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New Information About Bulk Foods
« on: January 19, 2011, 01:40:28 PM »
The best rice for storage is known as the "Uncle Ben's Converted" brand; although it is cheaper as the generic "parboiled" variety available in bulk.  It stores very well for a non-white, non-bleached rice.  The outer nutritious husk on brown (whole) rice deteriorates in storage adversely affecting nutrition, texture, and flavor. Parboiling forces the husk into the kernel so that it is preserved, and the rice remains at least semi-nutritious in storage. The process improves greatly the problem of deterioration in storage.  It also cooks faster, does not dry out after cooking, has great texture and flavor,   

Soy sauce is a great tasting condiment for rice that stores well.  There are different flavors of soy sauce (at least two) that are quite different, although they are only determined by brand far as I can tell.  I much prefer the milder varieties such as China Lily, Chun King, and similar.

Soy beans have been criticized as having adverse health effects which could be an issue in bulk use.  Also criticized for that is canola (rapeseed) usually used for cooking oil.  Since there is soy everywhere as an ingredient in condiments and foods, it is hard to avoid; although of less concern in small quantities.  Europe is more health-conscious along these lines.  Peanut oil can be a good choice if not allergic.  Olive oil has a lot going for it and keeps well.  There are various qualities and pressings to be familiar with.  If you find out more about these issues, please leave your comments to help others.

Beans are great, but have digestive issues for some people.  The herb "Fennel" can help with this and similar problems. It is the main ingredient in "gripe water" for colicky infants; which by the way works for grown-ups too.  Beans have incomplete amino acid content that can be completed by adding grain foods which are complimentary in that regard.  Darker beans such as black beans and navy beans have stronger flavor, and perhaps more nutrition.  Ethnic food departments and stores, both Asian, and East Indian have these and other bulk foods that are well-priced.  Field peas are a less-known but worthy candidate for storage.  Check out local sources and perhaps direct sales from farmers who grow and dry them as cash crops.

Home ground whole wheat flour does not store well even in a covered container, and goes somewhat rancid within days.  I have found that it stores well almost indefinitely in the freezer (covered of course).  By the same token, you could extend its freshness somewhat longer just in the fridge.

Vitamin C powder (or crushed tablets) helps prevent food or drink from fermenting or otherwise going bad.  Works for juices, fruit, lettuce, salads, etc.


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