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How To Make Soap
« on: January 30, 2011, 03:14:17 PM »
Things You'll Need:

    * 2 cans of Crisco (3 1lb cans)
    * 1 can of Red Devil (12 oz.)
    * 2 cups of water Essential Oils of Choice

   1.Measure the Crisco and place it in an enamel ware or stainless steep pan. Place the pan on stove to melt the crisco - but melt at a low heat. While Crisco is melting measure out two cups of cold water and place into a glass container - I use the 4qt glass measuring cup). SLOWLY add lye to water and keep stirring gently with a wooden or plastic spoon until the water is clear again.
   2.Let Crisco and lye-water both cool until they are just warm to the touch. Just feel the outside of the pan or the glass. It may take a while, but wait till they are only warm to the touch.
   3.After both are just warm, pour the lye-water mixture into the melted Crisco as you stir. Keep stirring until you reach 'trace' which is similar to a gravy or pudding look.
   4.After you reach trace, you can now add herbs, coloring, or fragrances. Stir well, and then pour into plastic molds or soap mold. Let soap set in molds for about 24 hours, then unmold and cut. Place cut soap on its side and let cure for four to six weeks. This recipe will yield about 24 - 28 bars of soap.

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