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Author Topic: Countdown To FEMA National Level Exercise (May 16-21, 2011)  (Read 2476 times)


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The FEMA National Level Exercise (NLE) is currently scheduled to begin in 2 weeks.  This topic thread was opened to collect all pertinent information leading up to this event. It would be great to hear from members currently residing in the affected states: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee.

Fact Sheet:
National Level Exercise 2011 (NLE 2011) is scheduled for May 2011. The purpose of the exercise is to prepare and coordinate a multiple-jurisdictional integrated response to a national catastrophic event.
NLE 2011 will simulate the catastrophic nature of a major earthquake in the central United States region of the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ). The year 2011 is the bicentennial anniversary of the 1811 New Madrid earthquake, for which the NMSZ is named. NLE 2011 will be the first NLE to simulate a natural hazard.

NLE 2011 activities will take place at command posts, emergency operation centers and other locations to include federal facilities in the Washington D.C. area and federal, regional, state, tribal, local and private sector facilities in the eight member states of the Central United States Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC). The eight member states of CUSEC encompass four different FEMA regions: Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee (FEMA Region IV); Illinois and Indiana (FEMA Region V); Arkansas (FEMA Region VI); and Missouri (FEMA Region VII)..."

Detailed Goals & Objectives:
The Great Shakeout:
Private Sector Preparedness Pamphlet:
Interesting site:
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Re: Countdown To FEMA National Level Exercise (May 16-21, 2011)
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Thanks VI, look forward to following this.


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