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Author Topic: World news items, Australian reporters  (Read 1323 times)


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World news items, Australian reporters
« on: May 12, 2011, 05:25:24 AM »
Australian reporter tells us 5.2 followed by 4.4 two hours later.
Possible the first one downgraded by USGS. - YB
quake hits Spain

Uploaded by TheYoungTurksTC on May 11, 2011 LORCA... İspanya da deprem 10 ölü,A magnitude 5.2 quake has killed 10 people in southern Spain, toppling buildings and sending panicked residents fleeing into the streets.

The quake killed 10 people and caused widespread damage in southeastern town of Lorca and surrounding areas, the Spanish prime minister's office said in a statement.

A church clock tower crashed into the street and narrowly missed one television reporter as he conducted an interview in the town on Spanish public broadcaster TVE.

The quake collapsed fronts of buildings which slumped into the streets and ripped huge gaps into walls.

Television images showed shaken families and children gathering in squares and playgrounds in the town, seeking safety from collapsed buildings. Masonry and rubble blanketed streets.

One image showed an apparently dead body lying in the street covered in a rescue blanket.

A line of cars lay crushed under tonnes of rubble, according to photos published in the online edition of El Mundo.

The tremor struck at 6:47pm (0247 AEST) with a depth of 10 kilometres and could be felt in the capital Madrid. It hit nearly two hours after a smaller 4.4-magnitude quake.

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was informed of the disaster while he was in a meeting with King Juan Carlos, the premier's office said in a statement.

The king and prime minister then spoke to the president of the Murcia region and Zapatero immediately ordered the deployment of emergency military units to the area.

Earthquake damages were concentrated on the towns of Lorca and Totana but also spread as far as Albacete and Velez-Rubio in Almeria, the premier's office said. It said the quake was magnitude 5.2.

One doctor, identified only as Virtudes, said there were many injured.

'I had just finished attending to a patient. We all went out into the streets and had to treat people, some with serious injuries, many unconscious, because the ambulances could not reach them. They took more than 40 minutes,' she told the online edition of El Pais.

'They just took away a man who had a wall fall on top of him.'

Residents described confusion in the town.

'This is chaotic. All the ground is full of rubble,' resident Jesus Ruiz told the paper.

'There are cracked buildings and all the ground is full of rubble and cornices. I saw them sewing up a child's head,' said Ruiz, who was at work in an industrial zone when the quake struck.

Cristina Selva, 32, said she was playing with her two-year-old daughters. 'The building moved and I was very scared for the girls. I took them and the three of us got under the table to wait for it to pass,' she said.

'It was the longest 20 seconds of my life.'Deprem güneydoğu İspanya vurur.Aardbeving zuidoosten van Spanje.Erdbeben Streiks Südosten Spaniens.地震は南東スペインを打つ。Terremoto atinge sudeste da Espanha.Terremoto colpisce sud-est Spagna.Lurrikara greba hego Espainia.Terratrèmol colpeja el sud-est d'Espanya.Землетрясение ударов юго-востоке Испании.Σεισμός χτυπά νοτιοανατολική Ισπανία.Tremblement de terre frappe l'Espagne au sud-est.Jordbävning sydöstra Spanien.Earthquake stailceanna oirdheisceart na Spáinne.Cutremur greve sud-est Spania.Trzęsienie ziemi w południowo-wschodniej Hiszpanii strajki.Maanjäristys iskee kaakkoon Espanja.แผ่นดินไหวทางตะวันออกเฉียงใต้นัดสเปนGempa pemogokan tenggara Spanyol.Earthquake strikes timog-silangan Espanya.西班牙东南部发生地震。Gempa mogok tenggara Sepanyol.Zemětřesení udeří jihovýchod Španělska.Земетресение удари Югоизточна Испания.ضرب زلزال جنوب شرق اسبانيا.Aardbewing tref Suid-Oos Spanje.Earthquake stailceanna oirdheisceart na Spáinne.Földrengés délkeleti Spanyolországban.Земјотрес со штрајкови југоисточна Шпанија.भूकंप दक्षिण स्पेन हमलों.Daeargryn yn taro de-ddwyrain Sbaen.Terremoto atinxe sueste de España.Zware aardbeving Spanje.Spanish Earthquake


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