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Author Topic: Quick Setup Survival Domes/Advanced Planning Series #4/Marshall Radio show  (Read 4320 times)


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Here is a link for a radio show on quick setup domes. !
Cut to the Chase

Speakers Marshall Masters, Michael Maxon and Linda Schiller - Hanna
Advanced Planning Series #4 Quick Setup Survival Domes

Please Note: This is all from Marshall Masters Topic, which contains a lot of useful info, here:

Cut To The Chase Radio Interviews
Surviving a Collapsed Power Grid

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Advanced Community Planning Series #4: Quick Setup 2012 Survival Domes

Michael Maxon's page:

On his page:

Yowbarb Note: I had posted this link back in 2009, in
my "Old" Town Hall Topic on domes, which I carried forward and pasted, spliced into our current dome Topic in
April 2010.  That post is toward the beginning of the dome topic. Re: Underground shelter ideas
« Reply #22 on: April 19, 2010, 11:48:06 AM » Other places as well.
The main deal is, listen to this radio interview, the link is at the top of post. Read through this Topic here on the Town Hall.

I am please to see the interaction between Michael Maxon and  Marshall Masters.  :)
As Marshall reminded us: Go to click on Subscriber Links.
Cut to the Chase Radio Archive
You will have access to radio shows going back several years!
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Thanks for this link, I have not listened to this one.  Sounds very interesting.


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