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ANTARCTICA Earth tilted on its Axis and Unidentified Object

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ANTARCTIC  by John Gorman

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In the diagram below, in the later part of June the South Pole spends 24-7 in complete darkness.  What he is showing is a live web-cam of Neumayer Station in Antarctica.  In the last 2 weeks, the Sun has been rising and setting for at least 5 hours a is this possible he asks?   Basically it shouldn't be.
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Has the Earth tilted on its Axis?  See video below

That might have something to do with the Huge Unidentified Object at the
same time and it's not the Moon,  the 1st arrow on the left is pointing to the Moon is off to the left of the picture.  You can see sequence of events on video below   

This is not a planet or heavenly body. It is a lens flare.

I have proof over here in a bit of research I did a few months back when someone else saw this "object".

The proof is at the bottom of the post. It took me a while to discover what this was, but in the optical illusion.

Very interesting about day light in the Antarctic if true. But it kind of goes against anecdotal observations that the Sun appears to be rising further north in the Arctic. The only way I can rationalise the two events is to surmise the Earth has developed a significant wobble.

This is born out by some peoples observations that Sun rise in the North varies in position from day to day, and I don't mean the natural progression of the Sun due to changing seasons.

This is important evidence that needs some work, for it can be presented as irrefutable evidence that indeed something very odd is afoot.

John Gorman was getting a lot of stick that he was wrong about Sun light hours in the Antarctic. John produced a second video to clarify things, here it is.

I thought I would do a little investigation into this.

The location of Neumayer Station is 70 deg 39' S  08 deg 15' W

The further you travel towards 90 deg south the less sunlight you get in winter.

The graph below clearly states NS should only get Civil Twilight at best in mid winter.
CT is defined as:

"According to the U.S. Naval Observatory, civil twilight is defined to begin in the morning, and to end in the evening when the center of the Sun is geometrically 6 degrees below the horizon".
So according JG's video the Sun is a lot higher in the sky.


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