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Northern Georgia -a possible survival location

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Northern Georgia has a pretty good elevation, as you ca see on the attached map.
also posting here a county nap. I am noticing a lot of the land for sale is in the lower elevations, but it may be possible to get a few acres up in the northern mountains,

Some scenes from northern Georgia:

Blue Ridge Foothills, Northern Georgia    photo by Steve Rob all Rights Reserved


Yup that is how it looks here umh, when we are not in a drought. :-\

Alfred Williams:
Just got 1 1/2" today. We barely had that much since the 1st of June till now. I ran outside and waved my arms in joy.

I'm glad you finally had rain today. We are still waiting.  Its going to get hot next week again.

i live in cleveland ga and thats about all i see up here, other than new walmart  :D


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