Evslin & Hoopes ($1 dollar at garage sale) in the chapter regarding Pandoras birth, it states " Poseidon gave her a pearl necklace and promised she would never drown".

 The pearls typically represent wisdom in regard to water. Aphrodite and Pandora were born from the sea and the day of Kawoq and Scorpio in whole are in the water quadrant, with Scorpio specifically representing "fixed water" in western astrology. It is largely considered a female dominated sign.

 For a good visual it is the number 9 card in the major arcana of the rider-waite tarot. It shows a man, but more importantly it shows the lantern and the staff.

 In times long ago, people born on Kawoq were revered and societies were formed around their energy. In the Popul Vuh, (Dennis Tedlock) page 210,...And here are the Titles of the Lords who led the Cauecs, beginning with the first rank..
Keeper of the Mat. Keeper of the Reception House Mat. Keeper of Tohil. Keeper of the Plumed Serpent , and so on until all 9 are named.

 Then it says, These are the Lords who led the great houses beginning with the first lord ,..Lord Minister, Lord Crier To The People, Minister of the Reception House,.. and so on until all 9 are named.

 So this day is known for many things. Firstly, it is the sacred expression or vibrations in water, voice and verb (which is doing). They were the high priests and the Criers to the People.

 The Mat is a symbol of weaving. These are not mats for the feet. It is the weaving of the threads of beliefs into the consciousness of the people. This was taken very seriously in many cultures where ever you see woven mats being held in high regard.

 For Pandora, from the book, Athene taught her to spin.

 Hermes, gave her a beautiful golden box, which he told her, she must never, never, open. And then he gave her curiosity... Hermes is Mercury and the golden box is the voice of incredible penetration and cleanliness. It also was the sacred knowledge,..the pearls. Kawoq is a very convincing and spiritually clean energy.

 One of the asteroids that contributes to this day energy is the asteroid Ceres. It was discovered in 1901 on the day of 1 Kawoq. Ceres was the goddess of fruits and flowers. Ambato, Equador embodies this and you can play around with the dates on Wiki for that place.

 Anyway, the 9th hexagram
"(We see) dense clouds, but no rain coming "
1rst line...." its subject returning and pursuing his own course."
2nd line...."by the attraction (of the former line), returning (to the proper course). "
3rd line..."of a husband and wife looking on each other with averted eyes."
      back to the greek gods..."Aphrodite taught her how to look at a man without moving her eyes"

4th Line..." The danger of bloodshed is thereby averted"
5th ..."possessed of sincerity, and drawing others to unite with him."
 "Rich in resources, he employs his neighbours (in the same cause with himself)."
6th..."shows how the rain has fallen, " ";--(so) must we value the full accumulation of the virtue (represented by the upper trigram)."

 Now thats going to be kinda tough stuff if one is unfamiliar with the I-ching, but not so bad when it all comes together with the other pearls to form a necklace.

  When counting the verses and chapters in perfect alignment with the days and decans, we come to the bible where it says, And Moses went back and he and Aaron told the tribal elders all that had happened ...the verse where it says.

"And they believed" is the number and day of 13 Kawoq. Ascension of sacred positive expression.

 Technically speaking, to release this kind of knowledge into public, has been punishable in a severe way for millenia. Most priests would never release this if they had it. This is not because it is to be hidden, but because it is Pandoras box.

I see the bible being used for money and power everywhere and the knowledge that is in it completely disregarded. When this is all said and done, it will be said...."no one ought ever do that again"

 So, yes..Moses was born 7 Kawoq,..week of Aj (the reed of prophecy)..decan of Tower.
  Revelation of sacred positive expression, week of the reeds that grow in the water, Tower oversees and draws others to them.
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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #61 on: March 01, 2012, 04:36:00 PM »
Agreed!!!  Let the day come.... Really enjoy reading your posts.  Thanks for sharing this knowledge and information with us.


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #62 on: March 03, 2012, 06:58:28 AM »
Feb 21 is a new moon and the day of 12 Ajmaq in the week of Kan.

It is also the first full day of Pearl which has been long discussed as being the beginning of windy turbulence. Pisces is mutable water.

The Sun, Moon and Neptune will conjunct on that day and it will begin a time of Iq.

Iq is windy rapid movement. The week of Kan gives way to the week of Tijax, lightening. Look for the winds to kick up around Feb 27 or so. A deep inhale always preceeds a mighty gust. This means that people will feel it coming in the days leading up to it.

This energy can manifest in many ways. It could actually be physical storms, or it could be migratory movement, or it could be sudden shifts in consciousness indicated by rapid household movement, or global upheaval. It is a natural and necessary part of physical life. Air and wind shape the world in both the physical sense and the spiritual sense.

To gain wisdom during turmult, one must observe the actions of those in distress or rapid processes. The actions may not seem to match with previously closely held truths. What one does, speaks much louder than what one says. Iq is the time that forces actions to match words. Fighting is not peaceful change. Obscurity is not in line with policies of transparency. Killing is not justified economic policy. Wait to see who is attacking and who is acting out of self defense. Watch who grabs the loot in the shadows while speaking honesty in the light.

For the ob-servant, this time will bring obviousness of intentions into the light. For the blind followers, the edge of the cliff draws near and the lemmings consolidate direction in chaotic uniformity.

The solar year of 2012 actually begins March 20. Destiny is symbolized by teeth, and mankind has a few impacted molars.

""The Midwest and South were to get a reprieve from the menacing weather Thursday, ahead of another strong system expected Friday.""

 So the wind started on time and went until the day of 8 Kan, and it was printed in that there was a reprieve on that day which was thursday. This is the same progression of the wind as ocurred in 2008 during the week of Tijax in May of that year. This time, it was much more widespread and powerful because of the alignment in Pearl decan. So to predict this was actually quite simple and required very little astrological knowledge. The days and weeks are the key, and to understand the energies is simple if a person simply learns them by following them.

Observe the wispy waves behind the boat in pearl decan
 To get an idea of how our consciousness is influenced with incorrect information (intentional or not) look at the face of any clock. Why does it start at the top ?

 This makes no sense with nature. The sun rises in the east and the midday point is when we put the 1.

 It also has only 12 numbers when it should have 13. All life follows a 13 part wave of repetitive energetic influence. Thus we, never finish our day and it feels like it is unfinished. It seems simple but has a subtle effect that disturbs the natural flow of time.

 All things operate on a common principle of energetic structure and this is now being discovered at an alarming rate. The calendar of 13 numbers and 20 days is being discussed on other boards by scientists who are finding surprising synchronicities with amino acids, dna structure and many things.

 Here, we see an application that can save lives, Iq specifically states, "ask for protection from windy storms", and this is because to understand the energies of the days is universally applicable. It extends in all directions visible and invisible and permeates all things. During the week of Tijax, the number 5 falls on Iq. 5 is empowerment.

 To experience this wind on the day of Kej is indicative of a change in position of consciousness. The energies must move to compensate for the changing alignments of entry into the new age. Chatter and information release was all happening simultaneously with the wind. There were also universal subtle effects which can be noted and tracked over time to watch them manifest. We are not discovering this, but are "noticing" it. It has always been.

 The more people understand the energies and begin noticing them, then lives can be saved through wisdom. The information contained in the information could have a wonderful effect on medicine. Scientific and spiritual.

 When a person knows their position in the universe, they are not lost and feel more in alignment with the natural flows. When a person does not know the path or position, they become confused and frightened. Normally Kej is a day that is a calming and healing effect. But during the time of the balancing of polarities, (week of Tijax) it shifts to re-orientate position.

 People are becoming more connected by the invisible threads as they are energized in a new way. Cleaning and organizing is the energy of the age, and this will naturally accentuate or magnify the "100 monkey" effect.


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #63 on: March 06, 2012, 07:58:37 AM »
Today is 3 Ajpu, week of Tijax,..decan of Pearl.

 communication of time during the week of polarity balance during the solar week of retrieving pearls from the sea.

 Take the image of the zodiac of the dendera from the temple of hathor, and make that the base image in any program that allows layers of images to be mixed.

 Now, take the image of the Maya Chol'qij stone and make it semi-transparent.

 Layer the Maya image over the Dendera image so that the large arrows fit into the wedge between the crossed arms of the Falcon warriors.

 Make sure the dendera image is properly displayed and the Maya image is one of the original stone or at least as close to the original as possible.

 To properly display the dendera, there should be a dial with a falcon sitting on it located center bottom. Just to the left of the dial, there should be a bull laying down on a sled thingy.

 Note how the Falcon warriors now wear armor and decoration especially at the bottom.

  The Maya stone is approx. 12 feet across and a couple feet thick. It was originally buried by the catholic invaders and then when it was dug up, it was buried in a church wall. Then it was dug out of that and is now in the museum in Mexico city.

  The Dendera Zodiac is approx 15 feet square and was about 2 feet thick, and was originally the ceiling in a room in the temple of Hathor in Egypt. It is quite likely to be a copy that was carved and dedicated in 18 AD. Just after the napoleonic time, it was ripped out of the ceiling and dragged back to france. It took about 20 years to drag it there. It is now on display in the Louvre Museum in france.

 These two stones were made by the same peoples. So now the question becomes, ....chicken or the egg. and when chicken.

 Once that is done, examine the different pointers of the dendera. The pointer to the right of the main dial, is clearly pointing at the back foot of the decan of Ship, the second decan of Pisces. If each sunsign (3 decans) precession takes about 2,000 years, where does this put the pointer thingy ?  And what about the other pointer thingy on the other side up there by Leo ?  If there is an image of this calendar that shows the location of the specific decans and lists the order other than what is described here, it is false. This can be easily proven. The snake on the rock is the last decan of pisces. Of this you can be certain. Meaning that the man left of the main dial is the first decan of Aries. The dial is the spring equinox.

 If you are looking at the display of the symbols depicting the decans, then most of the copies of the dendera have a vast blank space just around Gemini. The third decan to be precise.

 This is located right under the lion faced guy with a reaping cycle in his hands between the 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock position. If that space is blank there, then it has been corrupted. The original rubbing that was taken before the stone was moved clearly had it on there.

 These are the only two stones known to be constructed this way, in the world.

 They are the calendars of earth. Man may have carved them with hands, but he did not create them alone.



Zeus, the lightening bolt, the Mother Goose leading a bull, second decan of Scorpio (Tower) and the week of Tijax ,...are the same energies with different names.

  The proverbial vision of Zeus on top of Mount Olympus (Tower) delivering his lightening bolt to rectify justice upon the hapless man.

 Zeus is Jupiter, Tower decan is ruled by Jupiter and Tijax is located at the 1:30 position of the sunstone. Tower decan is also located at the 1:30 position of the dendera stone and is symbolized by a goose in front of a bull. This symbolizes teaching with great energy. The origin of Mother Goose is this energy. In the Tarot (Torah) it is symbolized in the major arcana as the 8th position. 8 is the highest male authority and the image on the card is a woman closing the mouth of a Lion.

  Each 13 day week produces something. The energies flow and mix with our physical lives both visibly and invisibly. The winds were enormous and of a scale warranting names, so just after the day of 5 Iq (empowerment of wind) started a wind named "The Leap Day wind of 2012".

 Then, there was a respit on 8 Kan. Why did the wind stop on this day ? 8 again, is the highest male authority and Kan is the Kundalini Serpent and the day of spiritual and physical law. It is the day to ask permission for projects. This means, that when intervention is being asked for, the spiritual forces need to know that we are resolute and pure with our intentions before proceeding.

 I do not see the wind as some kind of punishment. It is a functional part of our matrix which comprises our elements and weather. It happens as part of the necessary changes and this has always been. To work with this energy, and to be careful what one asks for, is wisdom with working with the wind. But the masses are pleading for great changes and these can come about in a variety of ways.

 This particular event culminated in the wind stopping once again after the day of 10 Kej. This wind was named "The Early March wind of 2012"

 What happened right after that wind was the Archbishop of Ireland was aired on 60 minutes and another step forward in a great healing began.

 Listen to what he says and read everything thoroughly.
This "aired" on 11 Qanil , week of Tijax,..Decan of Ship. ( 11 is transmutation of knowledge, Qanil is the seed and the ying and yang, Tijax is the Flint or Lightening. Ship is the decan of Marching in unison and is ruled by the moon.;contentBody

 Now what kind of snakes were driven out of Ireland ? What is the Kundalini Serpent ?

 Now simply by studying a healthy mix of religious practices (not beliefs,..practices) one can come to simple solutions that small children are quite capable of.

 The guy says " when a priest does this to a child he is saying,..I control you"
When a person uses their fingers to touch another persons lips or to place something in their mouths, it says, "I control you" If you are a man, and you are out with your lady, and another man touches her lips, how does this make you feel ?

 If a man takes the body of your dead teacher and puts it on a stick and hangs it in front of your family and asks that you bow in front of it, what does this do to your spiritual soveriegnty ?

  If people say, "but this is different, he is god". Then one might ask," why do you put your god on a stick this way "? And if you take him down, why keep the stick ?

 Symbol ? This I understand. This symbol is the symbol for the wind.

The other place it is found is the tarot. Iq is the 12th day and the 12th card in the major arcana. check it is a man hanging on a stick.

 We can get to the rampant available examples of this symbol later. What is important here is the other attributes of the day of wind and how it relates to what has ocurred.

 Iq specifically states "Channel sex for Growth" must think about what this means.

 Now, there is no group of priests anywhere else on this planet who use the symbol of the stick this way. There are more children taken by the "stick priests" than all the other practices combined. This is an understatement.

This act of raping children is specifically done for the growth of the spirit of the priest and this cannot be denied. That it was exposed on 60 minutes the way it was on the day of  11 Qanil is no accident. Qanil is also a very sexual day, but it is the day for procreation, which is what the "stick priests" tell everyone else is the only reason to have sex.

 So, consciously or not, (most likely sheer ignorance) this is what is ocurring and it continues nearly unabated. The US should look very closely to the new rule in Ireland. No children allowed alone with the priests of the stick. They are a disease that have raped the children and poison the spirits of good people for too long.

 These practices and rituals do nothing for your health spiritually. The big houses and fancy robes, do nothing for you spiritually. In fact, you are giving more than the plate can hold.

 Many people have predicted that 2012 would be the end of the catholic religion and I most certainly hope so for our futures sake. It is the single healthiest thing we can do as a species at this time.

 When the Catholics came to Guatemala and saw that the people there did many things in alignment with the bible and they used the symbol of the stick, they burned everything and killed all the respected elders and the spiritual leaders of the entire country. Only a few escaped. This happened on every continent around the world until every last one was defeated and raped.

So, bravo to 60 minutes. Shame on the stick, much more is needed. Our senate will not even approach the church the way this guy did. We just had a senate hearing on the matter and they blamed a hockey coach.

The numbers are staggering, tens of thousands of children, not one here and one there.

 These are the ones who say, "I am a man of God" "This is a house of God" and then they take your gold and rape your children. There is simply too much proof. Only extreme denial can prevent the eyes from seeing this.

I hope I have offended no person. It is the practice that is being called out here, not the beliefs. Believe whatever you want, only do not rape the children and ask for people to hand over their own soveriegnty.

So this will continue, the people are slowly seeing it.
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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #64 on: March 23, 2012, 04:36:12 PM »
Let's talk about the day of Imox.

I personally call it the day of the successful lie.

It is the first fire day in the fire quadrant. It corresponds to the first decan of Virgo.

 These are the Vestal Virgins. They were kept in virginity and under lock and key under the romans.

The biggest lie in american history was the event of "The War of the Worlds" aired over the radio by Orson Welles.

Orson Welles was born on the day of 4 Imox.  Stability of Imox.
Orson Welles was born on 4 Imox,....May 16, 1915

The day of infamy was 2 Kawoq and has been explained earlier in this thread.

CBS is believed to have had to promise never again to use "we interrupt this program" for dramatic effect.
Just like Pandora's box in earlier posts on this thread. "no one ought ever do that again".

So, if anyone is keeping up and absorbing this stuff, beautiful.

There's this guy who most americans do not know.
He spent 34 years on death row in Japan and one should read his wiki page to see how he never knew which day he might die.

His trial began on 4 Imox.
March 23rd 1950 this man was subjected to a false trial which landed him on death row for 34 years before being vindicated.

That day was 4 Imox.

Now cut to the future and Trayvon Martin.

The crime took place on 4 Imox.
February 26, 2012 was the day of 4 Imox.

Zimmerman phoned police at the non-emergency number at approximately 7:00 p.m., February 26, 2012. to report Martin’s “suspicious” behavior, which he described as “just walking around looking about.”  The police dispatcher tape recorded him saying, "This guy looks like he is up to no good. He is on drugs or something." He further stated that the person he was observing had his hand in his waistband, was holding something in his other hand, and was walking around slowly in the rain looking at houses.

The dispatcher recommended that he not take any action, and informed him that police were on the way. Zimmerman reported that Martin had taken off. The dispatcher asked him if he was in pursuit and he affirmed that he was. The dispatcher informed him that pursuit was not necessary.

This has evolved into the fastest growing online petition in the history of the United States.

Imox is the chapter in the Bible in Genesis # 20 and Imox is the last week. This is the chapter where Abraham lies about Sarah and still gets to keep a bunch of cattle and other stuff.

 It is Hexagram # 11 in the I-Ching.

Geraldo Rivera is being blasted this day for insinuating that Trayvon had been wearing clothing that invited the attack. He was born in the week of Imox. The day of Kej in Imox is "potentially" someone who seeks a position even if it means they must lie. And it may be a successful lie.

Imox has a pass. It is the day of maternal breastmilk. This means that a person carrying this energy is automatically going to survive.

They can find water underground and they can survive almost anything. The earth magic is alive and well on this day.

For modern man, it is prudent however, to be most watchful for things or people that carry the energy of Imox and Ajpu. It is protection of survival and if it is used the wrong way, it can have negative effects that will be successful. We cannot judge the people who carry this energy unless we have made them fully aware of this fact. We cannot judge our law enforcement agencies unless we have made them fully aware of this fact.

Know the day, find the causality. Check the dates.

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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #65 on: May 10, 2012, 02:41:29 PM »
Archaeologists working at the Xultun ruins of the Mayan civilization have reported striking finds, including the oldest-known Mayan astronomical tables.


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #66 on: May 12, 2012, 07:50:40 PM »
  The Mayan calendars will take a long time to be understood by english cultures.

  More and more, they will "discover" that hundreds and thousands of dates appear in prophecy, all for various reasons.

  If a person wanted to track, when people would have the most food per person worldwide, that would be a calendrical work of art all to it's own.

 If a person wanted to track, when people would rise to a higher level of consciousness, it would be an isolated study displayed with various means.

 If a person wanted to track, world wide cataclysms, it would be an independent study and would not use a specific "day".

  If a person wanted to track, changes of the ages, it too would be a separate display and most likely not recognizable by english people.

 Then factor in, just because a person carves this or that, or paints this or that, qualifies as truth ?  What if 40 generations from now find the denver airport and label it American, it does not mean that the mural is representative of our cosmology.

 Check out a painting by Dali. Can we determine what is in his mind ? Any painter or song writer for that matter.

  Egyptology is still very poorly understood as everything is based on one decipher of the rosetta stone. They completely disregard the basic premise of the society and read what they want.

 The 260 day calendar is even less understood by academics in the monetary culture.

 It is like watching 4 year olds fumbling with a vcr remote.

 The concept is wholistic and spiritual, first and foremost. The concept does not place man ahead of all other life. This is very hard for modern man to see. The calendars are tracking the illusion of the material and how it manifests out of the invisible.

  Whatever you see on the history channel is bunk.

  There will be more like this coming,...probably even bigger and more revealing. The genocide was very effective at stopping many things, but much is preserved under the dirt and water of many places around the world. Even more is being delivered constantly. Truth cannot be stopped when it appears from the invisible.

Learn the 20 days and follow them and learn to recognize the energies. One day at a time.
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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #67 on: May 17, 2012, 01:41:50 PM »
 There is much ado about May 20th, and the pleaides (astronomers feel free to rename this star system as I must check the spelling every time I write it, a better name might be the seven sisters or "the places")

I would rather draw attention to May 22.

  This is the seventh day, the day of Kej. It's a little confusing because kej is actually the 17th day,..but most normally the seven is used when referencing the meaning of the number seven, which is revelation. Revelation is the revealing of divine truth. Tzi'kin which is the fifth day is also referred to as the seventh day at times, because it too is a day of revelation.

 What these two days have in common are that they are air days with strong earthy energies. Both Tzi'kin and Kej are located in areas where the decans are ruled by Saturn.

 The Christmas time is a great example. We feel calm and divinely inspired at that time. This is an astrological influence because it is easy to observe in non-christian culture.

 Kej is the same way. It is the day of walking with God, so-to-speak. 8 Kej is considered to be the best day for spiritual guides. This means , among other things, it is a good day for bonding with the divine energies.

 May 20th is 10 Kan, but 2 days later is 12 Kej. The complete understanding of the 4 corners of the universe, the four elements, and the four directions. because of the planetary positions at that time, it will be a great day to call in sick and take a solitary walk in nature to , have a talk with the divine. 12 Kej only occurs in the week of Ajmaq which is peace with Creator.

 This lines up very nicely with the paladieds star system. This is the third decan of Taurus which is Elephant. I will leave the negative side aside because this will be a positive influence on this day. The positive side of Elephant is somewhat magical and stable. People born during this time can appear in your life with sudden abundance or a seemingly magical means to the end of a problem. This energy is also the Ganesh of Hindu origin. So when you see that the Hindu honor Ganesh above all other animals, it is also the same with the Maya and the day of Kej.  Elephants have very long memory and honor their dead. This is why 12 Kej happens in Ajmaq, the week of the ancestors. Much contact to be expected.

Here is an article about the Elephant Whisperer and how the Elephants came back to honor his death.

The guy was born on 13 kawoq, ascension of sacred positive expression in the week of Elephant, Kej. In the Maya, kej is symbolized as the deer, probably because there are no Elephants in central america.

 Kej is a day which is in alignment with the peliadees. It is a stable healing influence. A calming energy that facilitates communion with the divine. This will be a wonderful day.

 The planets are such that Jupiter and Mercury are in conjunction on 12 Kej in Elephant, 25 degrees Taurus. The heart of the Elephant. This is the extraordinary power of spiritual communication from the pelaieades. During the week of Ajmaq heightens this muchly. This aligns the day of Kej with the solar energy of Elephant, Ganesh, and pleidieades. 7 sisters.

 The Sun will be in the first decan of Gemini which is Jewel. This too is communicative energy so power of thought and verb there.

 The moon will be in the second decan of Gemini which is Thread and is completely Mercurial energy. This is the mutable air energy of Gemini at it's peak. This will tend to have a soft and emotional communicative mode for speaking with the divine. The moon is the water and Ajmaq is the first water day of the water quadrant. big time connection between the two on 12 Kej.

 Venus, will be in 3rd decan Gemini, (retrograde)  Pheonix. The value of the heart and the will to see, what is to be important within the heart will be unstoppable. As the moon waxes and conjuncts with Venus, the week of Ajmaq will close out on 13 Qanil which is the center of Taurus and the plaeieadies. The rebirth from the ashes... because the next day , is the first day of the 13 day week of ceremonial fire,..Toj

  12 Kej is a tuesday, so if one must go to work, order a pizza to be delivered at 3 pm to bring peace to the workplace or something, anything. Bring a heartfelt calm and lower the tension. Being observant of what any person may say to you on that day could be significant. Being cautious with responses and kind to strangers will be good.

 It truly is the day to walk with your Creator and the ancestors. very personal. best done alone. even if it is 30 minutes out of your day.

 This 3 day period of 10 Kan to 13 Qanil initiates a summer long reflection of what is valued, spiritual, or , material. There is no right or wrong in this as each person is exactly on time.

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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #68 on: June 14, 2012, 04:42:22 AM »
  The concept of the Jubilee in societies has been in place for thousands of years. It is not necessarily mans law, as the concept of a debt free life, or the concept of a short life span for physical indebtedness, is a law of nature. It is simply not natural to pass debt to children or the interest payments of another mans debt onto children.

  Corrections like the jubilee are in place to ensure that the mess we are in now does not ever happen. It eliminates the ability of predatory lenders. It is unnatural predation.

  Even with 7 billion people, there is enough food and housing for everyone if we made it a priority.  I live here in a small farming community surrounded by acres and acres of beautiful rich topsoil. None of the farms are growing anything. The yearly payments from the govt are enough to cover the taxes, so the farmers keep the land, but do not work it.

  This has created a condition of organic top soil, regenerated and ready. The store in the middle of town sells tomatoes from california, which is 3000 miles away.

  The Jubilee can be ignored when it comes, but that is a bad idea. The current 260 day cycle is reaching completion in July, and the new cycle starts in Jackal. This next cycle will deliver enforcement to the Jubilee.

   The current cycle had other purposes. On the day of 1 Ix began a new era in the realm of the negativity that preys on children. Paterno was extracted the day previous and at this point the patriarchal echelon has been removed and is standing trial for all kinds of things. Imagine the emotional experience for those who trusted the kings of penn state.

  Pennsylvania seems to be a focal point. On one side, the entire penn state criminal org has been exposed, on the other, the first bishop of catholicism stands trial and the verdict should come any day now. In the center, the judge was removed and arrested for taking money and sending children needlessly to long detentions in privately owned state supervised prisons.

  The longer the concept of debt and the attack on children goes, the louder things will get.

  There is a better case for farmers to exist tax free than there is for "churches".

  There is a better case for free college tuition, than there is for war against countries for resources.

  There is a better case for Jubilee to be enforced, than there is for mandatory insurance and mandatory second rate elementary education , the contents of which are dictated under threat of removal of the children from their homes or prison.

  The lion and the water buffalo have existed side by side for millenia, because the lions do not waste anything, and do not take more than necessary.

  With the next cycle starting in Jackal, the scales will be brought out and the weighing of things will commence. There will be no argument. There may be whining and complaining, but it will fall on deaf ears.

  The Sandusky trial, looks to complete right around the end of the current cycle. His denial is a stark reminder that some people just simply cannot get past that phase of spiritual growth.

  Watch for the decision to be rendered in early October, and the enforcement of the Jubilee to commence. If you have established rapport with people in your community, then it would be well advised to stay put. Involvement in community council would also be wise as the pillars of flimsy cards tumble, even the local politicians will be open to suggestions and certainly the greedy rooted out with overwhelming support.

  This coming week of Tzi'kin, also begins a new moon. The uinal of understanding is in the cardinal water of cancer and the approach can be thunderous. Look to 11 Kan for permission for projects.


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #69 on: June 21, 2012, 07:28:28 AM »
Exactly six months until 12-21-2012...  Just saying...
You have to let it all go Neo.  Fear, doubt, and disbelief...  Free your mind.


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #70 on: June 22, 2012, 08:50:28 AM »
Just sayin,... is my favorite new sayin. It is simple and expressive without cause or reason. It is emphatic and yet suggestively provides a humble singular viewpoint without being offensive.  I love it.  Just sayin.

 but when I hear the date ,Dec 21 2012, all that rings in my head is the beatle song, O-Bla-De-Bla-Da , la la la la, life goes on.....

  I have read the Terrence Mckenna material, studied the I-Ching, and not surprisingly, he came up with many other dates using the same system but with other intentions.

  The news around the grape vine is that yet another group of people have refigured the Mayan calendar to end in 2208. And that this corrolates to the information on the Dendera Zodiac.

  I maintain that the Jubilee and the start of the new age has come and gone. Listening to the defenders of the Oct 28 2011 date , fumbling in their interviews post Oct 28, .. was painful and joyful at the same time.

  The base of the construct of time that is used in modern society has been specially designed to disrupt natural rythym. All the days are hidden in another language. Latin is used in the money and the months are named after dead emperors who were declared Gods.

   A universal time construct based in rythmic pulsations cannot be rectified with a system designed to disrupt it.

  The entire notion that the Mayan calendar ends on Dec 21, 2012, is at best based on preconceived notions without any regard whatsoever, on the driver at the core of the system itself. The 20 days.

   Psychology was basically founded upon the 36 archetypes of Carl Jung which he explained came from connection from the divine and the use of Hindu astrology. Society then took the concept of inventing psychosis and turned it into a 400 billion per year industry. The core astrological knowledge was discarded.

   The same thing is ocurring with the Mayan calendar.  The core information is discarded and only a single date is focused upon. This has perpetrated and perpetuated a useful repetitive tool that has been around for ages and ages. Oddly enough, I noted in one Mayan text that despite their Jubilee being every 52 years, that it was noted that every 49 years, a fear of the end of the world simply permeated society without being induced.

   The US has been in this state continuously for at least 150 years,.. every so often picking another date just into the future, conveniently within a generation.

   The product is always the same...

   The date of 4 Ajpu, week of Noj, decan of Rope indicates nothing that would lend itself to massive changes in anything, in fact, it is to the contrary, a calming blend of security, intelligence, and male bonding.

  When the date comes and goes, the folks might take a keener interest in finding out this whole time business for themselves. Just from the little bit I know from spending every dime and waking moment studying this, I can safely say, there is not one book printed on the subject worth a dollar at a garage sale.

 I sure hope this counterproductive prognostication of "dates" will take it's final blow on that day.

 Just sayin,


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #71 on: June 22, 2012, 09:18:33 PM »
 Today was 4 Tijax, week of Tzi'kin,...decan of Boar.

 June 22nd, Friday.    (side note: what's a Fri ?)

  Both Sandusky and the high ranking "representative of the catholic church" were brought to justice in a single 24 hour period. Fried.

  How is it possible that two completely seemingly unconnected cases could reach their conclusion on the same day, ... which just happens to be Tijax,...the balance of polarities. It is the union of men and the separation of men. French fries.

   4 Tijax in the week of Tzi'kin,.. what happens when you get too close to the circuit breaker ?


Sandusky,...June 22, 2012 Jerry Sandusky was convicted Friday of sexually assaulting 10 boys over 15 years, accusations that shattered the Happy Valley image of Penn State football and led to the firing of Hall of Fame coach Joe Paterno.

Sandusky, a 68-year-old retired defensive coach who was once Paterno's heir apparent, was found guilty of 45 of 48 counts.

Sandusky showed little emotion as the verdict was read. The judge ordered him to be taken to the county jail to await sentencing in about three months. He faces the possibility of life in prison.

Read more:

And then the Catholic...
PHILADELPHIA -- A Roman Catholic church official was convicted of child endangerment but acquitted of conspiracy Friday in a landmark clergy-abuse trial, making him the first U.S. church official branded a felon for covering up abuse claims.

Monsignor William Lynn helped the archdiocese keep predators in ministry, and the public in the dark, by telling parishes their priests were being removed for health reasons and then sending the men to unsuspecting churches, prosecutors said.

 Wow, both on the very same day !!!!!

 The Flint is an earth day in the water quadrant. Sparks under water. Transfer of energy ocurring beyond our own imagination. Air born electricity. Keepers of the line.


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #72 on: June 23, 2012, 04:56:19 PM »
Excellent info Scales, Thanks!  Good to see justice being served.


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #73 on: July 01, 2012, 09:29:09 AM »
 Today is 13 Kej, week of Tzi'kin. 20 day period of Understanding #12.

  To clarify confusion regarding the difference between Astrology and Astronomy, is quite simple.

  Astronomy is the study of the extra-terrestrial bodies of space and space itself. The heavens. This process is scientific and involves measuring and counting and naming stars and planets, all the while tracking and recording the movements of such.

Astrology is the study of human and other life forms, behaviorisms associated with time. In the course of this study, at no time can it be assumed that this behavior or that behavior is Caused by this star or that planet.

  So, what this means is that astrology is tracking similarities and traits and events within a linear and non-linear time model.

   It certainly does not mean that energy coming from a certain planet is the causation of a given trait. This is a huge misunderstanding and should be clarified.

   While certainly astrology can validate itself with the same scientific process as any other study, it cannot be assumed that the source is the same as the methods used to track it.

  The best an astrologer can do in explaining the possible sources, is extremely hypothetical.

  However, regardless of the source, there are most definately pulsations or rythyms of energies that have an effect on humans and all life forms in a very regular way. To identify and correctly calibrate these pulsations and their effects is the core of astrology. To identify the source is the work of astrophysics. One of the key blockages to astrologers and astrophysics working in a cohesive manner is the false assumption that certain energies are eminating from this body or that.

  The astronomer looks into the sky and says," Ah Ha, look they are wrong, the sun is actually in Virgo not Cancer."

  As an astrologer, I do not name the star system Cancer. I name a period of time which is consistent within the solar year as defined by the Equinoxes and Soltices. These periods of time are undeniably very acutely definable personalities which occur each solar year at the same time. I do not look at the stars to verify it, I observe human behavior and events and animal behavior. So, if just this point was clarified, much work could be done.

 If an astrologer claims, Your Sun was in Virgo in your natal chart, it does not mean that the reason you may have tendencies of a Virgo is because the Sun was in Virgo at the time of your birth. It simply means that you were born during the time of Virgo. That time period is precise and very trackable within a day or two over a 30 day period.

  The same goes for the days. Today is Kej and the enormous amount of data that exists to prove that it is profoundly separate and discernable from other days is present. Why that is and where it comes from is not the job of an astrologer.

  If a Doctor finds a kidney stone, he can definately say, " You have a kidney stone". He cannot say with absolute assurance, "This kidney stone came from candy bars".

  So, the argument, that astrology has no basis because the stars are not lining up, is a misdirected misnomer.

   I do not look at the stars very much and I do not even find a consensus among astronomers as to the name and location of this point of light or that point of light, the same as I do not find consensus among astrologers as to this trait or that trait being associated with this or that point of light or planet.

  So, one must regress to the point of consensus to begin to calibrate time and the effects that are visible and discernable.

  There is consensus among the various people and day keepers that today is 13 Kej.

  There is division as to the day which appears to begin a new cycle. Half say Imox and Half say Batz.

  This is also easy to elucidate the answer. Because many cultures have worked on this for thousands of years directly alongside the spiritual entities or invisible beings, the same patterns and traits will find a common numerical alignment. Entrancement.

 The day of Batz, corresponds nicely with the following, The # 1 hexagram of the I-Ching, The # 1 image of the major arcana of the rider-Waite tarot, and it is the first day of the 20 cycle of the Maya.  Batz being the first day was confirmed by the head of the Mayan Elders. 

  So there is a daily change in the vibration of energy which floods the earth. There is a 2 fold rythym to it. There is a repeating pattern of 20 energies, and a repeating pattern of 13 energies. This makes the 260 day calendar.

  The solar year is separate but should be viewed the same way as the 260 day calendar in that, the source is not currently verifiable by human scientific method.

  At this time, it is quite easy to discern that there is a fluctuation in the energies which conveys a very simple point.

  The amount of what people would term as "divine intervention" is increasing quite rapidly and is visibly and discernably working within the construct of the known energies to enact a process which will realign the harmonic relationship between life forms on this planet.

  The 260 day calendar repeats the same day in the same solar day once every 42 years. But the changes are not based in repitition, but advancement. So the 49th year is the 7 times 7 as opposed to 7 times 6, of the 42. There is sacred geometry of 7 to verify that the vibration of 7 is a driver or engine to the wheel of life and time.

 So when the 49 comes and the life forms resist what it brings, there is absolute science to show that it is a bad idea.

 The idea of complete relief of all debt is necessary at this time. If we do not do it, we will be brought into alignment against our own will by relentless energies. It is catching on.

 and a decent paper by an economist ..

 People can discuss endlessly how or when, it does not matter. The longer it takes, the more difficult it will be for those who resist.

  These simple actions do have the ability to mitigate the turmoil on the planet. This is well known and documented. Stop war, stop debt and usury, restructure the priorities to benefit the children of the future, and the fires and wind will cease to manageable norms as will the earthquakes.

  Continue to resist, and they will become more and more visibly directed and concise in perfect alignment with the coordinated energy pulsations. Do not  think that these storms are from a govt, because that will be proven false. If only so much confidence could be put in man as to think he can even remove a single flea from his own head without touching it.

 The new cycle begins July 25th. 


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Re: Mayan Chol'qi Prophecy
« Reply #74 on: July 08, 2012, 05:39:38 PM »
  There is a simple quote by Aristotle.
"To know any phenomenon, we must first understand its nature: its behavior is then predictable"

  Such is the nature of the 20 days and the 36 decans, that once the system is understood, then many things are easily predictable. Using the knowledge of the 20 days it was posted on this site over the past 4 years or so, Sept 15, 2008 market crash, the wind of hurricane Ike hit NY city the morning of the crash which was 6 Iq. The TVPA coal sludge spill December 25 (Coal For Christmas thread) 5.5 million cubic yards of sludge broke a retainer dam on christmas day. Most recently, the winds of February 27 which spawned tornadoes.

  But things are happening so quickly now, that it is obvious that particular events seem to be coming in groups. There are four in particular which warrant attention.

1) The earthquake of May 20 in Italy. This was an area that had just undergone extensive geographical study for the potential of earthquakes and was deemed a low risk. The event took scientists by surprise, the theme of these four events. The same day as the quake a large crop circle was discovered in the area known as Finale Emilia, which means  "the final emulator"  The crop circle was very Serpent like and precise in it's timing. The day of May 20 2012 was 10 Kan. Manifestation of the Serpent.  Many old churches were toppled and a clock tower was split in half.  Kan is the Serpent and the serpent is spiritual law of the Creator.
This was the Earth event.

2) Then there was the Colorado fire. Once again, it took everyone by surprise on the day of 8 Iq when it doubled in size overnight and threatened the air force training academy. 8 is the highest male authority and Iq is the wind or movement. It is an energy known to be sudden and strong. 8 Iq is in the week of Tzi'kin, messages to Creator.

""  "We have rehearsed and practiced disasters," said Rose. "We have never seen one like this before."
 The weather, again, was an enemy.
 Richard Brown, the Colorado Springs fire chief, described it as a "firestorm of epic proportions."  ""

 This was the Fire event.

3) Then there was the winds which closed down the area near DC with millions of power outages for the 4th of July. This was precisely 40 days after the earthquake and was on the day of 11 Kan, week of Tzi'kin.  Eleven is transmutation of knowledge.
Again, they could not predict and were taken by surprise.

  "A powerful wind storm known as a derecho formed near Chicago Friday and ravaged much of the Midwest and East on a 600-mile march eastward that took less than 10 hours. "

This was the Air event.

4) Then there was the rains which caused a tremendous flood in Russia. Again they did not predict it and it was like nothing they had ever seen. They received 4 to 5 months of rain fall in 48 hours. This occured on the day of  5 E, week of Qanil. 5 is empowerment. E is the road to destiny , but also a water day such as forms rivers. Qanil is the seed, and also a water day and abundance.

"The floods, the worst there in living memory, struck at night, reportedly without warning".

 This was the Water event.

  To the people who understand these events and their timing, these things are like reading a simple sentence. These things will continue until certain folks take the hands out of the cookie jar. They took place at precise time in a precise way so that there is no doubt that it is not some fancy weather weapon or whatnot.  People have to do what is right, regardless of reputation or loss of wealth. To speak up and to question all things.
Stop war, stop protecting child abusers, and actively prevent lies from spreading. Almost everything we haved learned is wrong and should not be taught to children.

  The heat records breaking is a simple thing. This is the year of Kat and it was said on this site. The year of Kat is heat from the Sun, and is the glaring light that removes negativity like the good fairy in the wizard of oz. It is spiritual and physical. The symbol for Kat is Lizard, because the lizard likes the heat from the sun and even converts it for energy.

 These four events are directly linked and send a strong message... "Fix it".
 This is the process and it will most likely continue for several years.

 If a person feels an itch, they scratch it. If a mosquito bites you, we slap it. It is the same for all beings large and small.


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