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During rainy seasons if you put out some buckets/rain barrels you will get a lot of free water that can be used for your plants or household purposes in event of an emergency.

Good idea. Large tanks in various colors (the most algae resistant are black) are available. Lots of Farm and ranch
supply stores sell them. Sizes vary from 100 gallons to several thousand gallons. Many folks hook these up to their
house gutters and fill them up rather quickly. A filter that lets a certain amount of water wash the roof before letting
it flow into the tank is needed to prevent dust, leaves etc. from going into the tank. It is amazing how much water
you can collect. I am thinking about getting something set up to collect lots of rainwater as a backup if the electricity
goes off. The only way I can get water is from 300' down in a well and "no electricity" - "no water". Of course these
tanks can also be filled from wherever your current supply comes from and saved. Be sure to get the black tanks or
paint your tank black. Otherwise green slimy algae WILL grow in them. It has to do with blocking the light from the
sun out.        (good information)                              (good information)                             (photo only)


I think it was on the old boards that I posted a video on how to make your own rain barrels. We made one from a used food grade barrel acquired from a restaurant. We fit it under our downspout on the house and it fills up nicely, then we attached a spigot to the bottom so we can use the water with the spout or attach the garden hose to it..Very very handy.

Linda :)

Here's a quick video and some instructions on making a rain barrel. I can't find the original video which I liked, but this gives you the idea! :)


We've been thinking of getting rain barrels for a few years now.  I'd like to hook one up to my garage, but the downspout goes into the ground!  I'm hoping I can cut it and be able to put a barrel there.


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