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This Topic is for Members living on the east coast of the US. Also eastern US in general.
Please post to one another, here.
Some suggested subjects: 
Your ideas about the safety of being in various areas of the east coast.
Possible future survival zones. Routes out.
Bugout plans, where to go, with who; when, driving what, flying what.
Surviving the coming times, sharing resources
Future communities.

All The Best,

Wow, the board looks new.  Anyone still in this area???

I am still here ;)


I'm in..

To whom it may concern: I think we lost some of the posts from this Topic in a previous system problem of some sort.
Please feel free to re- post. I will never complain about duplication.
Also you can repost from time to time so people can see your posts, efforts to reach out to others. This is a Meeting  Place.

Update:  In addition to posting in the regional Boards, here is another place to post.
- YB
Topic Administrator.

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